WL//WH New Music: METAMAN “IRINA (IPINA)” debut EP feat. Lena Platonos and more…

New Music Metaman

Ιn the years of the total decline in Europe it is obvious that another cure for the disease that surrounds us all can be art and more specific, the music. Introducing the brand new record label Won Ton Records from Athens GR with the debut record ‘IRINA’ (IPINA) by Athens based electronic music artist METAMAN. It features 6 groundbreaking tracks and with the titular song featuring the experimental electronic music maverick Lena Platonos, this mini-album appears like a collector’s item and a must-listen.

The story goes like this: Publishing her music since 1981, Lena Platonos has released so far some 20+ more records that are all in the streams of experimental music. Classical music studies, piano, poetry, and the will to alternate the established norms of modern music, she met with the analog synthesizers that opened a wider horizon on her sonic options. Thus, she is fairly considered now as a cult figure with an immersive talent as her fame is among the most avant-garde musicians outside the microcosm of GR.

METAMAN, among the most dedicated fans to her music and a synthesized person who narrates the urban world in a rather ambient electronic soundscape with a clear trip-hop to techno rendition, he offers a record which is way more complicated than this. Using his synthesizers and the other engines in order to craft his music, he carefully shapes each track methodically. No way you will listen within each track all the elements which shaped him as a musician and person, he has a lot to tell and he shows a pretty mature character as the orchestrator of his own recital. The track IRINA (feat. Lena Platonos)’ is a kind of an experimental trip-hop tune with a prototype poem in the GR language by Lena Platonos who interprets it in her own unique spoken-word style. This is her clear seal of approval on METAMAN‘s works and it sounds like an honour between these two artists who are coming from 2 totally different generations.

Another glorious effort we find in ATHENS 232 and as you read in the details, “a cemetery can be just meters away from a birth clinic while condolences can be received only moments before a birth certificate. the urban life is leaving its trail undistracted as we can only observe and stand in awe before this perpetual circle“. Here everything is darker and more ‘annoying’ too. A compulsive theme on the synths which leads the way to a brighter and to a more morbid sonic scape. Absolutely this is METAMAN‘s oblation to our beloved old-bitch, the capital of GR, the sorehead and the moody city of Athens which we all hate to love fiercely. The official video is on the way and we’ll be happy to show it to you the right moment!

In this record you will also find a brilliant remix on the song ZIPPER (ΦΕΡΜΟΥΑΡ) by Electroware’s (drog_A_tek) experienced handling with words and the voice by theatre director ‘Nene’ Georgiadou. Go to CLERK BLUES to hear the informative industrial electronic blues of the artist, and then switch to THE BATTLE OF PERUGIA which describes something personal and hazy. ANTIGONE’S STASIMON tells the troubles occurred to Sofocles’ heroin accordingly but a couple of thousand years later after her first appearance to the public, like that tormented soul tells her tale again like a transfigured techno dancer. The whole record swings from ambient to techno that is sprinkled with snippets of mesmerizing analog sequences. It acts as the means to expose cynical and everyday stories or as a standalone instrumental sound field as it runs through the full spectrum of hardware synth-based electronica.

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Written by Loud Cities Mike