WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – January #02-21


  • San Antonio, TX post-grunge /noise rock /shoegaze solo project BLINDLACE “Mono” from the 2-track single “Hide me in your wounds”

Brand new noisy atmospheric guitar-laden solo project from Texas that toes the line between shoegaze, grunge, noise and alternative rock. The Deftones-tinged and sorely dedicated to his passed away dog, “Mono”, sparks off swirling fuzzy guitar mist and squealing distortions that ebb and flow hypnotically around dark ethereal male vocals wailing lost in dizzying immortal wistfulness.

  • Early 2000s London, UK five-piece indie ‘pop noir’ band LUXEMBOURG “45” new single

Some UK indie aficionados should remember at the beginning of the 2000s London ‘pop noir’ quintet Luxembourg, even myself I never liked CDs somehow I still own their bloody plastic debut single, the band have just dropped a new tune that spins blazing, nostalgic guitar hooks and evocative strings, around a stunning atmospheric male vocal harmonies falling into dystopian disillusionment and then soaring out with hope and pride for something greater than now. If you are looking for genuine, intense emotions and moving melodies from guitar pop, Luxembourg succeeds in impeccably.

  • New York ambient /shoegaze /dream pop trio Isla Invisible “Estranged” from the upcoming “EP2″ 7” on Velvet Blue Music

New single to preview their sophomore EP from New York-based dream pop band of Puerto Rican origin with a stunning melodic and enticing dreamlike electro-acoustic blend of strummed and glistening guitar melodies weaving nostalgia and pain around intimate, airy dual male-female vocal harmonies and caressing, sensual hums, drowning heartache in yesterday’s broken dreams.

  • Salt Lake City, Utah ambient /post rock /shoegaze /piano project of multi-instrumentalist Matt Wigham, aka Death Stare “Isolator” new single
  • Detroit based lo-fi/experimental/psychedelic/shoegaze/ambient project of guitarist Warren Defever, aka His Name Is Alive – “Liadin” from upcoming compilation “A Silver Thread (Home Recordings 1989 – 1990)” 4 CD Box Set of 3 volumes previously released on vinyl, alongside a bonus disc and 36 page booklet
  • Stratford Upon Avon, UK shoegaze /indie /dream pop solo project bk bx ft rr – “Fire by the lake” off “When Everything Else Is Gone” LP a collection of live performances & demo recordings.
  • London, UK shoegaze /dream pop /psych project of Lottie Morton, aka Cuckoo Spit “Plush” from “Cuckoo Spit Demos” EP
  • Kuwait ambient /dreampop solo project, CD Keys “House Phone (Feat. Silly Fish)” from debut album “Big Nothing”
  • Tacoma/Chicago indie dream pop duo of Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas III, WIDOWSPEAK “Romeo and Juliet” (Dire Straits cover) from forthcoming EP ‘Honeychurch’ on Captured Tracks
  • Toronto, Canada indie folk pop singer/songwriter Tamara Lindeman, The Weather Station ‘Atlantic’ from upcoming new album “Ignorance” on Fat Possum
  • Glasgow, Scotland indie folk /space pop /electronic project from Finlay Macdonald (Teenage Fanclub/BMX Bandits), wor_kspace “Transit” second single on Glass Modern
  • Cork, Ireland-bred, London based co-founder and singer of acclaimed 80s/90s groups Microdisney and Fatima Mansions, Cathal Coughlan “Song Of Co-Aklan” first single from the forthcoming album ‘Song Of Co-Aklan’, scheduled for release on March 12, 2021 on Dimple Discs
  • Portland, Or based indie /psych pop trio Mermaid In China “The View Subterranean” from the new album “Wild and Pretty Games”
  • New York-based post-punk /electro-shoegaze trio The Final Sound “No Rescue” from the 12″ vinyl edition of sophomore LP “Dimensions” on InClub Records
  • Australia based dark pop duo of Yoodoo (aka GRMLN ) and Heidi, aka Imperfect Human Beings “Angel Yu” debut single
  • San Luis, Argentina dream pop /indie rock band, Las Carreteras “Pandemonio” from “Continental” on Entes Anomicos
  • Lancaster, PA psych /shoegaze /dream-punk band Vicious Blossom “Slowdown” from the new EP “You Breathe Inside Of Me”
  • Israeli Haifa based shoegaze /art rock /kraut /psychedelic pop band MAZEPPA “Roses” new single from upcoming debut album release on Feb 10th 2021.
  • Austin, TX garage /psych-pop band BROTHER SPORTS “Dry Eyes” from the EP ‘iii’
  • Toronto-based, Kansas City‘s dream pop /shoegaze solo project SEVENTEEN YEARS “Slip” new single
  • Kharkiv, Ukraine shoegaze /dream pop project Лунар “Nihil (feat. Luna)” new single
  • Pokhara, Nepal based shoegaze /dreampop /post-punk project OutControlJoys “Far Away” from “Division” (Demo EP) on Ris Records
  • Indonesian shoegaze /dream pop 4-piece lead by Ajie Gergaji, TheMILO “Romantic Purple” from the album “Let Me Begin” on Anoa Records
  • Athens, Greece indie rock solo project of Eleni Karageorgou, Post Lovers “Palmistry” from the upcoming album “Drive” on Inner Ear
  • Portland, Maine dream pop/noise gaze 4-piece Crystal Canyon “Anomaly” new single from the upcoming album “Yours with affection and sorrow” on Repeating Cloud
  • Syrian Shoegaze / Dream Pop Band From Damascus, ARPINA “Stargaze” from the debut EP “Spacenation”
  • Christchurch, New Zealand indie rock band WURLD SERIES “Nap Gate” from upcoming album “What’s Growing” co-released by Meritorio Records, Osborne Again and Melted Ice Cream
  • Orlando, FL shoegaze /noise pop band SAD HALEN “Sunday” from the single “All the things you will see” 
  • Ukrainian alt/dream pop solo project электроник ‘фрик’ off the EP ‘прекрасное-далёко’ on элек///чество
  • Singapore‘s noise-pop band SUBSONIC EYE “Fruitcake” from Subsonic Eye’s third full-length album “Nature of Things” on Middle Class Cigars
  • Detroit, Mi dream pop /shoegaze 4-piece Origami Phase “Lady Named Bright” from the debut EP “Quadrants”
  • Portland, Or dream pop /indie rock trio SOFT CHEESE “Bad News” from the S/T debut album
  • Bangkok, Thailand indie pop/shoegaze band (formerly The Passion of Anna), Traveling With Monika “Through the Wind” new single
  • Maryland dream pop/shoegaze bedroom project THE PLEASURE HOLES ”Broken Sounds” new single     
  • Louisville, Kentucky husband (David) and wife (Courtney) dream pop /shoegaze band COLOR CRUSH “Snowstorm” new single
  • Madrid, Spain alt /shoegaze duo Lost★Secrets “Dama” from the LP “Spaced”
  • Almeria, Spain DreamRock /SpaceGaze band, STAY TO SLEEP “Semen Up” third single from upcoming “Blow A Wish” LP.
  • Toronto, Ontario 2-piece alternative /grungey /shoegaze band SICAYDA “Drowning” from sophomore S/T EP
  • Copenhagen, Denmark post-punk /shoegaze /indie rock band BOUNDARIES “Erosion” first single from upcoming debut album “Maidan”                                                                                                                     
  • Umeå, Sweden indie psych garage band Det Jordiska “Demeter Ringer Ofta” from the upcoming LP “Grisarnas År” on Lazy Octopus Records
  • Shoegaze /Psychedelic band from Norway, Rancho Relaxo ”To Colour The Stars” new single
  • London, UK post-punk /noise rock /psychedelic collaboration between Faris Badwan (The Horrors / Cat’s Eyes) & renowned guitarist John Coxon (Spring Heel Jack / Spiritualized / Treader), Badwan/Coxon “Boiling Point” off upcoming single “Boiling Point/Promise Land” on Tough Love
  • Dallas, TX indie/kraut/psychedelic trio Psychic Love Child “When There’s Nothing” new single
  • Manchester, UK based electro-pop/ avant pop group, Virginia Wing “St. Francis Fountain” from “private LIFE” on Adrian Records
  • Boston/L.A./NYC cross-coastal electronic /shoegaze /dream pop trio IEVA “Fade Out” new single
  • Polish ghost-rock /dream-pop duo Hidden By Ivy “Light House” new single
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK indie/dream pop/new wave/electronic solo project SI FARRIER “ For All Eternity” from “Casio Recordings (1988-93)” album
  • Athens-based, Greek/Australian electronic/dream-pop duo of RΠЯ and Jessica Bell, aka Keep Shelly in Athens “Early” new single on Athenian Aura Recordings                                                                               
  • New York indie rock/ dream pop 4-piece (former members of Gingerlys), LUNARETTE “Austin St.” off the upcoming debut cassette EP ‘Clair de Lunarette.’ on Babe City & Topshelf Records
  • Palembang, Indonesia twee/ indie-pop band LAZY EYE “Inconsistent Borderline” new single
  • Texas indie/jangle/bedroom pop DIY solo project Ghost Mail “Shatter” from cassette album “Melancholy”
  • Cologne, Germany lo-fi /bedroom pop /emo /sad pop solo project Crashblossoms “Thaw” from the single “Thaw / Haunted”
  • Brooklyn, New York indie folk singer /songwriter Sam Yield “Julie” from “Terra Australis” on Plastic Miracles
  • Hull, UK folk-jazz fusion band Samadhi “That Time When” title track from the debut EP “That Time When” 

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