WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #24


Picks Of The Week:

  • New York‘s ambient/dream pop/shoegaze five-piece WARM “Moonweed” off of split EP with Blush Response

Killer split EP between NYC‘s Warm and Adelaide‘s Blush Response for those into the more visceral, intense, gloomy, nostalgic and melacholic shoegaze. Slightly different in the atmospheres, noisier the former, electro-acoustic the latter, but absolutely equally compelling. A marriage made in shoegaze heaven.

  • New York indie/psych/ethereal/dream pop outfit, Lightning Bug “October Song, pt. ii” from the upcoming cassette album “October Song” out September 6, via Marble Arm Records

Low profile trio lead by the striking songwriting of New York-based Audrey Kang has announced the September release of their sophomore album, after their early 2015 debut “Floaters” was one of the best psych/dream pop kept secrets of that year. The new single is a stunning reminder of their talent that combines laid-back immersive melodies, ecstatic vocals minimal arrangements with grace and ease and tons of warmth, leaving us with an exquisite jam and craving more.

  • Sydney, Australia alt shoegazing/psych-pop/indie rock guitarist,singer and songwriter Annie Hamilton “Kitchen” third single

Third single for Sidney highly talented young guitar rocker offers a thoroughly impressive simmering slow burner, that effortlessy straddles shoegaze, grunge and dream pop, beautifully balanced between introspection and emotional outbursts, defined by Anne’s bittersweet vocals and sparkling soaring guitar lines.

  • Mexico City garage punk 4-piece TELEKRIMEN “Magia Negra” from the new “Culto a lo Imbécil” LP on Slovenly Records                                                                                                                                                              
  • Los Angeles‘ experimental psychedelic band The Warlocks “Keys To The Kingdom (Previously Unreleased)” from new EP “Skull Worship Lost Gems”
  • San Francisco‘s psych duo of Wooden Shjips guitarist Ripley Johnson and musician/vocalist Sanae Yamada, MOON DUO ”Stars Are the Light” title track from the forthcoming 7th album on Sacred Bones Records
  • Bristol, UK noise rock/shoegaze band Spectres “The Heights” [from 2016‘s “Dark Habits Halloween” 10″] from “Debridement” mini-LP (a collection of rarities, b-sides and oddities from the vaults).
  • Philadephia-based jangle psych-pop outfit HONEY RADAR “Kite Balloons” from the 5th album “Ruby Puff Of Dust” out now on What’s Your Rupture?
  • Greek lo-fi fuzzy psychedelic trio from Athens, A Victim Of Society “Plague Of Confusion” from the new EP “Entertainment War I”
  • Canadian post-punk indie rock band based in Toronto, THE BLACK FEVER “Keep You” from EP “Unarticulated Wants”                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Australian shoegaze quartet from Adelaide, Blush Response “Sweet Respite” from split EP with Warm.
  • Sidney, Australia based dark dream-pop duo of Claudia Schmidt and Arlen McCarthy, aka LORELEI “I Am a Road” debut single                                                                                                                                                      
  • Mexico City noise-pop/shoegaze/dream pop outfit Destello Floral “Vacío Temporal” first single from the debut LP ‘El Tiempo Lo Destruye Todo’
  • Australian dream pop artist from Melbourne, Sophie Treloar aka POPPONGENE “Esky” new single on Our Golden Friend                                                                                                                                                          
  • Stockholm, Sweden dream pop/synthpop project of Max Ekholm, Melodies In Mono “Dare”                              
  • Richmond, Virginia indie pop/noise pop band Captain Scrunchie “True” from debut “Demo” EP
  • Oakland, CA jangle indie pop band SMILES “Gone For Good” from upcoming 7″ single on Slumberland Records
  • Texas psych-pop-garage quartet Flower Graves “Living In Disguise” new single on Wallflower Records
  • Lima, Peru shoegaze/dream pop trio BABY STEPS “Play” new single
  • Wellington, New Zealand psychedelic/shoegaze band Earth To Zena “I’ll Never Know (transmutation)” from upcoming EP “Transmutations”
  • Vancouver, Canada indie/synth/psychedelic duo of former members of Black Mountain, Amber Webber and Josh Wells, Lightning Dust – “Devoted To” from new 4th album “Spectre” out October 4, 2019 on Western Vinyl
  • Norfolk, VA psychedelic rock band Super Doppler “Going Nowhere” from the S/T album
  • Paris, France new wave/indie-pop project led by Erwan Pépiot, SOMEHOW “Shut your Eyes and See” first single from the upcoming album “Low Tide” out October 2019, via Toolong Records
  • Birmingham, UK post-gaze quartet VELVET TIDES “Lost In Motion” new single
  • Liverpool, UK dream pop/shoegaze band BECOME THE SKY “Violent Sky” debut single
  • Brooklyn, New York experimental/kosmische/psych-pop/synth/art pop quartet Operator Music Band “Slim Spin” from forthcoming album “Duo Duo” on B.C. (Broken Circles).
  • Norwegian indie pop band Remington Super 60 “The Highway Again” first single from upcoming EP due Fall 2019 on their own Cafe Superstar Recordings                                                                                                             
  • Baltimore synth-gaze/dream-pop trio of Terence Hannum (Locrian), Erica Burgner-Hannum (Unlucky Atlas) and Rob Savillo, The Holy Circle “Lovely One” from upcoming sophomore cassette album “Sick With Love” on Deathbomb Arc
  • Portland, OR new wave/dream pop/synth pop trio WET DREAM “See Foam Run” first single from upcoming self-produced debut LP “Future Nostalgic”.
  • Jacksonville, Florida shoegaze/nugaze-a-tronic – indie pop band PURPLESPACE “Nadia”                                         
  • Phoenix, AZ chill-wave/dream pop/synthwave solo project Secret Attraction “Baby Blue” from new V/A compilation “Sonus Auri” on Stratford Ct.
  • Austrian dream pop/shoegaze duo from Innsbruck, MOLLY “Vogelnest” from the new album “All That Ever Could Have Been” on Sonic Cathedral
  • Florence, Italy dream pop/shoegaze band WE MELT CHOCOLATE “Blue Hair Girl” from the S/T debut album on Annibale Records
  • Baltimore shoegaze/darkwave/post-punk 4-piece PAINTED MIRROR – “Subterfuge” from the the new EP “Slow Tide”
  • East coast of Scotland shoegaze cowboys Lake Pleasant “Spinning” new single on Harvest of Stars
  • Perth, Australia indie/dream pop/sad pop band Peppermint Showers “Cold Case Holiday” from the debut album “Mopey Karaoke”
  • Monterrey, Mexico post-punk/dream pop/shoegaze trio ALCES “Hablando De Mí” from debut EP “Parque Los Navegantes”
  • Kraków, Poland dream pop/shoegaze band Strangers In My House “Words” debut single.
  • Thessaloniki, Greece indie guitar pop band TA TOY BOY “Fabulous Friend” (The Field Mice cover)
  • Sevilla, Spain jangle dream pop 4-piece, Terry vs. Tori “Cascais (feat. Foliage)” from Terry vs. Tori’s upcoming S/T debut album.
  • Brighton, UK indie/proto-punk/krautrock/psychedelic solo project of Dan Reeves (guitarist in Cold Pumas and former overseer of the Faux Discx label), SOFT WALLS “Inward Island” from 3rd album ”Not as Bad as It Seems”
  • Stockholm, Sweden indie rock/psychedelic 4-piece MANKIND “No Doubt In My Mind” new single on Lazy Octopus Records
  • Brooklyn, New York indie guitar pop band FIELD MOUSE “Heart of Gold” from the third full-length album “Meaning” out August 16, 2019 on Topshelf Records
  • Bloomington, Indiana‘s indie rock solo project of Hoops bassist, Kevin Krauter “Pretty Boy” new single on Bayonet
  • Swansea, UK based shoegaze/dream pop band FRISBEES IN THE FOG “Finale” lathe-cut 7″+booklet, lead track from the forthcoming short film of the same name, created by Lavender Sweep Records
  • Cuernavaca, Mexico bedroom/indie pop/dream pop project, Anuncio en Blanco “No tengo a donde ir” from the new album “Periodo”
  • Italian bedroom pop/ dream pop/jangle pop/indie duo GO HAWAII “POWWOW” 7″ single from upcoming album on Pizza Dischi.
  • Athens-based, Greek electronic/cinematic/dream pop/synth-pop musician and producer Serafim Tsotsonis feat. Ocean Hope – “Nowhere” from Serafim Tsotsonis’s forthcoming album ‘Believers’ out July 15th 2019, on Klik Records
  • Spanish bedroom pop/sad pop project from Madrid, MIEDO “Pánico por nada” new single
  • Ottawa, Canada bedroom pop/indie pop/jangle pop DIY duo SKYTONE “Here and Now” new single
  • Melbourne, Australia experimental psychedelic band Coloured Clocks “In the Dark” from “Super Multicoloured” (one song with 33 fragments, to be downloaded and listened in any order).