WL//WH Track Of The Day: STRANGER DREAMS “Defiant”


Stranger Dreams, started in 2008 as the Hollywood, CA-based experimental moniker, focusing on Poetry, Guitars and Unusual Electronics, by renowned Colombian bred, US exile, dark underground electronic music producer Karloz.M, active since the end of the 90s and well known for his sub-genre-defying noisy Electro Industrial efforts such as Manufactura, Broken Fabiola and many more.

After the first atmospheric and introspective EP, “As The Sparrow”, for the little independent label Auricle Media, lyrically inspired by Charles Bukowski & Leonard Cohen, the project went on hiatus to be revived in 2018 by the creative collaborative impulses of kindred spirit guitarist Seamus Simpson, sharing the same passions for many forerunners from the 80s post-punk period as well as David Bowie, Lou Reed & Iggy Pop.
After quite a long gestation, due also to the pandemic lockdowns, through separate demos and sketches, when things seemed to harmonize naturally with the mutual agreement on most versions of the songs, the sudden departure on Friday, June 25th 2021, of guitarist Seamus Simpson from heart complications made it harder.

Amoreena Stout – (Vocals and Various Instruments) – Key member of Stranger Dreams since 2018. Responsible for bringing Seamus Simpson and Karloz.M together.

In humble solitude, Karloz, just with the precious help of fellow musician Amoreena Stout, keeps on putting together the work done in loving memory and in full respect of his friend’s spirit, starting with Seamus’ 21 different guitar parts, the album’s title “After the raven has died for the dove” and the artwork.

The new single/preview, “Defiant”, follows the same sinisterly powerful and rousing gothic-rock pathway of the compelling cover of “Driven like the snow”, featured on last year’s Unknown Pleasures Records‘ Various/Artists “Honoris II Tribute To The Sisters Of Mercy & The Sisterhood”, which will be also included in the upcoming 9-track full-length, laced with proud lyrics proclaiming a deep, authentic understanding of one’s meaning and intention despite being in a shallow world of deception.

Propelled by the constant wicked menace of a roaring and chunky bassline that rumbles relentlessly leaving no way out along with pounding and lashing metallic snare beats surrounded by sharp, at times shrieking, achingly glimmers of guitar wails and spectral synth swells around the intensely rugged, hollow baritone vocals and distant ghostly echoes dropping haunted pain and hidden suffering into the devilish distorted vibrations of worldly lies.

Despite not listening to the entire LP, it’s gripping and visceral old-school Darkwave combined with a labour of love, making for something not to miss.

Stranger Dreams‘ debut album “After the raven has died for the dove” is scheduled to be released via the acclaimed, fortunately back on track, French label Unknown Pleasures Records, in conjunction with the North American imprint Crunch Pod on March 28th, 2022.

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Karloz.M – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths, Programming, Pain & Madness.