WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #21

Colette Saint Yves Photography


  • Nantes, France experimental/folk/synth/leftfield pop duo NINA HARKER “Füsse” from the S/T sophomore album on Le Syndicat Des Scorpions

Manoeuvring between French, German, an unlikely Italian and even Japanese through minimal instrumentation, the elusive French duo, making their return after their stunning 2017 debut LP, create a dizzying and imaginative, deceitfully chaotic array of oblique icy minimal synth, off-kilter folk, angular no wave, (maybe for the Teutonic tones, ‘Füsse’ reminds me of Palais Schaumburg), pop lullabies, ambient and industrial interludes. Noisy, twisted, dissonant but at the same time melodic, harmonious and invigorating, leaving me once again absolutely amazed and thrilled.

  • Los Angeles based post-punk/dream pop solo project of a member of Ter Nura, CLOSED TEAR “Luna” new single

L.A. goth romantic invites us to ‘turn off the lights and dance in the dark’ and we cannot help but sway with the pulsing bassline over lost and disconnected vocals, consumed in longing and melancholia, whilst trancey dazzling synth chords flash, like faltering moon’s rays, casting ice-cold shadows into blurry memories from love forgotten.

  • Indonesian Dark Post-Punk teen band from Jakarta, CAMLANN “To Vatican” new single

It’s not all indie-pop in Indonesia, the young trio from Jakarta deliver a new moody and tense atmospheric new single, where the deep sensually haunting commanding Ony’s voice shines throughout on a seemingly downward spiral of impassioned pain awash by wandering icy synth to instil uncanny drama and mystery. Absolutely a band to keep an eye on.

  • Lincoln, UK dark folk duo Shannon Reilly and Peter Conner, MARSH GOTHIC “The Child Who Wore The Crown” from the album, “A Secret Never Told”
  • Belgian-born eclectic electronic DJ and music producer (aka David From Venus), aka David Garcet – “The New Wave” (track made 12 years ago with the guitarist Marc Debacker ex Dog Eat Dog, Mudflow, Mucky Pup, actually known as Mongolito)                                                                                                                                         
  • Coldwave/darkwave/electronic project from Berlin, Desolation Years “Tanzen” new single
  • Turin/Rennes new wave/minimal synth collaboration Zoltan Freitag feat. Mode In Gliany – “Nu descendant un escalier”                                                                                                                                                               
  • Northern Irish synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Downside”                                      
  • Rennes, France synthwave/coldwave DIY project of Micka (a.k.a. Mikoune) and Pierre (a.k.a. Daniel), aka GWENDOLINE “Chevalier Ricard” from the debut album “Après C’est Gobelet!” on Dead Wax Records
  • French new wave/electro/shoegaze/post-punk solo project (aka Curl and Alex Sindrome), TEENAGE SIN TASTE “Youth” from the “Red Rooms & Black Lines” EP out soon
  • Los Angeles, Ca EBM/industrial/synthpop duo of Melissa Scaduto (Sextile) & Kyle Hamon (Arkitect/Private Selection), aka S. Product – “Waste Your Time” new single off of upcoming “Suicide Beat” EP on Terrible Records
  • Athens-based, Turkish Goth-Wave/Post-Punk duo, She Past Away “İzole (Lebanon Hanover apocLIPTIC Remix)” from the remix album “X” on Fabrika Records
  • Brooklyn, NY Post-Punk/New Wave/Synthpop 3-piece NATION OF LANGUAGE “Sacred Tongue” off of upcoming debut album “Introduction, Presence”
  • Swiss Italo disco/coldwave/synth-pop/minimal wave one-man-band, Carlo Onda “Tomorrow We’ll Be Dead” from the upcoming album “Sonnen & Baden” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Northern Irish synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Hesitation Kills” from the new cassette album “Nouveau Neon” on TONN Recordings
  • French minimal synth/coldwave project by Boris VölT from Rennes, MODE in GliANY “Jardins des délices” from the new EP “Sous Globe transparent”
  • Cincinnati, Ohio darkwave/post-punk solo project of Avery Stanken, aka SMILEGROUP “The Performer” new single
  • Berlin, Germany based minimal synth/synth-pop/synth wave musician and founding member and co-composer of band Velvet Condom, OBERST PANIZZA “Octobre Noir (Feat. Fef & Valisia Odell)” from the new EP “Octobre Noir”
  • Campo Real, Spain experimental/neo-industrial/electro-punk duo Explosivos Riotinto “The Robots” (Kraftwerk cover) on contubernio records
  • Mexico City minimal wave/synth-punk/EBM/electro duo E N T R E M E N T I R A S “No me deja existir” from “E N T R E M E N T I R A S” EP on InClub Records
  • Toronto, Canada post-punk/new wave/synth-punk solo project VANITY PHASE “Self Control” from the EP “Out of My Hands”
  • Madrid-based Spanish techno-punk outfit ME DAIS POCA “Por Fin” new single on Contubernio Records
  • Long Beach, CA electronic/darkwave/electroclash/electro-punk artist Vickie Valent aka Violent Vickie “Circle Square” new single
  • Bristol, UK goth/synthpop/darkwave/electronic solo project New Haunts “Cleanse” from the upcoming album “Fight/Flight”
  • Bielefeld, Germany post-punk/new wave/coldwave duo ROSI “Verloren (Kiss of the Whip-Remix)” from the album “Grey City Life (Cold Transmission Edition)” via Cold Transmission Music
  • Mexican new wave/coldwave/post-punk/synth-pop project of Hoffen Dali Lantzeta from Mexico City, Hoffen “Demon Lover” (Shocking Blue cover)
  • Dalarna, Sweden coldwave/synthwave/synthpop producer Lars-Göran Forsberg aka FOPMUSIC “Just because I want it” new single
  • Larissa, Greece kraut/synthwave/new wave duo MODEM “Shimmer (feat. Polydefkis Lord)” new single from forthcoming debut album “Inspiration”
  • Dublin, Irish post-punk/art-rock 5-piece Silverbacks “Muted Gold” new single off of the upcoming debut LP on Central Tones Records                                                                                                                                                 
  • Brazilian electronic/new wave outfit THE MODEM “Living in The Noise” from “World of Guns” EP on Marly Records
  • French ethereal wave /coldwave /synthwave duo from Paris, Saigon Blue Rain “Solange” from the EP “Song For The Boys”
  • Moscow, Russia coldwave/synthpop/synthwave duo яблоня [yablonya] ‘время/time’ new single
  • Seattle, WA dream pop/new wave/post-punk solo project WISTERIA “Never Waved” new single
  • Villarrobledo, Spain electronic/darkwave/post-punk solo project RODOL VX “Wet Leather” from debut single “Dream”
  • Barcelona-based post-punk/synth-pop/minimal pop Bilbao‘s duo Esmerinda “Holgazán” second single on TKR Tongue Kissing Records
  • UK Post-Punk/Coldwave/Darkwave music and dark visual art solo project Bone Pixie – “Vexation”                                    
  • Brazilian post-punk/darkwave duo from São Paulo, Wonder Dark “Memories” from the new album “8 Sides”
  • Ρόδος, Greece industrial / EBM / dark electronics one-man-band DROID SECTOR DECAY ”Flesh Reality feat. Paul Rhodes [THE DEATHLESS] ” from the single “Posesión Satánica” BOX SET EDITION” on Underground Industrial Records
  • Hucknall, UK gothabilly/dark rock’n’roll/post-punk band Death Party UK “Forever Song” new single
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil dark post-punk trio Herzegovina “Road Of Joys” from the debut album “Emergency” on Wave Records
  • Australian Darkwave/Dream Pop/Post-Goth project from Brisbane, LOCUST REVIVAL “Funeral Home” from the new album ‘PARTIALLY HERE’
  • French experimental/post-punk/coldwave project of Yannick Rault, Closed Mouth – “Out of there” new single
  • Chicago‘s art-rock/noise-rock/post-punk four-piece Ganser “Bags For Life” from “Just Look At That Sky” on Felte.
  • Athens, GA noise/post-punk/swamp rockers VINCAS “Let Me In” from “Phantasma” on Learning Curve Records
  • Mexican deathrock/horror/post-punk trio Skeletal Bats “Nunca Puedo Olvidar” new single
  • California deathrock trio SHROUDS “Wretch” new single
  • Pittsburgh post-punk/goth/darkwave solo project of film composer Josh Loughrey, Doors In The Labyrinth “The Hall of Mirrors” (Originally by Kraftwerk) from new single “Foundations” a tribute to the late Florian Schneider-Esleben
  • Baltimore, MD shoegaze/darkwave/post-punk 4-piece PAINTED MIRROR – “Hit The Door” from the new EP “Bloody Station” 
  • Portland‘s Soft Kill related doom pop trio, Criminal World – ‘Mox Jet’ from the forthcoming EP “We Spilled Blood For The Money” via Cercle Social Records.
  • NYC-based darkwave/coldwave project A Cloud of Ravens “Sacrosanct” [World Goth Day 2020]
  • Portland‘s fuzzy post-punk trio fronted by Summer CannibalsJenny Logan, DEATHLIST “You won’t be here for long” title track from the upcoming new album
  • Sidney, Australia disbanded alt / post-soul / post-punk 4-piece CITY ROSE “777” from the upcoming “City Rose” EP on Third Coming Records
  • Legendary early 80s UK dark anarcho punk band lead by Nick Blinko, Rudimentary Peni “Wilfred Owen The Chances” one-side black vinyl 7″ single on Sealed Records
  • San Francisco goth/Americana/noise-rock/post-punk trio THE TUNNEL “Ashen” from the new EP “The Nightfall” on Forbidden Place Records
  • South Carolina goth/darkwave/post-punk solo project of Bruce Nullify, aka ORCUS NULLIFY “Night Dance” new single
  • Berlin-based shoegaze/Brit-rock/indie rock/post-punk band Johannes Stabel, aka XTR HUMAN ” Giants (feat. Alice Gift)” from the upcoming album “Interior” via Blackjack Illuminist Records                                                                
  • Russian post-punk band from Kotovsk, Твин Пикс [Twin Peaks] ‘Небо Без Фильтра’                                                  
  • Mesa, AZ early 90s post-punk band formed by brothers Bart & Bret Helm, AUDRA “Dreaming of Me (Depeche Mode Cover)” off of “Planet of Me” EP
  • Rouen, France dark post-punk /coldwave solo project NICE COLD NATION “Revival (to Ian Curtis)”
  • Charleston, SC art-punk project of Matt Ojala, aka THE MOLDS “Willd” from the new charity album “Baby”
  • Malmö-based, Swedish/American/British noise rock/post-punk foursome FEWS “Heaven” new single from the upcoming “DOG2 EP via Hello Dog
  • Vancouver, BC funk-dance/post-punk multi media collective collective CRACK CLOUD “Ouster Stew” from upcoming debut LP “Pain Olympics” on Tin Angels Records
  • Greek dark electro-pop artist Marva Von Theo – “I’m Deranged (David Bowie cover)” from V/A “Other Voices vol. 2” cassette compilation on Barcelona’s webzine Other Voices
  • Portland-based darkwave/electronic/synthpop vocalist and musician (of We Are Like The Spider and Unicorn Domination), Lucia Luna “Origami” from upcoming cassette EP “Hunting Midnight” on Occultists

Rimel Neffati Photography