WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #22

Elsa Bleda photography

Picks Of The Week:

  • Chicago-based EBM/industrial/electro Jason Letkiewicz (aka Steve Summers, Death Commando and Alan Hurst and part of Mutant Beat Dance), aka Opposing Currents “Dissolve” from the album “Mirage Information” on Amsterdam’s Artificial Dance                                                                                                                            

Chicago-based producer Jason Letkiewicz‘s debut full-length effortlessly cuts its way through hypnotic and infectious EBM/Industrial-infused cold electro jams.

  • Northern Irish electronic musician Barry Lynn from Craigavon, Co. Armagh, BOXCUTTER “Leonids” off of V/A “Repeat”, a new compilation celebrating the British independent dance music scene of the early 90s on Gasmanmusic

A heavy-weight motley crew of old and new to celebrate the British independent dance music scene of the early 90s, acid/techno/breakbeat/rave goodness that defined my unforgettable London-based years of madness, freedom and above all incredible ground-breaking electronic music.

  • French synth-punk/coldwave duo of Timothée Gainet & Arnaud Derochefort from Lyon, POISON POINT – “Imaginary Veil (Sydney Valette Remix)” from new EP “Oblivion” on Intervision 

Impressive 6-tracker, two originals and four remixes, from Parisian coldwave duo Tim Gainet (IV Horsemen) & Arnaud Derochefort via the increasingly effective fellow label Intervision, that explore a modern pitch black spectrum of electronic nuances hearkening back to the gothic undertones of the ‘80s and ‘90s synth darkness, spanning from sombre coldwave (Blind Delon), adrenaline-fueled acidic EBM (Qual), industrialized dim body music (IV Horsemen) and rave meets darkwave (Sydney Valette). Awesome!

  • Vancouver based ambient/drone/electronic project of prolific composer Scott Morgan, aka LOSCIL “Equivalent 7” from the forthcoming album “Equivalents” on Kranky
  • UK experimental/electro/ambient project by James Penrose, aka Planetary Technicians “Biogenesis” from the new album “Geometrics” on Magic Waves.
  • Kursk, Russia ambient/breakbeat/jungle/techno/electronic producer Constantine Starostin, aka St Costa “Foresight 2” from “Netweight” album on Massa Netto Records
  • Italian ambient/cinematic/electronic musician Julian Zyklus “Dark Endless Desert” from the upcoming solo debut album ”Four Dimensional Waves” on Hush Hush Records
  • Paris-based French psychedelic electro-pop band formed by Léopold Dumont (Magic Bernard, Takuya, DIM), DIVINE MACHINE “Because it was​.​.​. / Because it was​.​.​.”                                                                                         
  • Tel-Aviv based ambient/krautrock/psychedelic/electronic solo project of half of Red Axes, Dori Sadovnik, aka KAPITAN “Bob” from the debut album “Alaska” on Malka Tuti.
  • Eindhoven, The Netherlands ambient/drone/dark electronics/ industrialists Radar men from the Moon [RMFTM] “Naked” from the new 12″ vinyl EP “Bliss” via Fuzz Club
  • Oslo-based, Japanese experimental/noise/drone/psych project of former Mayhem, Gallhammer and currently Sehnsucht member, Eri Isaka Fuzz-Kristiansen, aka VIVIANKRIST “Behind Mirror” from debut album “Cross Modulation” on Ritual Productions and Diagonal Records
  • Berlin-based experimental/dark ambient/techno female producer JakoJako “Resilienz” from the EP “Aequilibration” on Leisure System
  • Bogotà, Colombian electronic duo GAËL & Franco, aka Vltra Delta Drive “El Complot” off of V/A “Human Abstracts – Volume One” a collaborative compilation between Endless Illusion & Brokntoys                               
  • Moscow, Russia electro/EBM/wave/dark techno duo Ólta Karawane “Les Portrait Le Diacre Astvatsatour Sarkissian” [I’m a Cliché‘s Edit Service 005]                                                                                                               
  • Bucharest-based psychedelic cosmic electronic krautrock Romanian duo Khidja “Máquinas Maravillosas” off of ‘HVN C/D’ split 12″ with John Talabot out now on Hivern Discs.                                                                               
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina electronic producer Marzian “Descenso (Olsvangèr Remix)” from the upcoming “Trascendiendo” EP on Playground Records                                                                                                               
  • Mexican collaboration between electronic producer Alfredo Cardenas (aka Montessori) with producer/DJ/vocalist Badmoiselle, Montessori ft. Badmoiselle – “Aircraft Reel (Dombrance Remix)” from upcoming “Aircraft Reel” EP on Dogs & Vultures                                                                                                     
  • Australian percussion-based percussion based dance project of Melbourne drummer Tom Gould, aka STATUE “Solidify” title track from upcoming EP on Le Temps Perdu                                                                          
  • Dutch proto-techno/ dark-wave /electroclash collective of musicians, artist and performer Venderstrooik – “Maison De Prostitution” from the upcoming debut LP “Crustacean” on Electronic Emergencies.                         
  • London, UK dark electronic/industrial/noise/techno project of Oliver Ho (Raudive, Zov Zov), BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB ”Wildlife” from the upcoming second of his ‘White Rats’ LP trilogy on L.I.E.S. Records                 
  • Leipzig, Germany acid/techno producer, part of Nebula collective, TreuHand “Killer Ginger”
  • Mysterious techno producer Buried Secrets “Planetary Nebula” from “Train To Netherworld” EP on Archivio 01
  • Greek raw industrial dark electronic techno producer DJ LOSER “SEROTONINA DISKOTEK”                                         
  • Thessaloniki-based Live Adult Entertainment label co-owner and techno/acid trance producer Crime Unit – “Untitled 02″ off of split 12” “Service Animal / Crime Unit” via The Death Of Rave, mastered reissue of Live Adult Entertainment’s “Cyber Afterbirth Vol.1” 2018 cassette                                                                                    
  • New York City-based industrial/minimal electronics/dark electro producer/DJ/writer ANDI “AOV” off of upcoming V/A ‘SYNTHICIDE V2.0′ compilation series                                                                                             
  • San Francisco-based, UK-born gabber/doomcore project of Endangered Species label boss Oli Vereker (aka Grace, Restraint, Renoir), aka Service Animal – “Core Of Reality” off of split 12″ “Service Animal / Crime Unit” via The Death Of Rave, mastered reissue of Thessaloniki-based Live Adult Entertainment’s 2018 s/t cassette EP
  • New York industrial/rave/techno producer ISABELLA “Funambulist” from the upcoming EP “Post-Tonal Bouquet” [LI$015] on Croatia’s low income $quad
  • Augsburg, Germany minimal electro act NEJET NOK “Jung und Aggressive” (1987) xxclusive of the new Compilation ‘MINIMAL BABY Vol. XII’ CD Limited 500 copies on skullLine.de                                                       
  • Berlin-based Italian EBM/Techno producer VELVET MAY “Shoot Your Eye Out (Autumns Remix)” from “Unknown Bodies” EP out soon on Tears on Waves                                                                                               
  • Antioquia, Colombia lo-fi experimental/industrial/electronic/dungeon wave/minimal synth solo project FILMMAKER “Castle Maze” from the album “Somber Realm”
  • Experimental electronics/electro solo project by Colombia‘s drummer and synth music producer Christian Valderrama, aka PANORAMA LINEAL “Balance Factor” from the EP “Spectrvm” on Black Leather Records
  • Slovenian electro producer (aka Umek), ZETA RETICULA “Formation Of Life” from upcoming EP “Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons” on Mechatronica
  • Belgian electro producer DATAWAVE “Red Nebula (Exhausted Modern remix)” off upcoming “Inceptive” EP on Crisis                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Liverpool, UK born veteran electro producer Carl Finlow (aka Carbon Academy, Random Factor, Voice Stealer), Silicon Scally – “Skoda Banger” title track from upcoming EP on Cultivated Electronics                                       
  • The Hague-based Portuguese electro producer Gonçalo Salgado, Lake Haze “System Glitch” from upcoming V/A “The Orbitants 2” vinyl on Milan’s FU.ME rec.
  • French/Italian dark electro/EBM/minimal synth/coldwave/techno duo of Grenoble‘s Michel Amato (aka The Hacker) and Rome‘s Mannequin Records head Alessandro Adriani, Amato & Adriani – “Falling Inside” from upcoming 12″ vinyl EP “Présence du Futur” on Mannequin Records
  • Berlin based minimal electronic producer REDSHAPE “Passengers” from “Android Malfunction” EP on Deltsin
  • Lithuania experimental/ambient/techno producer (1/3 of Perforta Sabotado), UNDVELD “Heavily Censured” from cassette EP “Protokol” on Sweden’s offworldcolonies ltd.
  • London, UK electronic/techno producer KAREN GWYER “Faces on Ankles” from upcoming “Man on Mountain” EP on Don’t Be Afraid label                                                                                                                   
  • Tel-Aviv based experimental/industrial/techno producer and one half of TV.OUT. Ori Itshaki, aka ORI “Get to Point Zero” from upcoming cassette “Dreams & Memories” on Veyl.
  • Rennes, France ritual experimental noise tribal drone electronic project (aka Coldgeist, Modern Eleven), Sacred Lodge “Encantador De Serpientes” off of debut cassette album ❊ “Hijos Del Sol” on Paris’ OKVLT
  • Experimental/ambient/classical/drone/noise collaboration, Puce Mary, Francesco Leali, Heith, Alessandro Branca “An Exploitative Version of Surrogacy” 2-track cassette on Milan’s UNTIL RIOTS
  • US synth dark experimental electronic witch house producer Frank Ocean from Spokane, WA, BLVCK CEILING “Jack” new single on Plycoffin

Photo by Elena Savinykh