WL//WH Track Of The Day: SILENTWAYS “Ice”


Silentways, the Italian Darkwave band born in 2014 in the ever-flourishing Neapolitan alternative dark scene, which came to life from the ashes of the acclaimed 90s group Trees and the more local cult outfit End Of Tapes, now reduced to a trio, made up of Francesco Candia (guitars/programming), Nino Candia (bass/programming), and Annalisa Lynch (vocals), are approaching the release of their sophomore album “Aeon”, due out on March 1, 2024, once again via SwissDarkNights Label, teasing the third single, “Ice”

The threesome concocts an intensely refined and immersive 80s-tinged alchemy laced with an eerie Nordic air, of driving drum machines and moody, chilly and atmospheric instrumentals, deepened by bewitching ethereal vocals, to lure and enthral the listener throughout.

“Ice” churns over a hypnotic backdrop of steady rattling, punchy drum programming and a relentless bleak brooding bassline, whilst an effect-fueled guitar, circled by distant ceremonial synths, carves searing epic poignant riffs, that simmer and soar atop mesmerising, both piercing and aching vocals, longing in a romantic agony and ecstasy of fire and ice.

Silentways‘ second LP, “Aeon”, is slated for release, CD & Digital, on March 1, 2024, via SwissDarkNights Label, 

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