WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – Feb. #7-21

© Jacques-Henri Lartigue photography

  • Melbourne based, Australian bedroom pop /psych /electronic solo project of  Raudie McLeod (aka River Yarra), aka Raudie “Now The Spark Has Flown” from upcoming debut LP “Now The Spark Has Flown” on Super Utu

Off-kilter, eerie, somehow sensual and sultry electro driven psych-pop reverie crawling through groovy dry syncopated rhythms, resonant gripping warm bass palpitations, obsessive luring sparkling guitar chimes and swirling icy synth sheets, while powerful, emotional male vocals drip intimate shame and secrecy into the buried memories of deception and death. On repeat!

  • Lisbon, Portugal shoegaze /dreampop solo project of Ricardo Fiel, MOON COWBOY “Meditation” from the new EP “Hope”

Atmospheric, meditative and expansive textured shoegaze from Portuguese musician that glides narcotically in a bright, mesmeric brittle sea of dazzling reflections, rippled by winding sunburned guitar melodies, shimmering and flickering atop numb, hazy male vocals, that float euphorically into lost horizons of introspective bliss.

  • Bristol, UK dream pop /avant-pop solo multi-instrumentalist songwriter Lorcán “Octopus” new single

Bristol DIY artist unwinds stripped-down strummed guitar melodies to layer emotional pain into a hypnotic tapestry of twinkling, flashing keyboard whirls and harmonium-like bleeds, echoing shattered memories atop dreamy morose male vocals’ hopeless reflections.

  • Psych-electronic-folk collaborative project between London based multi-instrumentalist and producer Jesse Hackett & Chicago based multi-media artist Mariano Chavez, Teeth Agency “Many People (Remake)” from the upcoming LP “You Don’t Have To Live In Pain” on Stones Throw
  • Brooklyn, NY alt-country /indie rock /folk 5-piece Field Guides “The City Is A Painting” from the upcoming Split 7″ single “Worldly” b/w “The City Is A Painting” with Nico Hedley on Whatever’s Clever
  • Manchester, UK ambient /ethereal /psych /folk singer, songwriter and producer Caoilfhionn Rose “Fluorish” from upcoming LP “Truly” on Gondwana Records
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina ambient /shoegaze/ dreampop project of Nicolás Castello, aka NAX feat. Jackie Kasbohm “En la Mañana” new single
  • Melbourne, Australia dreampop 5-piece HALF/CUT “Sink in Deep” from the upcoming sophomore “Salt an Atlas”
  • Leeds, UK fuzzy grungey dream pop band BAD IDEA “Happy” from the single “Winter // Happy” on RoseColoured Records
  • Glasgow, UK indie pop /folk project of singer /songwriter Kim Grant, RAVELOE “Post It” from the new EP “Notes and Dreams”
  • Swedish psychedelic lo-fi pop duo from Gothenburg, NAYAD “Don’t be mad if I don’t come along” new single
  • Texan bedroom indie pop singer, songwriter, and producer from Mesquite, Hannah Jadagu “Think Too Much” new single on Sub Pop
  • Edinburgh, UK bedroom /post-punk /shoegaze /indie pop SUMMER SAFELY “Accidents Happen” from debut EP “He said he was alright so we carried on”
  • Canadian psych /dream pop /shoegaze trio from Toronto, Tearjerker “Lost” first single from upcoming EP “Deep End”
  • Chicago based indie rock 4-piece (former members of Varsity, Pool Holograph, Clearance), DISCUS “The Slight” off V/A “Range Lights: A Relief Map Family & Friends Compilation” charity compilation on Relief Map Records
  • Swedish indie pop band from Göteborg, DAMEN “Waste Of Time” first single from upcoming EP on VÅRØ
  • Cambridge, UK folk /jangle /indie pop collective Model Village “Oslo” from their upcoming 4th record “World Of Carp”
  • Jakarta, Indonesian jangly /indie pop trio Oktober86 “De Oranje” new single
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands indie rock folk project of Jasper Boogaard, aka NAGASAKI SWIM “Company” from the upcoming debut album “Mirror” on Coaster Records
  • New York indie rock band Wild Pink ‘The Wind Was Like A Train’ off third LP ‘A Billion Little Lights’ on Royal Mountain Records
  • Bogor, Indonesia indie rock band TEXPACK “The Early Serenade” from “The Early Serenade” EP on Anoa Records
  • Melbourne, Australia indie-rock punk band The Vovos “Temporary Solution” new single on Roolette Records
  • Lima, Peru Indie rock/ Power pop duo MUCHACHA PUNK “Demi” new single on LaFlor Records
  • Australian hard rockin glam band from Melbourne (former members of Drunk Mums, Dumb Punts, Mesa Cosa, Meat), SMOOTCH “Pucker Up” debut 7″ single on DERO Arcade
  • Crotone, Italy shoegaze /emo /indie rock duo 7MONDAYS “Tape Rewind” from the upcoming debut EP on Dirty Beach
  • Russian post-punk /lo-fi /psych /indie rock solo project from Moscow/St. Petersburg, сын курьера “трусы цвета шрека” new single
  • New Orleans, Louisiana indie rock /guitar pop trio Keen Dreams “Big Gulps” from upcoming LP “The Second Body” on Whatever’s Clever
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia power pop /indie pop trio GRRRL GANG “Honey, Baby” from upcoming 7″ single on Damnably
  • Lima, Perù dream pop /indie rock project El Cosmos – “Esmeralda”                                                                                  
  • Philippines‘ shoegaze / dreampop outfit from Manila, MEGUMI ACORDA “Aftershow” off “Unexpetedly (quarantine session)” re-recording of the band’s debut EP for an online gig in 2020
  • Japanese shoegaze /emo /alternative band くらしな [Life] – 光り- from the single – 11月 / 光り
  • Charleston, South Carolina bedroom /jangle /dream pop project of Kim Hart, Shiny Times “Secretary (You Really Care)” from new EP “Starts with S”
  • Rotterdam based international new wave chameleons Quarantine Beach “Let The Lovers Decide” debut single                                                   
  • Tokyo, Japan bedroom /analog electronic /indie pop project (aka The Poolitans!) Lag Dream “Sky Highway“ debut single                                                                                                                                                           
  • Rockford, Illinois lo-fi /shoegaze /dream pop duo SIDE THING “A New Ideology” from the album “It’s Safe” on BIRTHDIY
  • Southern California dream pop duo TWIN OAKS “Open Hand” from the new EP “Lock & Key”
  • Bangor, Maine based twee pop jangle indie pop trio SULLEN EYES “Getting There” from the debut S/T EP
  • London based Indie /Psych /Dream Pop duo of Angus James and Oliver James, aka The Death Of Pop “Go Back” from our forthcoming album ”Seconds” due out on 19th March via Discos De Kirlian and Hidden Bay Records.
  • Chicago, Il bedroom /alt /shoegaze project Welcome Familiar “Always Time” first single from the upcoming second album “No Stars”
  • Melbourne-based ambient /electronic /shoegaze project of Thomas Lee, aka OCEANS “Come So Far” debut single
  • Shawn Michael‘s Atmospheric /Dream Pop /Shoegaze project from the suburbs of Los Angeles, Daydream Cathedral “Agoraphobia” (Minuit Machine cover)
  • UK collaboration between former Cocteau Twins‘ bassist and Bella Union founder Simon Raymonde with Dif Juz drummer/saxophonist Richie Thomas, LOST HORIZONS “Marie (feat. Marissa Nadler)” from the new album ”In Quiet Moments” via Bella Union
  • Paris, France experimental /ambient /fuzz /post-rock /shoegaze /slowcore new project of Agnès Gayraud (La Féline) and Paul Régimbeau (Mondkopf, Oiseaux-Tempête, FOUDRE!, Extreme Precautions, Autrenoir) , aka GRIVE “Cold” from the debut “Grive” EP
  • Preston, UK new wave /dream pop songwriting duo Joey Cobb and Katie Drew, aka White Flowers “Night Drive” from the upcoming LP “Day By Day” on Tough Love
  • Manchester, UK-based Psychedelic/Shoegaze/Dream Pop band Juliper Sky “Another Life” new single
  • London, UK dream pop /indie pop band SKI SAIGON “Burns the Winter Palace” from the upcoming debut LP “Sees the Albatross” on Too Good To Be True
  • Buenos Aires-based DIY psych/dream-pop/shoegaze solo project of Normandy born musician Cyril Degilles, aka Ural Mountains “Kamikaze” from “En Vivo NMER Festival” live single on No Me Escucho Records
  • Indonesian shoegaze /grunge /alternative rock band from Depok, ELLENOIR “Faded” new single
  • Oakland, Ca dream pop /shoegaze 4-piece BAD VISUALS “Closing Doors” new single
  • Nashville, Tennessee via San Diego, CA shoegaze quartet, Tape Deck Mountain “NOMO” from the upcoming album “True Deceiver”
  • Sydney, Australia dream pop/shoegaze 6-piece TRILLION “Frame by Frame” (REMIX)
  • Philadelphia indie rock /shoegaze project of Tom Lugo (Stellarscope, Cielo Oceano, Dream Turn Black, etc.), PANOPHONIC “Formless” from “Awakening” album on his own Patetico Recordings
  • Brisbane, Australia dream pop /shoegaze band Local Authority “Forever, For Now” [Single] on 4000 Records
  • Washington, D.C. shoegaze /indie rock band No One Sphere “Happyville” new single
  • Aalborg / Copenhagen, Danish  post-rock /shoegaze band Rýk “Earthquake” new single on Tandpine Records                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Fort Worth, TX grunge /shoegaze 4-piece TRAUMA RAY “Nühevan” from S/T EP
  • Californian Experimental Shoegaze /Multi-dimensional Ethereal Wave outfit Spirit Lapse “Celestial Spheres – Special Mix” from “X (Gathered Rarities)” collection of demos and unreleased tracks from the early days
  • Alaska-based goth dark shoegaze band Asenath Anyox “Macoute” from the 4th full-length album “Tropicapitulation”
  • Gothenburg, Sweden atmospheric hardcore /blackgaze band Young Mountain “Worm” from the upcoming LP “Infraröd” on Through Love Records
  • Leeds, UK alternative /garage-wave quintet EADES “Former Warnings” new single on Heist or Hit
  • Melbourne, Australia garage /noise rock trio CLAMM “Keystone Pols” from the upcoming album “Beseech Me” on Tin Angel Records
  • Denver, Co post-punk /indie rock/noise pop duo Blindrunner “Fire”                                                                 
  • Auckland, New Zealand psychedelic rock n roll project of A. Evans, BLACK SAND – “Revolution” off the forthcoming album                                                                                                                                                    
  • Shoegaze /Psychedelic band from Norway, Rancho Relaxo ”Across The River” new single
  • London, UK psychedelic pop stalwarts The Chemistry Set “Paint Me a Dream” new single
  • English post-punk/folk-rock collective formed in 1984 in New Cross, London, Band Of Holy Joy “A Leap Into The Great Unknown” from the upcoming album “Dreams Take Flight” on Tiny Global Productions
  • Oslo, Norway post-punk /indie rock band (member of HRK. Maui/Hawaii fan forever. Aloha. Mahalo.), TÅSEN TEA PARTY “THE FACT (remix)” new single                                                      
  • Sevastopol, Ukraine indie /dream pop /post-punk solo project Televolny [телеволны] “чемодан” from the new EP “детство”
  • Laramie, Wyoming indie /surf rock /chillwave /psychedelic outfit MANTISGROVE “Kevin’s Great” off the new LP “Our World”
  • Lyon-based, French experimental /Middle East /electronic /psychedelic /folk project of Nico Poisson (member of Ned), Sathönay “Le Tour du Jardin” from the second cassette album “Hello Sunny” on zamzamrec
  • Brisbane, Australia psychedelic rock band Slowjöy “Algorhythm” from “Sundrip” EP
  • Athens , Greece space rock /kraut /psychedelic collective HOLY MONITOR “Blue Whale” from the upcoming album “Southern Lights” on Blackspin Records
  • Italian New Wave/ Neo-Psychedelia band formed in Fragagnano, DARK DEVICE “Empty Eyes” from the debut mini-album “A Dramatization”
  • Vancouver, BC post-rock/noise-pop /shoegaze solo project BLOOM 604 “Rapture” first single from debut album “BLOOM”, set to release April 30th, 2021 via FLØVER.
  • Edinburgh, Scotland ambient /post-rock /shoegaze duo Sun Shines Cold “A Distance Between (Remaster 2021)” off “Black of Beyond” EP
  • North East London, UK ambient/cosmic rock/drone pop 6-piece The Leaf Library “Here Seen From There” from the digital collection “Monuments I-V” first five volumes of the Monuments series.

© Jacques-Henri Lartigue photography

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