WL//WH Video of the Day: ZERO CALL “Stellar Wind”

Video Of The Day ZERO CALL

A journey through millions of invisible connections that floating around our daily lives. Sophisticated algorithms in the form of electrical impulses are driving human disruption, to link as intimately as possible, users’ online personas to their offline legal identity
Italian electronic music composer ZERO CALL has just delivered a healthy dose of his distinctive Italo disco and EBM infused retro-synthwave sound through the brand new single “Stellar Wind”, accompanied by the dystopic visuals crafted by Barcelona‘s 3D artist Oscar Civit.
The Cassette/Digital EP edition, released via German label Emerald & Doreen Recordings, includes four remixes by synth connoisseurs as Technobeton, Adrian Marth, Fab Mayday, and Arkademode.
“Stellar Wind” unleashes insistent punchy snares to fuel the retro “heart” beat of a groovy bouncing and pulsing bassline, whilst lustrous dramatic synth melodies overflow into the trance-inducing dystopian fear held captive behind urgent monochromatic female spoken vocals in a distressed release of cryptic Orwellian messages.

Encrypted lyrics about the social contradictions found in the new century, where humanity has fallen prey to an endless progression of technological dependence, exploitation, and oppression at the hands of corporations, governments, and human error, set to a wickedly sinister electronic dance tribute regarding Edward Snowden‘s controversial revelations codenamed “Stellarwind.”

Mesmerizing, cyber green video, created by Barcelona‘s 3D artist Oscar Civit, expands gravity and dimension into the vast array of WWW conspiracy, censorship, and propaganda deploying an intricate maze of pulsing triangular tunnels, graphs, and geometric planes that merge into Hypno-suggestive distractions and rapid virtual cityscapes. Strategically placed computer-generated ‘shadows’ cast tattoo-like iconography onto an anonymous cyberpunk whose bull-ring nose piercing gleams over matte painted lips misshapen by the massive force of subliminal smog set to an urgent broadcast of ‘leaked’ data.

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