WL//WH Video of the Day: OH WELL, GOODBYE “Choral Choir of the Capital”

Video Of The Day Oh Well, Goodbye

A video release for the atmospheric and introspective, riveting new single “Choral Choir of the Capital” from Liverpool’s post-punk/shoegaze act Oh Well, Goodbye features the new identity and chemistry of the revitalized 4 piece line up and the intense dark ambient yet classically melodic hooks of their musical style.

Mark your calendar for the official release day Friday, September 18, 2020, on Bandcamp and all major streaming sites via E.D.I.L.S. Recordings.

Soulful, mellow and pensive moods prickled by sparkling guitar melodies lingering atop velvety crawling bassline strain, and hypnotic off-tempo snare beats, while down and out sad male low baritone vocals long in regretful nostalgia, that shifts into an elated chorus of cathartic release, cloaked in slightly abrasive reverb-dusted distortions.

Lyrics reflect on the nature of dark thoughts and the many triggers that make it difficult to escape the melancholia.

Time-lapse video choreographs the slow, graceful movements and dramatic poses of two star-crossed lovers on a skate through the city. Shades of grey build tension and doom around romantic water fountains and canal tunnels, lit with dim jewel-tone lights, casting a wide spectrum of moods onto the turbulent flow of emotions.

“Choral Choir of the Capital” cover

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