WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #50

  • Gothenburg, Sweden C86/indie pop/Balearic trio (members of Agent Blå, Makthaverskan, Westkust, Amateur Hour, Enhet För Fri Musik…), TYPICAL GIRLS “Las Palmas” off “Typical Girls” EP 7″ vinyl on Happiest Place Records

Previewed by a tasty cover of The Troggs, the debut EP from the Gothenburg based ‘supergroup’ trio has finally seen the light of the day, to shine with refreshing indie-pop craftsmanship on the footsteps of Swedish instigators such as Tough Alliance, Radio Dept., Air France, and The Embassy.  Amidst hints of soft wave breaks and humid sudden shower scents, “Las Palmas” brims with euphoric and carefree moods of sentimental youthful melancholy and blissful hazy indolence, sinuously oscillating through the sun-burnt synthetic vibes of an endless Balearic summer, fed by winding bassline and groovy rolling percussive patterns, to exude a warm caressing salty breeze of dreamy and elusive cheerful melodies around eternally upbeat vocal longings…’it’s so beautiful!’

  • Lucerne, Switzerland indie/jangle/dream pop duo of Andy Jossi (The Churchhill Garden) and Gretchen DeVault ( Voluptuous Panic, The Francine Odysseys), aka THE BLUE HERONS “Go On” new single

The Blue Herons‘ second textbook indie-pop single, featuring on a permanent basis the captivating voice of Gretchen DeVault, hits the mark again with a heady match of melancholic, crystalline instrumentation, dreamy vocalizations and moving lyrics, as glistening, jangly guitar melodies and nostalgic, bittersweet vocal harmonies swept in emotional, glittering moods, wish for a new beginning.

  • Berlin-based, Swedish dreampop/electro-pop duo The Ghost Of Helags “Mary” new single                             

Swedish dreamy electro-pop duo mesmerizes in an immersive introspective stream of consciousness steeped in melancholic despair through retro, soft backbeats rolling rapidly through dramatic, yet calm, bright synth expansions, building disturbing tension and growing loneliness around airy detached female vocals’ breathless submersion into a suffocating sea of hopeless pain.

  • Ambient/ethereal/neo-classical collaboration between prolific Spanish producer Pepo Galán from Malaga (El Muelle Records) and Berlin-based choreographer Sita Ostheimer, Pepo Galán & Sita Ostheimer “Wolf” from the vinyl debut album “Contact” on Past Inside the Present
  • Sidney, Australia folk rock artist Julia Jacklin “Baby Jesus is nobody’s baby now” Christmas single on Transgressive
  • New York-based dreamy psychedelic minimalistic folk project of poet and songwriter Christopher Porpora aka Cheval Sombre “It’s Not time” new single on Sonic Cathedral
  • Early 2000s Welsh psychedelic shoegaze trio, The Voices “We just want to be ourselves” from “Angylion” EP (first new material for 3 years).
  • Melbourne, Australia electronic/indie folk/psych pop duo Mystery Guest “A Joke” new single commisioned for Metro Tunnel x Melbourne Music Week’s “Home Made Sound” project on Tenth Court
  • Maryland dream pop/shoegaze bedroom project THE PLEASURE HOLES ”Come down, electric” new single
  • Montréal, Québec abstract art pop trio Freelove Fenner “Shoulder Season” from upcoming album “The Punishment Zone” on Moone Records
  • Czechia electronic/trip-hop duo CARYA “Gravel” from the debut cassette album “Tales for Z” on Bughead Records
  • New York wave/electronic/dream pop/synthpop duo R. Missing “Darkness, I’ll Always Be Your Girl” from the new EP “Placeholder for the Night”
  • Montreal, Québec synthpop/dream pop trio DAWN TO DAWN “Meridian” debut single
  • Montreal new age/dream pop/electronica duo Isla Den “Hyperflow” from the EP “Virtual Garden” on Cascine
  • New Orleans, Louisiana dream pop/synthpop solo project of Nessa Bridget Wheatley (one half of Softie), BRIDE “Little baby” from the EP “Hear”
  • Berlin-based Italo/French/Swedish coldwave/shoegaze all-girl trio PLAISIR “Bread For The Dead” off the new EP “Sap”
  • Italian synth-gaze duo Raffaele Galasso and Alessandra Cesano from Brindisi, Nightcrush “Black Wings Hunt” off forthcoming LP “You Mark Me the Deepest” on Shunu Records
  • Cuernavaca, Mexico dreamtrap/indie-pop side project of Marco Mendoza (aka Anuncio en Blanco), aka Nyø – “Bojack Horseman” second single
  • Midlands, UK indie/jangle/psych-pop band The Gabriels – “Loose Canyon” upcoming debut single
  • Australian 60’s inspired garage band from Fremantle, The Psychotic Reactions “Mistakes” from the new S/T album
  • Stockholm-based psychedelic folk-pop 4-piece MELBY “Common Sense” new single on Rama Lama Records
  • Melbourne-based folk rock project of singer/songwriter Francis Tait (Squid Nebula, The Vacant Smiles and Millar Jukes), Quality Used Cars “Ripoff Merchant” from upcoming LP “Good Days/Bad Days” on Soilsport Records
  • Scottish indie/folk-pop collective Randolph’s Leap “Up In Smoke” from the forthcoming LP “Spirit Level” on Fika Recordings
  • Stockholm, Sweden dark space pop solo project of Johannes Göthager (Edweena), DARKLY “Radiolaria” title track from the upcoming album to be released 2021                                                                              
  • Crotone, Italy shoegaze/post-rock/dreampop/indie rock duo 7MONDAYS “What’s Best To Die For” second single on Dirty Beach
  • Tampa, FL dream/indie pop duo Planet Loser “Don’t Wake Me Up” new single on 6131 Records
  • Chigago, Il indie rock trio MOONTYPE “Ferry” new single on born yesterday records
  • Perm, Russia alt/post-rock/indie rock band CATS NEVER DIE “Не угасай” from the EP “Нити”
  • Tokyo, Japan dream pop/shoegaze band PREWORDS “Hollow” new single
  • Minneapolis jangle indie-pop band Real Numbers “Darling” from 12″ EP “Brighter Then” on Meritorio and Slumberland Records
  • Northern Ireland bedroom-pop DIY solo project of singer and guitarist of Belfast‘s guitar pop janglers Sea Pinks, Neil Brogan “For The Waves” from the debut album “Weird Year”
  • Mexican shoegaze /dream pop outfit SAN COYOTE “Tu único deseo” from 4-track sophomore “Formas en el aire” EP.
  • Greek DIY indiepop punk band formed in 1993, Kissamatic Lovebubbles “Endless (demo)” from the digital compilation “DIY And Fuck Digital Platforms (the story so far)” on Old Bad Habits Label
  • Chilean twee/indie pop 5-piece PERROGATO “Window98” from the album “M.G.M.L.D / Me gusta más la diversión” on Gemelo Parásito Records
  • Norwegian twee/indie/dream pop/casio pop band Remington Super 60 “I won`t change my mind” new single from Remington Super 60s forthcoming EP
  • Granada, Spain indie pop/shoegaze/dream pop duo Apartamentos Acapulco “Alguien Normal” new single
  • Brooklyn, NY based ambient/psych/shoegaze band To The Wedding – “til the end” new single
  • England, UK indie pop band seit 1988, The Kensingtons “Something that I had” new single
  • Wellington, New Zealand indie/shoegaze band SugarCandy Mountain “Blinded” second single from the upcoming album
  • Zwolle, Netherlands post-rock/noise rock/shoegaze 4-piece Nebenschau “Vous/Du” new single
  • L.A. psych/post-punk/shoegaze quartet Blackout Transmission “Portals” off their upcoming debut album “Sparse Illumination” via Etxe Records
  • Leeds, UK & Riga, Latvia based noise-gaze/shoegaze outfit Last Victorian Death Squad – “Bad Bones” from the remastered vinyl 12″ EP “LVDS” on Shore Dive Records
  • Wollongong, Australia noise rock/shoegaze power trio MINERS “Life Decline” new single from upcoming debut LP due February 2021
  • Austin, TX noise/ post-punk /shoegaze band Bloody Knives ”Eyes Don’t Move” from the new album “70 Years of Static”
  • Denver, Co indie rock project of songwriter/producer/noisemaker Jeff Cormack, aka SOUTH OF FRANCE “Hideaway” first preview from upcoming 2021 album “Remember That Cool Thing We Did”                                 
  • Richmond, VA art rock/shoegaze/indie rock/dream pop artist (Benjamin Schurr of Br’er, Luna Honey, and Tadzio collaborator), PAT ABSENT “Nothing” from the upcoming debut album “Tangible Absence”
  • Liverpool, UK atmospheric/alt/indie-pop solo project of SirenSong, and Oh Well Goodbye guitarist, Shaun Lanceley “Eden” from “Small Hours” EP
  • Melbourne, Australia indie/dream-pop collective COOL SOUNDS “Back To Me” from the upcoming album “Bystander” on Osborne Again
  • L.A. based dream pop/indie rock songwriter/musician from Toronto, JENNIE VEE “Out For Blood” new 7″ single
  • Los Angeles based dream pop violinist, producer, singer and songwriter MOTOI “Dreaming” new single
  • Russian lo-fi/indie/dream/bedroom pop artist, луни ана [Luniana] – “Возьми меня с собой (feat. TAPENIGHT)” from the debut album “Назад”
  • Christmas dream/indie pop collaboration between Swedish artists Julia Rakel and Matilda Wiezell (singer of Melby), JULMAT “Next Xmas” on Rama Lama Records
  • Late 90s seminal Bay Area indie-pop band, The Aislers Set “Cold Christmas” new Christmas single on Suicide Squeeze Records
  • San Diego, Ca indie noise pop band CROCODILES “Christmas In Hell” new single
  • AngloGerman C86 /jangle /dream pop /indie pop 4-piece The BV’s “I hope there’s no snow” Christmas single
  • Scottish indie-pop 6-piece from Glasgow, THE JUST JOANS “Card from a Multipack” ltd. 7″ vinyl christmas single on Fika Recordings
  • Halmstad, Sweden indie-pop project of Roger Gunnarsson (Free Loan Investments, The Garlands, Cloetta Paris…), NIXON “Silent Night” from V/A “Comfort and Joy – A Shiny Happy Christmas Compilation” on shiny happy records

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