WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – SEPTEMBER #38 – 22

by Kati Horna

  • RADIO RITUEL 53 – MANASYT                                                                                                                                 

Alien and alienated mind-bending, equally raw and dark, electro-cution from Bulgarian mastermind Petar Tassev with an acidic and infectious set to take on an eerily mesmerising trip into electromagnetic outer space odyssey beyond the twilight zone of mysterious planets and spooky inter-dimensional domains.

  • French industrial /acid /hard techno producer RORGANIC “HEAD OVER HEELS”

I’m usually not into Hard Techno, but this is an absolute banger with commanding drum programming, seething, metallic and groovy, phat punchy kickdrums, nasty hard-hitting percussive patterns, along with growling and droning low ends, pound and furrow through the darkness with a relentless stark frenzied rush to inexorably erupt the dance floor.

  • Medellin, Colombia trance /electro /synth project of musician Juan Camilo Marin Betancur (Cimientos Fecundos), AKA Una gema en escoria “Solar – Leo” from “The Inner Cosmos” debut CD album soon on Pildoras Tapes

Colombian synth artist Juan Camilo Marin Betancur introduces his forthcoming debut LP with an urgent, emotionally charged synth-laden drama steered by hypnotic steady kicks, stark crisp snares and droning low ends, whilst unnerving swirly synth loops, layered by eerie ethereal echoes, relentlessly and somberly cruise the light and dark sides of human nature.

  • Paris-based techno /breaks /drum&bass producer and founder of the ‘raw poetry’ aesthetic Loyce Demellier, AKA DJ Physical – “Rooftop” off “Calm & Quiet” EP soon on Life In Patterns

Paris-based producer DJ Physical rolls out with warm throbbing bass lines, dry tinny broken beats and crisp percussions, wabbling against howling and alienating spacey synth swells and groovy hip-hop vocalizations.

  • Swedish/Italian ambient /ethereal /minimalism /cello /drone collaboration, Henrik Meierkord & Jolanda Moletta – “Incanto” from V/A “Sustain Series, Vol. 3” charity compilation on Ambientologist
  • Danish ambient electronic collage artist and musician øjeRum “The Gaze” from the upcoming album “Reversed Cathedral” on Cyclic Law
  • Tequisquiapan, Mexico experimental /drone /ambient /IDM /breaks /deep techno producer Sergio Ivan Soto AKA Tlacactoc – “Geiger Scale” from the album “Typhoid Mary” on Secuencias Temporales
  • North American ambient /IDM /modern classical /deep techno /electronic producer Brock Van Wey | bvdub “September Snow” from the album “Anodyne Rains”
  • London, UK experimental analog electronic synthesist and ICR label head (NWW, Current 93, The Hafler Trio, Organum, Andrew Chalk, and Nurse With Wound collaborator), Colin Potter ” Know No Thing” from “Ago” album (recorded between the late 80s & mid-90s) on Btx3R/F01101/Exe.
  • Boston, Massachusetts based experimental kraut /psych /space /synth /electronic act Violet Nox – “Liquid Light” from V/A “Enko Landmann’s Empire of the Four Moons” on Gruselthon
  • Croatian unreleased 1985 space synth sessions from Split, Yugoslavia by disco maestro (Grupa ST, Mladi Batali, etc.), NENAD VILOVIĆ “Prerija (Prairie)” from the upcoming album “Prizma” on Fox & His Friends
  • Morocco experimental /ambient /drone /electronic artist Prophän – اللي بقى العداب الأليم Painful Pain – from – عالم الأحلام والآلام A World Of Dreams And Suffering – split album with Cheb Hazyn via The Judgement Hall Records
  • L.A. blackened techno producer SPVN – “Sleepforever” off ” KVLT OV METH” EP tape on Clan Destine Records
  • Italian lo-fi /industrial /electro /wave /dark techno producer Alessio Di Mezza (aka Strangers For Love), aka Religius Order “In Your Hands” off upcoming V/A “COULER SUR LE VISAGE VOL. I” compilation tape on COMME DES LARMES
  • Valencian ambient /EBM /industrial /electro /techno DIY electronic duo Ana Escudero and David Garrido, Spammerheads “Until the Damage´s Done” from “Tar Blood / Cement Skin” EP 12″ vinyl [Soil Records]
  • Brooklyn, NY based Electro /Noise /Acid /Industrial /Techno Bay Area‘s DJ and producer Éstudy “Depth Of Sanguine” from V/A “Miseria Bodywork Selections Vol. 2” cassette compilation on Miseria
  • Greek/Georgian industrial /breaks /techno collaboration Unhuman & Vulkanski – “Mescaline Network” from V/A “6 Years of KHIDI II” EP on KHIDI
  • Rennes-based dark ambient /EBM /industrial /dark techno DJ-producer, Weever “Cheval De Frise” from the upcoming “L’Homme Moderne” EP on Vives label
  • Tel Aviv based acid /new beat /disco /dark electro producer Naor Dayen, aka E-bony “Xxx” from V/A “Modernation Vol.4” tape on ITALO MODERNI
  • Valencia, Spain analog electro synth producer Jorge Gutierrez (founder and head engineer of the NANO Modules synthesizers brand), AKA Uranio Empobrecido “Heating Electrons (Facets remix)” from “Primary Circuit” EP on Factor City
  • Berlin-based Brazilian synth-disco /electro-pop producer Terr ‘Only For Tonight’ single on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound
  • Barcelona based, Argentina native experimental /EBM /break /electro DJ-producer Thissperso – “Cuando Te Vas” from his forthcoming EP “Inmortal En Ti” on Radio Mars
  • ABBA “GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! (Deborah De Luca Free Edit)”
  • Berlin-based experimental /industrial /rave /techno Canadian artist Ryan James Ford – “Undertow” from “The Fire Keeps Burning” EP [HVN015] upcoming on HAVEN
  • Bogotà, Colombia acid /trance /techno producer Project 369 – “Error Theory (Original Mix)” from “Epsilon” EP on trau-ma
  • German techno DJ and producer, label boss Dominik Fröhlich – “Delusion” off “Nacht” EP on his own Nuremberg based label Hakiri Records
  • Irish groovy techno producer Offtrack – “No Assortment” off “Undivided #005 – Offtrack” EP [Undivided]
  • Rennes, France based acid /house /electro producer DJ PSYCHIATRE “Lucidity” from “Lucidity” EP upcoming on Shall Not Fade
  • The Hague‘s electro /acid /breaks /techno producer Dazion – “Sound Of The Dune Town” from the album “Grooveboxxx” soon on Dekmantel
  • Saint Petersburg‘s trance /breaks /drum & bass DJ-producer Errortica – “Welcome to the Family (feat. Neverpais)” from V/A “WAR1205” compilation soon on Warning
  • Guadalajara-based indie dance /wave /dark disco Mexican producers, Fargo Devianti & Vongold – “Taste Of Butter” off upcoming “Taste of Butter” EP [HARD FIST]
  • German dark disco /nu-beat /indie dance DJ-producer Freudenthal feat. Nowhere People – “Cipher” off upcoming Cook Strummer‘s “Berlin Gets Physical” collection series [Get Physical Music]
  • Guadalajara, Mexico indie dance /dark disco / electronic singer, DJ, and producer, Vongold “Pleasure Cinema” off upcoming EP on Roam Recordings
  • Culiacán, Mexican dark disco /indie dance producer Borgetti – “Más Ruido (BadWolf Remix)” off Más Ruido EP [Maleante Records]
  • Pet Shop Boys “It’s A Sin (Karassimeon Festival Tool)” Italo-disco rework
  • French Italo disco /cosmic synth producer based in Toulouse, BRANDSKI “Arena (Original Mix)” from “Arena” EP upcoming on Mélopée Records
  • Belgian/South Korea Italo disco /synth wave /indie dance /electronic collaboration, Biesmans & Shubostar – “Across the Universe” from Biesmans’ V/A “Watergate 28 EP #1” on Watergate Records
  • Kaunas, Lithuania Italo disco /dream house producer Andrejus Kurkinas AKA Mario Moretti – “Dreams Unfold” from V/A “Make Dream House Great Again Vol.1” upcoming on Fauve Records
  • Israel electronic /dark disco /indie dance duo Eliezer and AckerMan, aka Deadly Weapons Feat. C.A.R. “No Religion” from “I Do Not Feel Afraid” soon on Nein Records
  • Spanish indie dance /dark disco DJ-producer and Espacio Cielo head, Parissior – “Salvation” off upcoming EP on Espacio Cielo
  • Paris-based indie dance /dark disco artist I Promised Mom feat. Thomas Gandey – “Radiate” upcoming EP on Critical Monday
  • BelgoItalian eclectic psych /dub /slow techno electronic producer-Dj duo of Dj Athome (Brussels) & Hugosan (Rome), aka FRONT DE CADEAUX “La Ketamine (Album Version)” from “We Slowly Riot” album
  • Melbourne, Australia ambient /IDM /breaks /downtempo /electronic producer Alex Gillett, AKA Boy Is Fiction “Half Spun” off the album “Deeper than Static” on n5MD
  • Melbourne, Australia ambient /chillout /dance /synth musician-DJ Andras, AKA Art Wilson “Sun Sign Aries” from the album “Overworld”
  • Cantabria, Spain ambient /dub /deep techno producer Nacho Sanchez ‘Sygnals’ from the EP ‘Other Places’ on Greyscale label’s Mood Series
  • Denmark/Poland ambient project Sofie Birch & Antonina Nowacka “Sudany” from the upcoming album “Languoria” on Mondoj
  • Washington, DC drone /ambient project of Evan Hirsh, AKA Violet Light “The Violet Glow in Velvet Skies” from “Sonora” compilation CD album [20162020] on Stereoscenic Records
  • Nara, Japan based ambient /modular synth /drone /tape loops /experimental project of Ontario-native sound artist Joshua Stefane AKA Endurance “Feel” from the cassette album “Verb” on Muzan Editions
  • Frankfurt Am Main, Germany lo-fi /ambient synthesist and composer Jogging House “Drifter” from “Speak” EP
  • Canadian experimental /ambient /drone sound artist Bradley Deschamps, AKA Anthéne “Moonflower from the upcoming “Hope Remain” album on Home Normal
  • Virginia/Texas ambient /drone /guitar /tape loops /electronic first collaborative project between Réunion Island native, Norfolk based Kévin Séry and McAllen‘s Damien Duque, From Overseas & City of Dawn “Weathering [feat. marine eyes]” from upcoming “Misty Memories” album on Past Inside the Present
  • German ambient /neoclassical composer & concert pianist from Berlin, Henning Schmiedt “if” from “Piano Miniatures” album on Japan’s FLAU

photo by Kati Horna