WL//WH Video Premiere: MINAXI “Full Of Love”

Video Premiere  Minaxi  

Indian-origin, Brooklyn-based guitar-laden alternative rock band Minaxi, made up of songwriters Shrenik Ganatra and Liam Christian, and drummer Steve Carlincombine ’90s-tinged, immersive shoegaze and noise rock leanings in a DIY daydreamy music video for the soul-stirring track “Full Of Love”, WL//WH is pleased to premiere, taken from the last end of the year’s 3 EP’s collection for the concept-driven series “The Zia Fantasy Trilogy / Luna, Isra, Noor”.

Esoteric lyrics ponder love through the eyes of a “sullen fairy god” who finds solace in fate, sarcasm, and irony.

“Full Of Love” unfurls sparkling hypnotic arpeggiated 6-string melodies soothe like a lilting bittersweet lullaby, alternating with a warm ridgy breeze of shimmering fuzzy guitar abrasion, nurtured by restrained steady drum beats, while coated in stirring and sentient hazy reverb over dreamy, sad male vocals and distorted heartfelt croons, to rise and fall with poignant emotional turmoil, through a nostalgic introspection of searing disillusioned bliss.

Intimate video montage blends up-close, personal practice shots with a surreal black and white fantasy to build alternate realities. Mirror images cast intricate finger work into a kaleidoscopic hand dance of obsessive introspection while shadows transform treetops and arid sands into a bleak wasteland filled with freedom, dreams, and space representing the duality of man and nature.

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