WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JULY #27-23

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  • San Francisco coldwave /darkwave /dark electro /mutant body music project of John Anton Malinowski, EX-HEIR – “GEN SYSTEMS” from the upcoming 12″ vinyl album “GEN EXCESS”

Nodding to late ’70s industrial electronic forebearers such as Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Fad Gadget and The Normal with a rowdy punk attitude, Bay Area‘s one-man band unleashes an equally simmering and cold distinctive brand of minimalistic, gritty and discordant ‘mutant body music’, through a frantic concoction of insinuating, insistent and droning bass oscillations, tight, jerky, urgent old-school drum machines, alienated sharp synths and wicked erratic vocalizations, to build a mechanical, doomy yet gripping headspace rooted in caustic industrialized edges, trippy lysergic frequencies and uncompromising dance floor disintegration.

  • Phoenix, AZ Goth /Post-Punk /Dark Wave band led by Manuel Perez, aka Corbeau Hangs “Ashes” single

Electrifying, ghostly and ominous  80s-tinted new single from Manuel Perez‘s Corbeau Hangs, driven by a slashing retro-charged drum machine, throbbing moody post-punk basslines, spindly spooky guitar riffs and droning hopeless synth swathes, around haunted male vocals and tenebrous female echoes, vanishing desperately into a fatal betrayal of love.

  • Californian dark disco /synth-wave /darkwave /synthpop duo of James Edward & Frank Shark, MALE TEARS “sad boy, paint my nails” (Single)                                                                                                                               

Fresh from a brilliant album release, the Californian duo proves to be a band on fire with a glittering, eerily disconnected, dark romance-clad fantasy, fusing retro-fueled stumbling lashing beats, buzzing basslines, and warped swirling synth strains with skewed surreality, whilst aloof dramatic vocal croons, deliver a tragic, emotionless poem to the latest conquest of a cold-blooded heartbreaker

  • Colchester, UK dark ambient /industrial /drone /noise /dark folk /electronics project Enclosed & Silent Order “No Darkness” from the upcoming album “Entrainment” [Hypostatic Union]
  • Stowmarket, UK minimal /radiophonic /electronic /wave /synth experimentalist, Ian Elms “The Street Enters The House” from the vinyl reissue of 1982 cult isolationist synth masterpiece “Good Night” via Dark Entries Records
  • Enigmatic synth /wave /dark electronic project Proyecto basilisco – “Amelie’s torture chamber” debut single
  • Gothic rock band from Finland, Distant Stares “Varjosi jättämä utu” single
  • Swiss/German EBM /Wave /Techno /Synth-Pop /Dark Electronic duo Scannoir & Sneaker, aka GOTTFields of the Nephilim – “The Watchman (GOTT Mutatio)” from upcoming “Mutatio” EP 12″ [Mattoni Pazzi]
  • Peru dark electronic /synth pop project New Phobia “DeathDisco” single on Dark Grave
  • Richmond, VA electronic /post-punk /dream pop /shoegaze project of Tony Gloom from Petrified Entity, aka Choline “No Place” single
  • Seattle, WA ethereal shoegaze/dream pop/ dark pop project of Jancy Rae, aka MØAA “Jaywalker” title track of the second album
  • Helsinki, Finland goth /coldwave /darkwave artist Suzi Nyberg, a.k.a. SUZI SABOTAGE “Love at First Bite” single
  • Swedish dark synth /synth wave /hauntwave artist from Stockholm, AUX ANIMAUX “Night” single
  • Californian darkwave electronic producer Fornicata – “You Make It Hell”
  • Bogotá, Colombia coldwave /darkwave /synth-wave solo project (aka отмеж), Desasociado “Oculto”
  • German minimal /synthwave /dark electro DIY solo project Age O.P.F “You Have Lost A Friend” ltd. 2-track lathe cut 7″ on IDIO[T]PHONE RECORDS & PROTODISC
  • Mexico City synthpop /post-punk /coldwave act Escuela de Aviación “Corona de espinas” from the cassette LP “Fábrica de Uniformes” on Flexidiscos
  • Montreal, Quebec electro-punk duo, AN_NA – “Kill Your Joy” single
  • Dark-dance electronic side project by Adriano from the Parisian duo Echoberyl, AKA Fluid Ghost “Anoxia” from the new LP “Submission Deluxe” on Mother Solitude
  • Bordeaux, France techno /synth-punk solo projet of musician Gaston Larrouy, aka La Rouille “Mourir Jeune” single from upcoming LP
  • Rochester, UK minimal synth /synthpop act led by Dean Clarke, Brutalist Architecture in the Sun “Rain” from the new LP “Loneliness Kills”
  • São Paulo, Brazil post-punk /coldwave /minimal synth duo Pink Opake “Ilha Urbana” from the LP “Matéria” on Wave Records
  • Mexico City coldwave /minimal synth solo project ESQUELETO OBSOLETO “Inquisición” from the first demo album “Obsoletum” on Electrosound
  • Deftones – “Sextape (DeathFauna Darkwave Remix)”
  • Paris-based gothic /electronic /post-punk /synthpop new wave solo project of New Yorker Charles Rowell (Crocodiles, Flowers of Evil, Issue…), AKA Crush of Souls “The Gift” from the upcoming LP “(A)Void Love” on Avant! Records
  • Spanish post-punk /darkwave /synthpop duo Sex Code – “The Forest” from the debut “Newcomers” EP
  • Santiago de Chile synthpop duo VIOFLESH “If I Could” from the 5th album “Feeling you don’t See”
  • Norwich, UK-based bass-techno /trip-hop /electro /avant-pop /electronic artist (one half of post-punk electronic duo SINK YA TEETH), Maria Uzor “Ventolin” off her debut solo album “Soft Cuts” via Castles In Space
  • SwissDutch new wave /electropop duo BLACKBOOK “Everybody Is A Nobody” single on darkTunes
  • Brooklyn, NY EBM /dark synth wave duo Augustine Backer and Eric Shans, aka FERMION “Surveillance” two-track single from the forthcoming album “Infinity Terminal”
  • Melbourne, Australia electronic /post-punk /dark synthpop project of George Pappas (former keyboardist from 80s band ‘Real Life‘), aka ALIEN SKIN “Lie With You” from the EP “Black Dance Days” (Part 2 of the ‘DARK DAYS EP SERIES’)
  • Isle of Man, UK gothic rock /post-punk /synthpop band, Mark E Moon – “Daemons” second single from the forthcoming album “Resist [Cold Transmission Music]
  • Los Angeles post-punk /darkwave /new wave duo Scimitar – “Flame War” single
  • San Fernando Valley, CA darkwave /post-punk band led by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Brian Fuentes, aka BlackRabit “Lost Reality” title track of the album “Lost Reality”
  • Vancouver, BC goth /cold wave /post-punk solo project The Ruments “Below” single
  • London-based coldwave /post-punk solo project of Lithuania-native Meta Moto label owner, producer and DJ Osvaldas Egzotikka, aka EGZOTIKKA “Kad Nesinoretu” from V/A “5 Years 5OIL Records” 5xCD BoxSet compilation [SOIL]
  • Indonesian post-punk band from Malang, PILLHS CASTLE – “Repeat the Death” single
  • Colombian darkwave /post-punk solo project Píldora Letal “Inevitable” from the third LP “Altar de Escombros”
  • Costa Rica/Florida gothic rock collaboration of Ariel Maniki (Ariel Maniki and The Black Halos) and Zac Campbell (The Kentucky Vampires), AKA The Waning Moon “Scars” from the forthcoming LP “A Dream Or A Vision” on Danse Macabre Records
  • German gothic rock band from Regensburg founded in 1991, THE TIMELESS VALLEY “Elisa” single
  • Bologna, Italy shoegaze/new wave/post-punk solo project of Leonardo Cannatella, aka LEVA “Trial” single
  • Ocean Springs, Mississippi post-punk /darkwave solo project Funeral Date “Self-Control” from “Out of Prayers” EP
  • London-based space Post-punk /New Wave /Gothic Rock duo Mancha Zaar & Suteki Hegg, aka Volfodemo “Nightmares of my mind” single
  • Kazakhstan post-punk /darkwave solo project moonvampire “Vampire”
  • Los Angeles-based Darkwave /Coldwave /New Wave /Post-punk solo project FEVR “Hold Me Tight” from the album “Fate”
  • Monterrey, Mexico coldwave /post-punk band KROOVYS “Cold” from the album “Hollow”
  • Indonesian post-punk /deathrock band from Jakarta, Pelteras “Floren” single
  • Los Ángeles, Chile dance noise post-punk CROMO TAPE “Explosión” off upcoming second LP “EXÓTICO”
  • Moscow, Russia punk /gothic /post-punk duo Sedative Disorder “Outcast” from the single “Mental Essence”
  • Bushnell, Illinois EBM /industrial /dark electronics project Vermillion Syndicate “90 Seconds to Midnight” single
  • Philadelphia‘s coldwave /minimal wave /experimental electronic solo project NEGLIGEE “4″ from the cassette album “Seasons of Desperation” [Palais D’Amour]
  • US dark ambient /raw dungeon synth act Enchanted Mail “Dim” from the demo album “Minor Illusions” [Ithildin Tape Production]
  • Old School Dungeon Synth act from Finland, Chamber Wraith “Lost Age” single
  • New Jersey comfy synth /neoclassical /dark ambient /dungeon synth act Bronze Patina “Lost To The Depths” from the EP “Sailing On Cedar Vol. II”
  • Chicago, IL ambient /epic /dungeon synth duo Amaranth & Nightshade “Nightshade – Part III” from the cassette album “Mors Vitaque” [Alkilith]

Kalliope Amorphous photography