WL//WH New Music: FIESTA EN EL VACIO “Dream Lover”


After gratefully putting the holiday to rest, this inviting email landed a few weeks ago in the inbox to announce the Self-titled LP via Simple Music Experience from French/Argentinian singer and producer Luna Maria Cedrón under the alias Fiesta en el Vacío, who creates an emotive and immersive lo-fi, experimental yet organic mesh-up of French and Spanish spoken-poetry, Dub, Flamenco, Reggaeton, Synth Avant-Pop, Folk, and minimal Electronics.

 A link to the music video for “Dream Partner”, directed by Brunéhaut Pêtre-Vidal, was also included.

The message reads:

It is time now to accept our feelings. We are here slowly drowning and it’s not one day without thinking of the end of the world. Lift the rose you’ve had in your pocket for once and pronounce these words (if you can):

Como el viento sin alas encerrado en mis ojos

es la llamada de la muerte.

Sólo un ángel me enlazará al sol.

Dónde el ángel,

dónde su palabra.

Oh perforar con vino la suave necesidad de ser.

A. Pizarnik

Macabre and mysterious, a spiritual poem accepting death while asking for comfort by Argentinian poetess, essayist, and translator Flora Alejandra Pizarnik (Avellaneda, 29 April 1936 – Buenos Aires, 25 September 1972), syncs wonderfully with the surreal melancholy of the track, blending sad blurry piano notes with crisp droning synthetic radiance, piercing expansions, and wandering melodies around simple angsty vocals to evoke lost and drifting moods anchored only by frozen fear.

Let’s see how the accompanied video by Brunéhaut Pêtre-Vidal fits in. Beautiful typography by Luca Retraite leads us into on-point acting by Flore Balas, who channels the awkward angst of a young misunderstood lover whilst meandering through a curious realm of closed doors and colorful fascinations to draw the viewer into her hopeless romantic mind beholden to a supernatural realm of signs. It certainly lives up to its 3:33 sec time stamp, with a strong commitment to metaphysical and fate-filled vibes.

Fiesta en el Vacío‘s Self-titled second album is out, in Vinyl 12″ & Digital formats, on January 3, 2023, via French DIY label Simple Music Experience.

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