WL//WH Premiere: YAVARAN & EMPATHIC ASSESSMENT MODULE celebrate the Mexican and Middle Eastern tribute to the LA Goth Scene “Marg Y Muerte”

WL//WH Single Premiere  Empathic Assessment Module & Yavaran

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the music video filmed in digital by Eddie Diaz, for “Marg y Muerte”, a three-way New York-based collaboration between Latebit, Yavaran, and Empathic Assessment Module (EAM).

Latebit takes the reins at producing while Yavaran, the electro-acoustic Persian artist, and EAM, the Coldwave/Dark Wave duo of MexicanAmerican Vicente and IranianAmerican Kamyar draw from their shared roots in California to present, using a mix of Farsi and Spanish lyrics, “Marg y Muerte”, a tribute to the Mexican and Middle Eastern cultures in the Los Angeles Goth scene.

Dealing with being far from home, losing someone and feeling grief, “Marg Y Muerte” triggers an immersive fusion of vibrant chiming xylophone-like melodies, lashing midtempo reggae rhythms, blurry buzzing synth swells, and heady 32GB reels, to surround soft downcast vocals in a colourful, swirling obsession of twinkling melancholic moods.

The accompanied visuals by Eddie Diaz who has done live filming for several coldwave and industrial acts in Los Angeles (Panther Modern and Boy Harsher), use authentic analog equipment to cast a vintage old-school glaze over Los Angeles, in varying stages of time, to sync with the reflective vibe of the soundtrack. You might spot LA’s signature sprawling skyline between rolling dim-lit packed freeway footage and an array of eclectic urban terrains whilst strobing lights and suggestive shadows blur focus unto a surreal sunset of symbolic fascination.

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