WL//WH Post Holidays Electronic Tips

WL//WH Electronic Post Holidays Tips

    PARAGON “B​.​Bottom Feeder (Medika Remix)” [Groundwork Recordings ]

London based dark industrial / techno / drum & bass producer Tom Smit, aka PARAGON “B​.​Bottom Feeder (Medika Remix)” from the new EP “GWRK002”.

    Abu AMA “Lo-Fi MaroC”

West Germany via South London industrial / ambient / ethnic electronic producer Abu AMA “Lo-Fi MaroC”

     TAPAN “Bogovi” (Malka Tuti)

Belgrade-based experimental ethnic electro production duo TAPAN “Bogovi” from the upcoming double LP “Europa”. 

    Kike am Radar “In Troubled Times (Vox Low Remix)” [Dogs & Vultures Records]

Dresden based minimal techno, dark disco producer Kike am Radar “In Troubled Times (Vox Low Remix)” from the new “Testament” EP

    THOMAS LEER Factory Ghosts”

Scottish late 70’s/80’s pioneer electronic musician from Port Glasgow, THOMAS LEER Factory Ghosts” first of a series called ‘Freedom of Steel’

    ORPHAN ANN “Marching Men”

Stockholm, Swedish DIY experimental / ambient / electronic duo of Anja Enerud and Född Död’s Sofia Al Rammal Sturdza (aka SARS), ORPHAN ANN “Marching Men”

    DVS NME “Pervy Leather Jacket” 

Colorado‘s synth-pop / electro dj/producer Johan Sebastian Bot, aka DVS NME “Pervy Leather Jacket” 

    M.E.S.H. “Inspired By True Story”
Berlin-based electro Californian experimentalist James Whipple, aka M.E.S.H. “Inspired By True Story”

    Sigīta Seyr & Undveld “Lacerta”

Vilnius, Lithuania experimental / ambient / techno producers Sigīta Seyr & Undveld “Lacerta”

    ngly “Patterns of Evidence”

Argentina-born / Berlin-based ebm / acid / dark techno producer ngly “Patterns of Evidence”

     Bow Church “Oath (Sidewalks and Skeletons Remix)”

Berlin-based dark electronic producer, Bow Church “Oath (Sidewalks and Skeletons Remix)”

   PROCELL “Grey Pow (YÅ Remix)” [Måinmise Records]

Amsterdam-based industrial / dark techno dj / producer PROCELL “Grey Pow (YÅ Remix)” from the new EP “The Black Century”  
     MAENAD VEYL “Make Them Remember” (Pinkman)
Dark electro / industrial techno new project from Italian producer Thomas Feriero (a.k.a. Avatism, CW/A, and House ov Leaves), MAENAD VEYL “Make Them Remember” from the upcoming cassette “Somehow, Somewhere They Have Heard This Before” 
     DJ LOSER “Theatre Suicide Scene” 

Greek industrial dark electronic techno producer DJ LOSER “Theatre Suicide Scene”

   Alessandro Parisi aka Hesperius Draco “Praying Sages (Mick Wills Remix)” [Vivod]

Italian esoteric dark synth electronic artist Alessandro Parisi aka Hesperius Draco “Praying Sages (Mick Wills Remix)” from thr new EP “Belmont’s Revenge”.

    Venus Volcanism & Tripolar Cell “Snake Goddess” 

Berlin-based dark ambient / synth electronic Greek duo Venus Volcanism & Tripolar Cell “Snake Goddess”

   INNERSHADES “Aalst To Charlois” (Mechatronica)


Belgian acid electro producer Thomas Blanckaert (aka Palermo Disco Squad), INNERSHADES “Aalst To Charlois” off the forthcoming split EP.

    PRIMITIVO “Afilando El Silex” (New York Haunted)
Spanish industrial noise / power electronics / primitive techno producer PRIMITIVO “Afilando El Silex” from the new album “Escupe, Grita, Mata”. 
     Timothy J. Fairplay ”Birthday Celebrations At Utrecht Space Disco” (Nocta Numerica)
London based Andrew Weatherall’s engineer, formerly one half of The Asphodells (with Daniel Avery) and electronic dj/producer Timothy J. Fairplay ”Birthday Celebrations At Utrecht Space Disco” from the upcoming EP “An Introduction To Consumer Electronics”.
    тпсб “Are You Still Hurt” (Blackest Ever Black)
Russian ambient / drum & bass / techno producer Fedor Servolenko, aka тпсб “Are You Still Hurt” from the forthcoming album “Sekundenschlaf”.
     SPUNN OFF “Altérité” (Champ Libre Records) 
 Paris, France electronic / dark techno producer Alexandre Oliviero, aka SPUNN OFF “Altérité” part of the performance ‘Point De Vue Sur L’œuvre Chap.1’.
     Violatrix [Bellatrix? & Violet Poison] “I” (Veleno Viola) 

Italian industrial / EBM / dark techno collaboration between Bellatrix? & Violet Poison, aka Violatrix “I” from the upcoming cassette “Anime Solitarie Cassette x Veleno Viola Vol.1”

 ANIMISTIC BELIEFS “Marianentrog Patrol” (Solar One Music)

Rotterdam’s electro duo ANIMISTIC BELIEFS“Marianentrog Patrol” from forthcoming EP “Sinuous Gullies”.

    Savage Grounds “Let Your Love Groan” (Pinkman)

Italian/Swiss industrial / EBM / dark techno / acid electronic duo of CCO and Daniele Cosmo, co-owner of Lux Rec., Savage Grounds “Let Your Love Groan” off upcoming handstamped 7″ in a white disco sleeve.

    GERMAN ARMY “Ritual Of Command” (Urubu Tapes)

San Bernardino, CA mysterious industrial esoteric experimental electronic minimal synth drone duo, GERMAN ARMY “Ritual Of Command” from the cassette album “Ocotillo” 


    LAKKER “Mouth”

Dublin-via-Berlin techno / electronic duo of Ian McDonnell and Dara Smith, LAKKER “Mouth” from the digital album “Die Vergangenheit, Die Gegenwart, Die Zukunft”

    DRVG CVLTVRE “Revulsion” (New York Haunted)

Tilburg, Netherlands dark acid techno producer Vincent Koreman a.k.a. DRVG CVLTVRE “Revulsion” from V​.​A. “Fuck You And Your Influential Friends”