WL//WH Video OF The Day: VOLLAM “Follow”

Video Of The Day  Vollam 

The newly formed Texas-based shoegaze band, Vollam, with leanings in black metal, dark ambient, and doom-gaze, have just released their first haunting and atmospheric preview, “Follow”, taken from the upcoming debut EP “Mirror”, to be released via Somewherecold Records.

Timeless dreamscapes pull sparse meandering guitar shimmers, low buzzing bass pulses and slow scattered drum beats through an airy reverb-strewn mist of mesmeric soft noisy abrasion, while beautifully tragic and ethereal female vocals, wander airlessly under the hypnotic tide of suffocating caressing distortion, pausing momentarily before entering an eternal interlude of looping film male whispers.

@nihych #radiant_aberration

A hopeless reverie travels back and forth through hidden horizons in an attempt to find meaning and happiness from lost dreams and tormented realizations.

Editing of sequences, drawn out of the meditative 1975 Andrei Tarkovsky masterpiece “Zerkalo / Mirror“, aligns quantic shadows to project alternate black and white dimensions from collective memories to blur space and time into a surreal sequence of life. Clouds drift narcotically amidst a lone face of sorrow, blending murky overlays into a deceptive haze of amnesia. Electric, neon bars harness the negative light reflections from a far-away gaze to form triangular frequencies around an unconscious body while falling skies crumble into destructive stains of dread. Astral ghosts shift shades of slumber into disconnected planes of existence, pulling subconscious desires and mortal fears into un-opened doorways of the mind.