WL//WH Video Of The Day: DISORIENTATIONS “Drift” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day Disorientations

Antwerp-based, Belgian Post-punk trio Disorientations, lifelong friends Luka Van Camp (bass), Tomas Serrien (drums) and Niels Elsermans (vocals, guitar), follow their debut 2022 album “Memory Lanes, with a buzzing and anthemic brand new single, “Drift”, via [PIAS] Recordings, in anticipation for their up-coming Fall tour.

 The band’s collaborative writing process soon led to songs inspired by the melancholic dark 80s. While combining New Wave with more alternative Punk and Noise music, their music became characterized by an intense and contemporary cold-blooded sound that comes to life during their intense and noisy performances.

Defined by a striking and vibrant alchemy of a punchy groovy rhythm section, gripping sparkling riffs, infectious hooks, and loud stirring vocalizations, packed with a sweeping emotive weight, “Drift” is paired with a mind-expanding video by Jonas Hollevoet.

photo by Yves Coussement

The song depicts the need to obtain care when heavily distressed, It is about finding balance in reaching out for help if everyone around you is fragile and lost.Elsermans explains

 “Drift” is an aching heartfelt confession, driving raw emotional vocals to long and brood, bouncing in unison with tight clattering drum beats, densely enveloping elastic throbbing basslines, high-pitched sky-rocketing soars of pain-fueled ringing guitar melodies and intense poignant strains, to ‘Drift’ between memories of comfort and seeking harmony in present-day life.

Immersive and symbolic, the visuals by Jonas Hollevoet drench Disorientations in blood-red lighting to strobe seamlessly with the vulnerable root of the soundtrack. Dimension multiplying trace overlays, fly-eye reflections, and obscuring shadows elicit eerie nightmarish visions whilst creative editing triggers psychedelic perception, giving the viewer a look into the depth-defying consciousness of the human mind.

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