WL//WH New Music: DAY OF NOVA “Confused”


Blending elements of Post-punk, Indie Rock with a Synth Wave twist, French duo Olivier Kerdoncuff and Seb Besnier AKA Day of Nova have shared a symbolic video for the heady second single and title track taken from Day Of Nova’s freshly released sophomore 4-track EP Confused.”

Confusedis laced with poetic lyrics that dwell in a cathartic realm of emerging consciousness where truth, doubt, and denial confuse the psyche with mixed emotions, opening up feelings of dread and angst, for fear of being fooled again.

A magnetic alluring expansion of ominous conflicts coalesces jerky and warbling bassline pulsations with skipping drum beats, scathing distorted guitar strains, and insistent shivering icy bright synth flickers, to illuminate heartfelt emotional vocal revelations with anxious, brooding clues.

the psychological video by Pexels contrasts conflicting lifestyles of urban dystopia and country bliss into a shapeshifting construct of bipolar moods. A lonely, bleak, and mysterious underground city sprawl sets the backdrop for surreal translucent overlays to evoke futuristic cyber-dissociations whilst warm dreamy distant memories haunt the mind’s eye of lost isolation with soft and flowery utopic dreams.

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