WL//WH Video Of The Day : SWESOR BHRATER “The Light splits our lies”

Video Of The Day Swesor Bhrater

The DIY projects of French ‘neo-romantic’ artist Victor-Yann, both under the his solo alias of Swesor Bhrater (here) or the joint moniker of Bruta Non Calculant (here), shared with his older brother Alaxis Andreas GInvasion Planète Recordings founder and former Le Syndicat Electronique mastermind, fuel your body, fill your mind, and take you on a journey of sight and sound that will leave you wanting more.

Consequently, we couldn’t miss the new video for Swesor Bhrater’s unreleased track “The Light splits our lies”, both sound and video recorded for the Blood Moon (Total Lunar Eclipse) on January 20–21, 2019.

As always he hits the nail on the head with the equilibrium between electronic machines and acoustic instruments aptly combined with the visuals. Poignant and swelling accordion melodies ebb and flow throughout, underpinned by quick pulsating bass and pounding taut beats, interspersed with bursts of evocative glassy guitar twangs and eerie and wistful swathes of synth to tread an air of mystery and anticipation as the anxious and emotional vocals, symbiotic with the rhythm and power of nature, fervently grow combined with increasingly hypnotic and searing synths, into the revelatory finale.

An epic visceral confrontation expressed precisely through dualism. Strength and weakness, life and death, love and hate, are all two sides of the same coin. Polarities need each other to exist, they are completely equal, and create symmetry, yin and yang. After each contrasting idea he repeats “the same reflection,” enriching and deepening the theme of opposition farther. Culminating with an eclipse of night and day bursting brilliant scarlet rays, “The Light Splits Our Lies” revealing a truth that will bring balance to the Universe.

In tandem with the lyrics, the companion video is as dramatic and esoteric as the lyrics are insightful and profound. Black and white photography, The Blood Moon, and the use of light and shadows set an ambiance of stark contrasts, conflict, and severity as a cloaked hooded figure runs fearfully through the countryside. Visions of the lunar appearance cast a red hue over the entire landscape and everyone in it foreshadowing the sacrifice that must take place. The opponent sharpens his ritual knives across guitar strings creating an eerie, chafing metallic strum that is fantastic. Archaic stone structures, runes, talisman, candles and skulls evoke an earthen, tribal, unity with the environment reminiscent of Native American spirituality. It ends as a lone figure stands exposed and without cowardice under the bleeding sky, waiting.

Last October Bavarian label Bodyvolt, runs by the legendary experimental dark electronics artist Beta Evers, released Bruta Non Calculant/Swesor Bhrater Split-EP 10″ vinyl, still available here.

Here is Bodyvolt Records‘ artist portrait of Swesor Bhrater.

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