WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – March #12-21

  • SUICIDIO Live [Deviant Pleasures]                                                                                                                           
Argentinian natives, Barcelona-based speed post-punk project Suicidio (aka DJ これからの緊急災害 + thissperso) in ‘a vigorous, vibrant hallucinatory live ride through the sonic spectrum of electro and post-punk, with a charming band approach’.                                                   
  • German ambient /techno /electro producer Thomas Pahl from Berlin, aka VERTICAL67 “Violet” from “The Early Hours” EP on eudemonia

German producer Thomas Pahl draws lush, ecstatic and spatial electro synthscapes, opening alternate doorways of the mind with heart skipping beats that flow through stacked and cracked dimensions of inhibitive fear, to tingle with fluttering sensations and turbulent frequencies, swaying moodily through endless nostalgic and arcane sands of time.

  • UK-born, L.A.-based, horror /EBM /industrial /dark electro /electronic music producer/DJ Thomaas Banks – “And The Machines Began To Breathe [Timothy Clerkin Remix]” off upcoming “The Dark” EP on his own label Sinahti

Amsterdam-based, UK old-school rave ace, one-half of Eskimo Twins, and Insult To Injury head honcho, Timothy Clerkin, injects spectacular hypnotic sputtering beats that drive vicariously through the treacherous droning bass tone’s ripping pulse, opening alternate trance-inducing dancefloor realms with stomping mechanical steam-powered rhythms and zippy, snide synth flows to create a relentless undulating expansion of dystopian doom.

  • Northern California industrial /EBM /breakcore /noise /acid /techno producer Memory Clap Acid “Dead To Me (W/ Felicia Constantine)”off upcoming Split cassette EP “ISTIC(S)” via Phage Tapes                                        

Northern California‘s breakcore and acid warrior, dubbed ‘The Lemmy Ov Acid’, rules the week with three killer releases (Clan Destine Records split cassette and part of Sishi‘ “Universidad de Vampiros” compilation), here in his most EBM-infected track, augmented by the mischievous loudmouthed vocal delivery from Felicia Constantine, through neurotic synth tones computing nefarious algorithms with clanking steam-powered, crashing beats and treacherous warbling bass oscillations, while oppressive terrified screams and robotic repetitions reveal “Your dead to me”, to crank industrial paranoid saturated dimensions of doom into a cyber-apocalyptical overdrive.

  • Malmö, Sweden witch house /dark electronic producer D E P R E S S E D 0 4 0 “I Have No Worth And I Must Die x SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS” from the album “I have no worth and i must die” [N† – 12] on nigh† †errors
  • Cape Town, South Africa new wave /minimal synth /coldwave project of former members of English electronic band Shoc Corridor, Chris&Nogi “Autumn Ritual 6” from “Autumn Rituals and Refugees” 8-track 10″ vinyl taken from 4-track-cassette tapes recorded in 1985-1988 via Electronic Emergencies
  • Oslo, Norway experimental /ambient /kraut /psychedelic /electronic duo Jenny Hval & Håvard Volden, LOST GIRLS “Losing Something” off “Menneskekollektivet” EP on Smalltown Supersound
  • Brussels, Belgium electronic /EBM / new wave producer DAVID GARCET “You’re So Special”                                                   
  • Boston/NYC synth electronic / dark techno / synthpop duo Dead Husband “Future Selves”                               
  • New one-off project of Dutch electro producer (aka Model Man and RotterHague Records head) Dj Overdose, aka Zacharias Heronimus – “Erotica XXX” from Split EP “Cinerama Adventures” with Leipe Wesens on Pinkman
  • French industrial techno / hardcore /rave producer and Askorn Records head, OGMAH “Despite Slavery (Rorganic Remix)” from “Despite Slavery” EP [HMX004] on HOME MORT
  • Italian born, Glasgow based dark ambient /industrial /ritual techno DJ /producer 3SBAT “Solve Et Coagula” from the EP “Eros & Thanatos” on Vumantra
  • Buenos Aires-based industrial /EBM /post-punk /dark techno DJ and producer and Of Dolls And Murder label head Damian Visgard, aka Anti-Yo “Baphomet Flood” off V/A “Universidad de Vampiros” out now on SISHI
  • Columbus, Ohio EBM /electronic /post-punk /darkwave act Child Of Night [C.O.N.] – “Dirtworld (6th Circle Remix)” off upcoming “Reduced To Ash” 7-track cassette on popnihil                                                                 
  • New York EBM /industrial techno /electronic producer Bryan Black, aka Black Asteroid “Dust (Liebknecht Remix)” from the upcoming EP “Dust” on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Argentinian experimental/ EBM/ breaks/ acid /techno producer and founder of the Knife collective, Santiago Lachaise, aka Unknown “Pleasures” from upcoming cassette EP “Lack of Resources” on X-IMG
  • Paris‘ experimental /noise /industrial /techno producer Blime Dust – “Assault (The Undertaker‘s Tapes Version)” from “Crossing Sheol” Split Cassette Album with The Undertaker via Apnée Artefact
  • Leipzig, German EBM /breakbeat /acid /trippy /electro funk producer CREDIT 00 “Die Welt” from new “Protest Love Songs” EP on Pinkman
  • Melbourne, Australia EBM /dark electronic producer and Up North Records head LBEEZE “Gosha Rep (Live Take )”                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Russian EBM/acid/coldwave/electro producer and certified psychiatrist Alexey Bork, aka Rudiment “Forces” (Live Version)                                                                                                                                                               
  • Lyon, France techno /experimental /noise /industrial producer and part of collective TFIF [The Future Is Female], Angel Karel “Kiss Idole Punk” off upcoming V/A “Various Artists 001” on Alien Theory Records            
  • Northern California industrial /EBM /breakcore /noise /acid /techno producer Memory Clap Acid – “Acid Titties (Ole Mic Odd‘s Acid Booty Remix)” off the Split Cassette Album “MEMORY CLAP ACID VS TNDR PNK” on Clan Destine Records
  • Paris‘ EBM /Industrial /techno /electronic artist SUBSTENCIA “Ice Foxes” from V/A “Volume 2” compilation on Sestra Records
  • Paris-based, French cinematic /industrial /techno producer/DJ, Znzl – “Rain”
  • Birkirkara, Malta dark ambient/industrial techno project Llimbs – “Ruins” off upcoming V/A “His Dog And Pilgrim” on Last Embassy                                                                                                                                                 
  • Russian techno /electronic producer from Moscow, GESLOTEN CIRKEL “Yes Of Course” off the EP “Bad Manners 7” on Marcel Dettmann’s Bad Manners                                                                                                      
  • Berlin-based techno Spanish DJ/producer Atonism – “Krakatoa” off V/A “Chapitre 04” compilation on Autonome Records
  • Brooklyn, NY electronic producer g͏u͏i͏næ͏p͏i͏g͏ ‘Insidious Odysseus’
  • Brussels, Belgium ‘mystical techno’ producer and Norite label co-founder, FOREIGN MATERIAL “Into the Gleams of Forgetfulness” off V/A “Point C” via On Board Music
  • Augsburg-based German house /techno /electronic producer Dominik Marz – “Deezer” off Cologne’s Feines Tier‘s second label V/A compilation “Feines Tier Zoo Vol.2” 2×12″ vinyl album
  • Finnish dark electro duo Matti Turunen & Michael Diekmann, aka Morphology “Orrere” off “The Dark Wheel” EP on Cultivated Electronics
  • London, UK based acid /funk /house /electro Texan producer Chupacabras “ Hidden Agenda”                                    
  • Cluj Napoca, Romania ambient /breakbeat /electro producer Existential Wabbit – “Near side” from “Krollik” EP
  • French experimental electronic musician and a current member of ParisGRM, Alexandre Bazin “Swollen Seas” from the new LP “Concorde” on Kowtow Records and Polytechnic Youth Records
  • New Mexico EBM /electro /dark disco duo Roswell Brothers “We are the Domain Feat. Monkeys on Speed” from upcoming “We Are The Domain” EP on NEIN Records                                                                                                
  • New York dark /cosmic /Italo disco /psych /electronic DJ, producer and spatial designer Kate Stein “Scenic Byway (Perel Remix)” from “Scenic Byway” EP 12″ on Roam Recordings
  • Italian ethnic /tribal electronic dj/producer based in Rome, A-Tweed – “Ropy Pahoehoe Flows (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)” off upcoming “PAHOEHOE” EP on Playground Records                                                      
  • Lisboa, Portugal ambient /downtempo /tribal /psych /ethnic /electronic DJ /producer Khalil Suleman – “Inside The Manycave” off upcoming V/A “Pho Beat Bazar Vol. 1” on PHO BHO                                                                               
  • Philadelphia, Pn acid /mutant house /downtempo /psych /slow techno producers Thomas Roland and James Weissinger, aka Zillas on Acid “He Wasn’t Afraid…” from upcoming EP “Sorry I Was in VR” on Nocturne
  •  Quito, Ecuador psych/Afro-Latin/electronic producer Nicola Cruz “Naeku (John Talabot Remix)” off “Hybridism Remixes” EP on Multi Culti
  • Sheffield, UK house /disco /post-punk /electropop duo of Venini band member Nick Eastwood and The All Seeing I‘s David Boswell aka Bozzwell, HIEM – Moonwitch And Tarot (Manfredas Remix)” from “Esoteric EP” on Mugwump’s Subfield imprint
  • Stockholm, Sweden dark disco/new wave/space disco duo of James Brook (Ex. Pardon Moi frontman & Producer/Songwriter) and Swedish Producer/ Artist Josefine Larsson, aka SEX KINO “Show That You Know How To Techno” new single
  • Monterrey, Mexico EBM /disco /house /techno DJ und producer Jonathan Moreno a.k.a. Sixtoagusto “Me Voy De La Ciudad” title track from the upcoming EP on dmnsia
  • French nu-disco/indie dance producer Endrik Schroeder “Life Paradox” off upcoming V.A. “The Phantom Images / 5 Years Anniversary” compilation on Mosaique Records
  • Spanish indie dance/dark disco collaboration, Ivan de la Rouch & Mike Sacchetti “Moving (Mufti Remix)” off upcoming “Cúrame” EP on Play Pal Music                                                                                                              
  • French/Italian house /Italo disco /electronic collaboration Darlyn Vlys & Amarcord – “Talking Modern” off upcoming V/A “Versus” EP 50th release compilation on AEON
  • UK house/disco/electronic producer Alan Dixon – “Tell Me When” off new EP “Night Time Melodies” on his own Love Attack
  • Madrid, Spain dark disco electronic DJ/ producer and founder of the Logical label, JAVIER BUSTO “Into The Darkness (Ivan De La Rouch Remix)” from “Into The Darkness” EP on Esthetique Records
  • Brussels-based experimental /ambient /techno producer Adhémar – “The Growth Of Plants (Toki Fuko Interpretation)” off “In Praise of The Plant” LP on Diffuse Reality
  • Stockholm, Sweden ambient dub electronic producer Fabian Kempe aka KORRIDOR “Amygdala” from upcoming V/A “Prologue” EP on Monument                                                                                                          
  • Stockholm, Sweden experimental /ambient /psych /IDM /post-rock /electronic OPLEN “N” from the cassette album “O-P-L-E-N” on Luftrum and ohm2recordings.
  • Russian experimental /ambient / techno /’biotic solar music’ composers Vladislav Dobrovolski and Vasiliy Stepanov, aka S A D “Mysterious Circulation of Sounds Over Time” from the cassette album “Children of The Sun” on Gost Zvuk
  • Portland-based ambient /drone /field recordings /electronic musician, synthesist and sound designer, Patricia Wolf “Springtime in Croatia” from V/A “secondnature & friends Vol. II” on secondnature
  • Montreal based ambient /drone /experimental artist Lamasz “Là où les chutes mèneront” from the cassette album “Successions” on Giraffe Tapes
  • Ukrainian self-descriptive ambient music act from Kyiv, Endless Melancholy ‘Serenity” on Valley View Records
  • UK experimental /ambient /electro-acoustic collaborative project of musicians and composers Ian Hawgood (Home Normal label curator) and Craig Tattersall (aka The Humble Bee, former member of The Remote Viewer and half of Famous Boyfriend), aka Observatories “I Knew I Was Close When I Saw The Bloom Of Your Light” from the “Flowers Bloom, Butterflies Come” album (born from a dialog with the Japanese photographer and artist Miho Kajioka) on IIKKI
  • Berlin/Belgrade ambient /drone /experimental /electronic collaboration, Anasisana & Zhe Pechorin – “Vigor Halt” from V/A “An Embrace” cassette compilation, a collaborative project between the Bulgarian experimental music collective Amek and the German music label Vaagner, commissioned by Easterndaze
  • French ambient /drone /modern classical /electronic project from half of shoegaze duo An Ocean Of Embers, Jimmy Arfosea, aka Ikon Chroma Blue ”Dream Of The Ethereal Child” off “Offret” EP on his own Ovvk Recordings
  • Los Angeles solo ambient project of Cynthia Bernard, aka MARINE EYES “You’ll find me” from the album “Idyll” on Stereoscenic Records
  • Warsaw-based Polish pianist, composer and musician born in Gdansk, HANIA RANI “Buka (Live from Studio S2)” from “Live from Studio S2” single on Gondwana Records