WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – FEBRUARY #07-23


  • Dead Channel Records‘ Decomposition – Fig. 17: RODNEY                                                                                   

Cutting his teeth in the San Francisco electronic scene and record shops for 7 years under a unique Tyrel Williams mentorship, back to LA in 2020, Rodney Khalaschi AKA Rodney is readily turned into an underground staple through Elbow Grease, Black Lodge, The Weird Science regular sets, and Mutant Radio host with ‘Fraudulence’ show. ‘The deft – strictly vinyl – selector lays down this absolute journey mix traversing Cold Mutated Electronics, searing Acid, and vintage Wave obscurities’ via Dead Channel Records ‘Decomposition’ series.

  • Milan based, Italian kraut /leftfield /psych /slow techno /electronic producer Alberto de Angeli, AKA Aheadacheaday – “39C (Anatolian Weapons Remix)” off “Naivety Remixed” EP album on Mosaique Records

Eclectic Greek electronic explorer delivers a dark atmospheric trance-inducing remix treatment that skips through crisp kicks, hard-hitting drum beats, enveloping ethereal esoteric ambiance, clattering FX, and ominous sultry chugging bassline for an eerie, claustrophobic yet entrancing trip into the wintry unknown the mind.

  • Paris based wave /dub /disco /kraut /post-punk /electronic producer and I’m A Cliche label head Benjamin Boguet, aka COSMO VITELLI “How Is It To Be You? Feat. Truus de Groot (Andrei Rusu Remix)” from the upcoming remix album “Medhead Remixes” on I’m a Cliché

Mystery, allure and deception looming in a captivating 80s-tinged buzzing surreal Synth-driven dancefloor reverie from the imaginative take by Andrei Rusu, one half of Romanian duo Khidja.

  • Rotterdam-based experimental /dub /leftfield /ethnic /IDM /electronic producer Ayaz “Baku 913” from the upcoming album “Unpinned” [Phase Group]

A chock full of unpredictable quirks and nuances, both crisp and dissonant, from Rotterdam-based sound alchemist Ayaz, heady both ancestral and otherwordly cinematic ambiance and dub-flecked rhythmic intricacies, that strike a fine balance between uncanny and staggering listening subtlety and mind-bobbling dancefloor appeal.

  • Paris-based Australian experimental /atmospheric /drone /ambient project of vocalist and musician, one half of dream-pop duo Heligoland, Karen Vogt “Losing The Sea (feat. Guillaume Eymenier)” from the upcoming 6-track mini album “Losing The Sea” on Mare Nostrum Label
  • US/German ambient /drone /electronic collaboration of master soundscapers, zakè + Markus Guentner + James Bernard “Assembly of Light” from the album “Pyramiden” [Zakè Drone Recordings]
  • UK/US ambient /vaporwave /YouTube-VHS samples /experimental duo of mysterious London-based artist Romance and L.A.‘s longtime David Lynch studio collaborator Dean Hurley, Romance & Dean Hurley “Pure Love” off the sophomore album “River of Dreams” on Ecstatic
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota ambient /neo-classical /electro-acoustic sound artist Elskavon “North Sole” from the album “Origins” via Western Vinyl
  • Irish ambient /tape loops /experimental producer Gareth Quinn Redmond “An tAistear” from the upcoming album “Ar Ais Arís” on WRWTFWW Records
  • Copenhagen, Denmark ambient /neoclassical composer and pianist Henrik Lindstrand “Post” from his 4th studio album ‘Klangland’ on One Little Independent Records
  • Sheffield, UK ambient experimental techno trio THE BLACK DOG “BCN (Part 2)” from the upcoming “Music For Airport Lounges” album
  • Chicago, IL lo-fi /ambient /downtempo /experimental /dub /breakbeat /electronic trio Purelink “Slow & Steady Rush (feat. Gi Gi)” from V/A “INDEXOXO<3” compilation [INDEX:Records]
  • German leftfield /psych /tribal /synth-pop /electronic collaboration project of Benedikt Frey, Dino Schanze and Nadia D’Alo, AKA Dolphins “Commando High” off upcoming “Dolphins / Odopt – Split EP” [Serenades]
  • Glasgow-based ambient /IDM /breaks /techno /electro new brainchild of producer Mark Kastner (AKA Galaxian, Kas), Naix – “Remains” the title track from the album “Remains” 2x 12″ LP [Furthur Electronix FE002]
  • Berlin-based Russian ambient /IDM /breaks /electronic producer Serge Geyzel “Insignificant Last” off the upcoming V/A “Medulla” compilation [Nebulae]                                                                                                     
  • Finnish Analog Techno /Acid /Electro producer Kirill Junolainen, AKA Konerytmi – “Kaupunki” off “Astrodanssi” EP [Electro Music Coalition RU]
  • Berlin-based Dutch IDM /techno /rave /electro producer Maurice Hermes (aka Neugeborene Nachtmusik), aka Auva Duhr “Forest Of The Machine Elves” from “Twilight” EP [Freedom Club]                                               
  • Italian born, Berlin based ambient /industrial /breaks /techno /electronic music producer and Arboretum Records head, Marco Berardi AKA Mogano “Host Society” from the “Terrarium” EP 12″ [Voidance Records]
  • Spanish EBM /industrial /slow techno /dark disco DJ-producer (half of 2 Rare People), JG Outsider “TWO BLACK (SKELESYS REMIX)” from “JG OUTSIDER” EP 12″ on Banshees Records
  • Croatian/Slovenian EBM /electro /synth electronic music producer duo Le Chocolat Noir and Christian Kroupa (Alleged Witches), AKA Black Dot – “Recurrent Disorder” off upcoming V/A “MRG014” cassette compilation on Marguerite Records
  • Athens-based industrial /techno /EBM new solo project of 1/2 of One Flesh.Infektion in collaboration with Odessa based DJ/producer, The Hanged Man X Extensive Infarction – “Mortal Sins” from The Hanged Man‘s “Body Mind Control” album on SOIL
  • Naples based, Italian industrial /EBM /new beat /techno /synth producer Francesco Tella, aka NGHTLY “Elektronischer Mensch” from cassette album “Kill Your Enemy” [Khoinix]
  • Thessaloniki-based EBM /Industrial /Techno /Dark Electronics DJ-producer Alpha Sect “Surrender Your Mind” off the upcoming V/A “Various Artists Vol.2” cassette album [Vives]
  • Scottish EBM /techno-industrial producer Kenny Campbell – “Burnin’ Up” off upcoming V/A “KLUSTERVA_06 | Broken Dreams” [Kluster]
  • Turin-based industrial /synth wave /dark techno producer Matteo Tura “STORM” single
  • Medellin, Colombia techno /electronic body music side project of Faunes (aka Filmmaker), DJ Shulgin – “Jungian Mindset” off upcoming “A Chemical Love Story” EP [Pildoras Tapes]
  • Polish industrial /noise /hard techno producer HATELOVE “Cold Saturday Morning” from V/A “UNITY Fundraiser Compilation” for earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and Syria [Vast Perception]
  • Paris-based, South of Germany native techno DJ-producer Ferdinger “A Sense Of Urgency (Kmyle Remix)” from the EP ‘The Power of Ideas’ [Skryptöm]
  • German Techno DJ & producer from Stuttgart, Rove Ranger, aka HISS “Journey” off upcoming “Will” EP [Vision Ekstase]
  • Berlin-based post-punk /electro /dark disco /techno-disco collaboration between Greco/German DJs-producers duo Vamparela & Brax Moody and New York native Luca Venezia, AKA Local Suicide & Curses – “Secret Friends” from the EP “Magia” [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Berlin-based new beat /synth wave /disco /Italo body music Toulouse‘s DJ-producer (half of Imperial Black Unit, aka Lapse Of Reason), Pablo Bozzi – “Testify” single [Dischi Autunno]
  • PJ Harvey – “This Is Love (Zaratustra Renaissance Edit)” [Nubians of Plutonia Records]
  • New acid /indie dance /psych /house /dark disco project between UK-based Greek maestro Stevie R (one of the founders of Inside Out Records), and the French analog guru Baptiste AKA Sijoune “Si T’etais Pas Papa” from “Si T’etais Pas Papa” EP [Trampoliner]
  • Porto, Portugal industrial /techno /psych /wave /post-punk /indie dance artist Bruno Deodato, aka Trikk “Absolute Body Control feat. Jimi Jules” from the first album “Fauna & Flora” on Innervisions
  • Lithuanian-based acid /techno /new beat /dark disco /electronic project led by Liudas Lazauskas, aka Roe Deers feat. Aquarius Heaven – “Walking Down The Streets (DC Salas Remix)” from the EP “SALT TOWN BOY REMIXES PT. 1” [Good Skills]
  • New York eclectic disco /funk /house /indie dance DJ-producer, Juan Maclean “Low Trance State (Original Mix)” off V/A “Playground 10 Years Compilation” [Playground Records]
  • French breaks /jungle /progressive house /indie dance project from Adrien Bezes and Emmanuel Bezault, AKA Forty Fings Dynamo – “Inversion” off upcoming V/A “In Rave We Cave” [Fauve Records]
  • Spanish cosmic dark disco /indie dance producer Cannibal Coconuts – “Stargate” off upcoming “Above The End” EP [Espacio Cielo]
  • Spanish industrial /indie dance /slow techno /dark disco DJ-producer (half of 2 Rare People), JG Outsider – “Rumore (Bonnie Spacy & Rem´s Martinez Remix)” off “Rumore” EP [Under The Trees]
  • México electronic indie dance /dark disco producer Bernardo Barrera, aka Mufti “Desires” off “Eyes Shuttered” EP [Kaputt.wav]
  • Amsterdam based Italo disco /synth wave producer Moiety – “Camminatori Notturni” single [Rugged Society]
  • Swedish Italo disco /synth wave /indie dance producer Marcus Christiansen “Euphoric Escapade” from the upcoming “Euphoric Escapade” EP on Ilya Santana’s Astrolead Recordings
  • Russian acid /indie dance /dark disco producer (aka Dancemilkdance), Eklektique “Kislotnie Livny” from “Kislotnie Livny” EP on NEIN Records
  • Swedish Italo disco /wave /indie dance producer Marcus Christiansen “Heroes of the Night (Mala Ika Remix)” off “Heroes of the Night” EP [Weirdos]
  • Athens, Greece Italo /synthwave project of Evangelos Zacharopoulos AKA Evanton “Magnetron 2023” single
  • London based techno /trance /breaks producer Toka Mak “Catharsis” from V/A “127VA002” second label compilation [area127]                                                                                                                                                  
  • Lyon, France acid /trance /rave /breakbeat /techno producer, Jibis “Selected Dream Memories – To the 80’s Light (Selected Dream Memories Remix)” off “Emotional Mechanisms” EP [Hess Publica Records]
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands acid /breakbeat /electro DJ-producer GAMMA INTEL “Little Mirror Man” from “E.M.” EP 12″ on his co-founded label Nerve Collect
  • Tbilisi, Georgia leftfield /breaks /electro producer Generali Minerali “Only Liquid” from upcoming “Remote Snail” EP 12” [Mind Controlled Rectifier]
  • Norway draincore /trance /techno producer Dj Spell – “1.1.23” from V/A “+-(o PLUTO RISING o)-+” compilation on black holes
  • Brooklyn, NY experimental /acid /kosmische /psych-pop /synth /art pop quartet Operator Music Band “10 Days (Doctor Jeep Remix)” maxi single
  • German booty bass /g-tech /hip-hop /electro-funk producer-rapper-DJ, $ombi “Wellen” title track from upcoming EP [International Chrome]
  • Paris, France experimental /ambient /techno producer Anechoic “Nihaya” from “Al-Bidâya Wa An-Nihâya” album [Diffuse Reality Records]
  • Italian Nu-Acid Jazz Disco-Beat band LEONES “Rain Of Sun Rays” from “Voyage” on StarCreature10000000
  • Swedish/German ambient /drone /electronica collaboration, Dystopiker & Nyppy “A Lesson in Rudimentary Phenomenology” from the album “Die Tücke des Objekts” on Leipzig based Adventurous Music
  • Utrecht, Netherlands ambient /minimal /neo-classical composer and musician Marthe Lasthuis AKA Honingbeer – “Exulansis” off “Opia” EP [Bigamo]
  • French ambient /drone /analog synth /experimental musician Stéphane Laporte, AKA Domotic “Palazzo (Excerpt part 2)” from “Palazzo” album 12″ on unjenesaisquoi
  • UK ambient /drone /electronic musician-producer, Peter Rogers “Photographs Of Clouds” from the album “The Science Of Imaginary Solutions” [collected ambient works, 20212023]
  • Chicago experimental /ambient /collage /modular synth musician Zander Raymond “An Ordinary Eave” from the album “Secrets From A Squirrel” on Florabelle
  • London based sound artist and experimental ambient musician NEXCYIA “4U&4ME”
  • Mysterious experimental /ambient /modern classical artist Glåsbird “Where land ends” from the album “Sirena” on Whitelabrecs
  • Oakland, CA based, Providence-native ambient /drone /experimental musician and composer, Brendan Glasson “Awakenings” from the album “The Reality of People and Other Works for Reed Organ” on Debacle Records
  • Australia /US ambient /drone /field recordings /electronic collaboration between Sidney‘s interdisciplinary artist Tahlia Palmer and NYC-based guitarist and songwriter, amby downs & Steve Gunn “Looming change / Building fabric” on Longform Editions

July Waterfall, Pat Steir, 1991, oil on canvas