The dark electronic collaborative project between Belgium‘s Unidentified Man and Francois Ducarn aka Chroma Carbon, singer of the French cold wave band Factice Factory and co-singer, with Paradox Obscur’s Kriistal Ann, of synth duo Sine Silex), have just dropped a mini-album titled “Memento Mori” available as ltd. vinyl on Wool-E Discs including a download code with an additional bonus track.

6 new minimal synthpop / minimal elektro / cold wave tracks made up of feverish bass pulsations, analogue synth flair and intensity, and solid droning beats, that provide diverse dark nuances for Francois Ducarn‘ brutal poetry.

“Impeller” is song about running away and leaving the past behind. Low, dense buzzing sinister basslines, pounding tight beats, and quick robotic claps, built a deep, dark, urgent sense of claustrophobia and an andrenaline rush, interspersed by bright and hypnotic synth flourishes, as curt detached yet fascinating vocals arouse fear, uneasiness and final excitement for what’s to come.

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