WL//WH Album Review: CERULEAN VEINS’ Splendid New LP “Black” [Cold Transmission Music]

 WL//WH Review  Cerulean Veins

On February 15, Cold Transmission Music published the brand-new full-length “Black” album by the Californian act Cerulean Veins. It is a fantastic album with 10 leading singles really and a record of high-quality music that has excited us all in WL//WH so much. Our sister in the blog, Catt Gillette, wrote that their music is

“distinctive of the band’s sleek, vibrant, and shimmering brand of ’80s-flecked melodic post-punk clad in gothic shades of sulking darkness, ceaselessly able to creep inexorably under the skin as their name suggests”

and I read  in my EPK:

Cerulean (/səˈruːliən/) is a dark sky blue. It is derived from the Latin word caeruleus, meaning “dark blue,” which in turn is derived from caerulum, the diminutive of caelum, meaning “sky” or “heaven.” It is said that Cerulean Veins manifests itself under the skin.

The duo from San Diego creates unbelievably beautiful new wave music all in the likes of post-punk and with positivity to and from all that they sing and describe. The first foretaste came out about a month ago with “Love Won’t Save Us Now” as if they were telling us “this is only a small portion”… of an album of incredible dynamics in all, I thought immediately when it reached my hands.

The second bullet to appear was “Tempted Hearts” with bittersweet music and lyrics and a singer who not only makes a good effort (every time) but shows indescribably where he comes from and the path for the band to follow.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, a few days ago came out the anthemic “Infinite Love” which is the opening track of the album, and with a song like this opening the new record, things immediately show how ambitious “Black” LP is like whispering the band’s quality in all.

What drives me to keep listening to this album, again and again, is its immediacy and what made me write this review is simply that it doesn’t hide its beauty but it definitely shows it at every turn and in every track. Cerulean Veins say about their new album:

“Out of the “Blue” (their previous album from 2020) and into the “Black”; this is our dance with the black swan. “Black” is an album about life, death, love, and what it means to be human.”

With grandiose and imposing new wave music they are like coming from the dark with mindful hope regarding humans with their passions and their means (by all means) hailing from the grande American musical routes of the past and with a clear vision of what they prospect on the new form of the wider dark alternative music paths. Their new album is simply a beauty and a very important record for our times; you see, our music can be sometimes very positive and can also throw bright lights on our grey times. You can have it on Vinyl, CD, and Digitally too, press play and listen to it loud!!!

Cerulean Veins‘ 4th full-length album, “Black”, is out now, in ltd. Vinyl 12″/CD/Cassette & Digital formats, via Cold Transmission Music.

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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