WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #01

One Speg


  • Comme des Larmes podcast w / Arcyniegas # 15                                                                                                         

Set of the week comes from Colombian Dj, and Noise Maker Arcyniegas spinning a rich, raw, and propulsive dark electronic sound varying from industrial techno, acid house, electro, EBM, industrial, to synth-wave and post-punk, through the excellent Comme des Larmes internet radio live podcast.        

  • Russian techno/electro producer Dj XNX – “Sync” from V/A “Cue” compilation on Kazan’s Get Busy!

Another quality compilation for the eclectic Kazan-based Get Busy! label/collective mixing techno, IDM, breakbeat, electro, as always with the right amount of rhythmic pulse and bounce to keep you robotically and relentlessly dancing. Grab the CD, while you can…

  • Lyon, French dark ambient/experimental/industrial/dark techno producer ISTIGKEIT “All Your Hopes Are Delusional (Meer Remix)” off of the upcoming “Universal Poison” EP on his own Istigkeit Records

French experimental, industrial techno producer Istigkeit has previewed parts of the first EP, via his own imprint, comprised of 4 early unreleased tracks of ‘cold broken techno and industrial music with black/doom metal influences’ plus 4 remixes. Bordeaux-based Meer‘s rework slowly unfolds like an unbroken nightmare, increasingly thicker and oppressive, as hypnotically pulsing ritualistic drumbeats, blistering, hissing strings, buzzing droning bass, lashing noise, plunging down a stifling and roiling rabbit hole filled with menacing paranoia and dread.

  • Italian experimental/ambient/dark techno producer Lvdwig – “Doxepine” from “Substractive” EP on Clarence Park’s Larmes

Released just before the festive period, as usual extremely dramatic, immersive and alienating, as the ever effective independent French label Larmes has accustomed us to, through the Italian producer Lvdwig, unrolls four (plus 2 bonus) dark, atmospheric and ritualistic techno cuts that relentlessly creeps, slowly pulsing, into mysterious murky realms of oppressive and hallucinatory darkness.        

  • Russian experimental/dark ambient/death industrial/lounge/noise duo from Moscow, MANUNKIND “Fog Glass At The Lobby” from “Elevator Music” EP
  • Spokane, WA experimental/dark synth/electronic/witch house producer Frank Ocean, BLVCK CEILING “Icarus” new single on Polycoffin
  • Moscow‘s ambient/wave/witch house/dark electronic project of Stanislaus S., Fraunhofer Diffraction “Long Slumber” from the new EP “Serenity Pt. 2”
  • UK darkwave /electronic /witch house solo project of Jake Lee from Bradford, SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS “Cybercrimes” new single                                                                                                                                         
  • Moscow, Russia synthwave/electro disco/French house/techno producer PSYBOLORD “Erlking” from the new compilation EP “Order of the Holy Rhombus”
  • Zurich, Switzerland dark electronic/disco/new wave producer, and Relish label boss Headman aka Robi Insinna “TNTTT – INDUSTRIA EDIT” (The English Beat edit, 1980) via his own new label Industria
  • UK experimental electronic producer Will Flisk “Ralsto (ROTT) Live”                                                                   
  • London, UK based Australian lo-fi/trancey/electro/house electronic producer Jordon Alexander, aka Mall Grab – “Positive Energy Forever” off of “Don’t Keep The Fire Burning” (Bushfire Fundraiser EP) via his own Looking For Trouble Recordings                                                                                                                        
  • UK electro/techno producer and Analogical Force contributor James Shinra “At The End Of The World” from “Darkroom” EP on Craigie Knowes
  • Vilnius, Lithuania experimental electronic producer Time Signals – “96” off of “Marathon” split 12″ EP with Heisenbug on Objects Records                                                                                                                             
  • Belgrade, Serbia experimental electronic producer Cuban Chamber of Commerce – “They Put Gun To My Head” new single
  • Belarus born hypnotic techno DJ and producer, Cliché Morph “Molestation” title track from the upcoming EP on Glasgow’s Edit Select
  • Olenegorsk, Russia experimental electronic producer Sasha Fersman (aka Krugom16), aka Θ16 – ‘1900m (Myrrman rework)’ from Θ16 / Myrrman split album “Solastalgia” on NEN Records
  • Offenbach, German electro master Anthony Rother – “Machine” title track from upcoming EP on Omnidisc
  • London, UK radiophonic/space disco/electronic project TRUTH IN SPACE “Dub In Space” (extended disco mix)
  • French space futurist disco group lead by Adrien Durand (Les Aéroplanes), aka Bon Voyage Organization ‘4’ off of V/A 10 Years of CockTail d’Amore: “NOTHING MATTERS WHEN WE’RE DANCING VOL. 10” 3xLP compilation via Berlin’s CockTail d’Amore                                                                                                                
  • Mexican electronic/dark disco producers of Ghostly International artist Moderna and Duro label co-founder Mateo González (aka Bufi, Sonido Fantasma and Theus Mago), Moderna Y Theus Mago “Tecno Misogino (Sebastian Voigt Remix)” from V/A “Blacklisted_1” via La dame Noir
  • French synthpop/disco project of synthesizer ace Sergio Mesa (IAMNOTAROBOT) and David Jornet with vocalist Maia J., aka HYPNOTIQUE “La Pénombre” upcoming 12″ EP on Bordello A Parigi              
  • Late ’80s Russian dark Italo-disco project Группа «Президиум» ‘Звёздный циферблат’ 7″ single (written & produced by Vladimir Savenok at Leningrad Radio House in summer of 1989) on Baran Records
  • French new beat/Italo/dark disco producer Laurent Audouin, aka Black Boiler – “Bordure 19” off of Esthetique Records‘ sampler “Various Artists Vol.3”
  • French dark electro/techno producer from Grenoble, Michel Amato aka The Hacker “Passion” from the upcoming V/A “Diamonds In The Night Vol. 1” EP compilation series on Bordello a Parigi                           
  • Italian dark electro / Italo solo project from Rome, Capocroce – THE CPX “Soviet Robot RMX”
  • Zagreb-based electro producer & DJ, Ivna Ji “Diatom” from the upcoming EP “ZwaarteKracht 3” [ZK003] on the Belgian Label ZwaarteKracht.                                                                                                                                          
  • Danish space electro scientist duo Krypton 81 “Lunar Landing (LAU Remix)” from upcoming “Tranquility Base” EP on Dalmata Daniel
  • New York‘s hardware-based acid/electro producer and vinyl DJ Axel Blaze (aka DJ Mystery Science), Ole Mic Odd “Acid Turbo” from upcoming ”Planet Turbo” 12″ on Hilltown Disco                                               
  • Moscow electro producer tàgi ‘303P.M’ from V/A “Pure Crime vol.1” via Moscow’s posse CYBERJIT
  • UK hardcore/drum & bass/house collaborative project of Manchester-based producer Finn and London‘s India Jordan, aka Finn & India ‘H.U.R.L’ off debut EP ‘H.U.R.L/F.U.R.L’ on London label Local Action
  • UK experimental/hypno-beat electronic producer George Thompson aka Black Merlin “Hole” from “SFORMATOR 2” EP series on Pinkman.                                                                                                       
  • Greek experimental/industrial/wave/dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Last Resort” 
  • Russian Minimal Elektronic/Industrial producer from Bryansk, LVRIN ”Space Camp” from 12″ EP “LVRIN II” on Pinkman                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Colombian EBM/electro/techno producer Felipe Novoa and half of duo Alpha & Necromante, MAGNUM OPUS “Are You Ready For Service (Original Mix)” off of V/A “Tears for Fears Vol. 2″on SOIL
  • Italian dark electronics/acid/ industrial/EBM producer Antonio Barbetta (aka Antonio) from the Adriatic Coast, RAW AMBASSADOR “Under My Control” title track from upcoming cassette album on new Spanish label Industrial Possession
  • Buenos Aires ambient/acid/new beat/synth project of Matias Laje, HOKA HOKA “Las Nubes / Yeah Poochie” from “Karmen” EP on Bogotà’s Analogue Texture Records
  • Italian proto-techno/post-punk/EBM/industrial trio from Milan, Førgotten ‘The New Flesh (Final Cut)’
  • London, UK industrial/EBM/techno producer EVIL DUST “Fawn” taken from the upcoming EP “Desolation” on Crave Tapes                                                                                                                                     
  • German techno hardware produced compound of Nils Iven and SDB, aka Contact Noise Crew “Run The Streets” from the EP “Run The Streets” EP on Low Life Club
  • Berlin-based rave/acid/techno producer D. Carbone – “Back To The Empire Of Hardcore (VTSS Remix)” from the new EP “Back To The Empire Of Hardcore” on his own Carbone Records
  • Italian industrial/EBM/techno producer NGHTLY “Lacrime Bianche” off of the upcoming cassette album “Illusione dell’Essere” on Clan Destine Records                                                                                                           
  • Colombian industrial/noise/dark techno duo of Bogotà‘s producer GAËL (half of Vltra Delta Drive and co-founder of Antimateria and Pildoras Tapes), and Medellín‘s producer/DJ/singer Ravetop, GAËL & Ravetop – “Deserción de todo orden” from V/A “Bloque Sur – H” via Pildoras Tapes
  • Leipzig, Germany industrial / EBM / dark techno project by Daniel Myer, LIEBKNECHT “Köln (Celldöd Remix)”
  • Los Angeles, CA avant-synth ,futurist, minimal electronics solo project, ARIISK ”Ominous Playback Transmission” from V/A “Eminent Domain” on L.I.E.S. Records
  • Mysterious proto-techno/ dark-wave /electroclash Dutch collective of musicians, artist and performer Venderstrooik “Yukionna” (Edit) via 44,100Hz Social Club
  • Turin-based Italian experimental/electro /dark techno DJ and producer Matteo Viani, aka BLACK SEED “Resonate”
  • Philadelphia‘s techno/electronic producer M Reilly ft. E Simpson – “NameUnKnown” from M Reilly’s EP “Strains” on Beryllium Project
  • Brooklyn, NY experimental techno/house producer and L.I.E.S. Records head Ron Morelli “Laugh Taker Overlook Remix” off of upcoming remix 12″ EP (original track from the Hospital Productions album “Disappearer”)                                                                                                                                                         
  • Hamburg, Germany ambient/deep/drum & bass producer THE NEXT – “Be There” from upcoming EP “Snail” on Paradise Lost Recordings
  • Paris-based industrial/psych/techno/experimental electronic audiovisual/music duo UVB76 – “Hyojin” from “V/A “Palindrome” compilation EP 12″ on Random Numbers
  • French electronic producer from Paris, R/ио “Rouge Alligator”          
  • London, UK radiophonic/space disco/electronic project TRUTH IN SPACE “Dub In Space” (extended disco mix)
  • Portland, OR braindance/acid/electro/IDM producer FLX “Sinope” from the album “003”
  • Berlin-based French electronic producer (former Peur Bleue, Versatile and Wisdom Teeth contributor), BENOIT B. “Polar Nights” from the upcoming album “Notes Of Love” on Into The Light Records
  • Sydney, Australia experimental/Berlin School/space/progressive/post rock/synthesizer duo, Kl(aüs) “Pale Blue Dot” on Castles in Space
  • NYC-based instrumental ambient/drone project of bassist/composer Tommy Orza, aka King Weapon “Tare” from s/t cassette on Squall Recordings
  • Biella, Italy drone/ambient/electronic project of Gabriele Quartero, In die Ferne “Silver Wood Silver Lake”     
  • Iranian/French ambient/drone/electronic/cinematic collaboration Siavash Amini & Saåad – “Dragging The Harrow” from the upcoming album “All Lanes Of Lilac Evening” on Opal Tapes                                 

One Speg