WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #31

Miles Davis

Peaks Of The Week:

  • Leeds, UK jangle psychedelic pop band VAN HOUTEN “Running Scared” new single from the upcoming s/t debut album on Clue Records

With hints to the 80s unsung pop heroes The Railway Children and Friends Again with a subtle darker introspective tone, West Yorkshire 5-piece combine psych undertones with incisive jangly guitar riffs to show for the second time in a row timeless instrumental charm and solid distinctive songwriting, nurturing high expectations for their debut LP.

  • Depok, Indonesia indie dream pop 5-piece THE WELLINGTON “It’s So Fine” new single from the upcoming album via Guerrilla Records

Finally a brand new song from the Indonesian band The Wellington, coupled with the announcement of their debut album, a very delightful indie-pop alchemy bursting with cool sunny vibes and hazy tones flavored with bittersweet melodies, through bright and vibrant jangly guitar chimes, emotional uplifting vocal harmonies, subtle 60s vintage nuances. ‘It’s So Fine!’

  • Albany, NY based lo-fi/shoegaze/dream pop duo LAVEDA “Better Now” second single on Color Station.         

Through groovy driving rhythms and intoxicating blur of shoegaze guitars peppered with alluring lo-fi twist and powerful, sensual and emotional girl/boy vocal dynamic, Albany‘s duo Laveda deliver a deliciously moody yet utterly infectious 3-minute upbeat pop-candy. An effortlessly compelling sophomore single for a uniquely talented pair.

  • Victoria, British Columbia ambient folk singer/songwriter ELURA (ft. Maali Bee) – “Anderson Hill” from V/A “Victoria’s Secret 2019” on Baffled Octopi Records
  • Brooklyn, NY experimental/avant pop 5-piece SUPPLIER “Mule” new 2-track single from upcoming second LP on Floordoor Records
  • Early 80s Howe, UK jazz-pop duo of multi-instrumentalist Nick Goddard and singer-songwriter Josephine Bourne (a.k.a. Queen Josephine), Queue Dance “Fringe Of The Affair” from forthcoming retrospective compilation album “Full Stop” (19831989) on Firestation Records                                                                     
  • Montreal, Quebec 60s garage rock musician/producer (BBQ of the legendary King Khan and BBQ Show), MARK SULTAN “Heart Attack” from the “Filthy Rat” EP on Slovenly Recordings
  • Topanga Canyon, CA dream pop/shoegaze 5-piece SUN COLONY “Breeders” new single
  • Bali, Indonesia dream pop/shoegaze band DIVE COLLATE “Grey And Nice” from debut EP “Singles Jar”
  • Australian dream pop artist from Melbourne, Sophie Treloar aka POPPONGENE “Not Wrong” new single on Our Golden Friend
  • Indonesian Indie-Pop/Twee 4-piece from Jatinangor, WELL WHALE “She’s a Punk” debut single
  • Portland, OR psych-garage 4-piece The Shivas “Gloria” from the forthcoming album ‘‘Dark Thoughts’’ on Tender Loving Empire
  • Toronto, Canada flower power pop/punk ‘supergroup’ fronted by folk/country troubadour Daniel Romano, ANCIENT SHAPES “A Flower That Wouldn’t Bloom” title-track from the upcoming third LP on You’ve Changed Records
  • Los Angeles lo-fi/C86/noise-rock/shoegaze trio Vivian Girls “Something To Do” from the new album “Memory” due out September 20 via Polyvinyl.
  • Bloomington, Indiana indie power pop project of Amy Oelsner, aka AMY O “Planet Blue” from the upcoming album “Shell” on Winspear.
  • Brazilian noise/post-rock/shoegaze band Fogo Caminha Comigo “Capablanca” first single from the debut album “O Lamentoso cair de pétalas dança dentro da primavera de minha cabeça” on NapNap Records
  • UK Psych/Shoegaze 5-piece from Warrington, HOLY DRONE “Northern Fire” new single
  • Solingen, Germany dreamy psychedelic folk-rock 4-piece Suzan Köcher’s Suprafon “Peaky Blinders” from the upcoming album “Suprafon” on Unique Records
  • Welsh noisy indie-pop band SEAZOO “Throw It Up” the lead single from the band’s upcoming sophomore album set for release early next year
  • Pittsburgh, PN lo-fi/guitar rock 5-piece (FKA Denzell), The Zells “Hello Loser” from forthcoming EP ‘‘No More Heroes’’ on Crafted Sounds
  • US indie/noise rock/art-rock 4-piece from Chicago, The Hecks “So 4 Real” from their forthcoming new album “My Star” via Trouble In Mind Records
  • London-based indie-rock four-piece, Beach Baby “Big Wow” from the upcoming sophomore album “Songs From The Limbo Lounge”                                                                                                                                           
  • Victoria, British Columbia garage pop 4-piece BODIES “The Rot” title-track from the new album
  • Seattle‘s DIY garage punk collective Porn Bloopers “Heavy Petty” from the cassette album “Send Noodz” on Den Tapes
  • Chicago‘s slacker/surf/shoegaze/indie rock power trio fronted by John Rejba (Boys Life, The Farewell Bend, Rare Animals), Wet Tropics “Tragic Accidents” off of upcoming split 7″ vinyl single with Sleepwalk via Still Chill Records
  • Fuzzy noise-pop/shoegaze band from Minneapolis, BRILLIANT BEAST “Other Side” from last final cassette EP “Pageant Fatigue”
  • Brighton, UK lo-fi punk/shoegaze duo (formerly known as Kamikaze Girls), CULTDREAMS “Rest & Reflection” from their second album “Things That Hurt” via Big Scary Monsters Records.
  • Liverpool, UK Dreampop/Shoegaze band BECOME THE SKY “Violent Skies” off of upcoming “Aurora” EP
  • San Francisco, CA indie-pop outfit April Magazine – “Always” off of V/A “VOLUME 1: Hot Sick Vile And Fun” on Rocks In Your Head Records
  • Münster, Germany jangle/indie pop solo project of half of Nah, Sebastian Voss, aka The Fisherman and his Soul “Let everything that you do be done in love” from “Disco///Voss” EP on Emma’s House Records
  • Glasgow‘s indie-pop 4-piece Spread Eagle “Close The Door”
  • East Bay, CA lo-fi/jangle/indie pop new project of Ryan Marquez (Carnival Park, The Haircuts, Apple Orchard, Golden Teardrops), The Umbrella Puzzles “Fountain Morning” from S/T debut EP
  • Bangkok, Thailand alt/shoegaze alias of indie producer and musician, ART DAVE “Hello Namaste” new single
  • Utah jazzy/indie-pop quartet Dad Bod “Some Kind Of Confidence” new single on Nice Guys
  • Russian Indie/Post-Punk/Psych band from Yaroslav, Пыль [Dust] – ‘Фотографии/Photograph’ from the new album ‘Ягода/Straberry’
  • Bloomington, Indiana bedroom pop/indie/dream pop solo project SAEYERS “Someday” the fourth single from the forthcoming, self-titled Saeyers EP
  • San Francisco indie-pop project of Brendon Lee, aka Naked Turtles “It’s a Trap”                                                      
  • Linköping, Sweden psych-pop outfit LA FLEUR FATALE “Suicide” from the upcoming EP “Bound to Nowhere” on Lövely Records
  • Swedish fuzzy shoegaze/psychedelic band from Stockholm, The Janitors – “The Ghost You Must Seeek” off new 2-track single “The Ghost You Must Seek / Falcon”
  • São Paulo, Brazil shoegaze/psychedelic trio FIREFRIEND “Death Star, inc” from the new album “Avalanche”
  • Portland, OR psychedelic pop solo project of Guitarist/Vocalist Sarah Nienaber (also of Candace and Web of Sunsets), aka Blue Tomorrows “Sound of Moving” from the forthcoming debut cassette album “Without Color” via Moon Glyph
  • Cincinnati-based neo-psychedelic/Americana artist Curt Kiser, aka Carriers – “Another Guy” fourth single off of Carriers’ debut album, “Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else” via Good Eye Records
  • Bydgoszcz, Poland lo-fi/ambient/indie/post-rock/shoegaze solo project of singer/songwriter Tomasz Turski from Opus Elefantum Collective, FOGHORN “Thanatos” title-track from the second album “Thanatos”             
  • Philadelphia lo-fi/ambient/noise/shoegaze/dream pop project Treasure Box “An Echo” from the EP “You and The Sky”
  • Los Angeles-based dream pop/synth-pop duo Magdalena Bay “Venice” from upcoming mini songs cassette “mini mix vol. 1” on Luminelle