WL//WH Video Of The Day: CHAMBRE CLAIRE “Les Bateaux”


South London coldwave one-man-band New Cross and Montreal lo-fi singer-songwriter with occasional Casiopop twists, Chloé Jara-Buto, as often happens nowadays have seen fit to share ideas, words, analog synthesizers and drum machines, giving life to a new remote collaboration called Chambre Claire. Moody and cold synth-pop, minimal-wave leanings with a ‘charmant’ Francophone flair, give birth to their first single, the both wistful and angsty bittersweet children’s nursery rhyme of sort, “Les Bateaux”.

An obsessively blinking alienated bassline stirs up hypnotic kicks, lashing beats and sparse mechanical claps cloaked in dismal swelling humming chords, whilst chilled, hypnotizing synth swirls flash somberly across lost, sad and numb female vocalizations, shifting with distressed emotional cries and whispered secrets, to shape haunting melancholia through desperate wakes of anxiety and regret.

Emotive and melodic minimal coldwave, more!