WL//WH Video of the Day: FAUNLET “Anatomy”

Video of the Day Faunlet

I wrote about Faunlet, name coined by ‘Lolita’ author Vladimir Nabokov that describe the young male counterpart of a nymphet, the Bucharest-based genre-defying solo moniker by the enigmatic and androgynous artist Peter, at the time of his last single “Grey Magic” in the second part of 2016.

The hiatus seems to not have affected his visionary talent and fervent creativity, Faunlet‘s elegant, absorbing dark sound not easy to pinpoint is still intact in the new single/video “Anatomy”, taken from the upcoming album “PSYFI”, and his constant need of reinvent himself adds further ‘trance-inducing’ electronic and rock nuances.

Gripping and emotional, relentlessly introspective “Anatomy” is lead by hypnotic syncopated drumbeats, interspersed by menacing resounding bell tolls, buzzing, droning synths and piercing twangy guitar riffs to arise stark and obsessive intensity embodied by sensual and reverent vocals laced with longing, worship and eternal desire.

The accompanied video, shot by Andrei Becheru, compliments and intensifies the nocturne using Peter’s body and facial expressions to characterize an internal discord, divided. Contrasts between shadows and light, shrink, obscure, and stun the obsequious form while enlarging, contorting, and transfiguring the dominant side portraying the twofold nature within. A black latex body suit disappears in the dark, though when lit reflects an emerging aura around beautiful penetrating eyes and perfect matte tinted lips proclaiming adorations of “internal organs,… pink diamond genitals… and particles of everything.” Mirror images of himself lying  exposed a top broken glass along with twitching head and fluttering body movements portray discomfort and distress caused by the internal discordance of his dualistic nature.
Deep atypical lyrics are brought to life in an audio visual format orchestrated by the author and actor himself!
A bold expos`e of self expressionism.
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