WL//WH Track Of The Day: SADFIELDS “Irreversible”

Track Of The Day SADFIELDS

Mexico City based 3-piece band SADFIELDS, made of Daniel Espinoza (Vocals and Guitar), Miguel Lara (Bass) and Erick Román (Drums), are back, after almost one and a half years, with the new single, “Irreversible”, the first preview from the first full-length, “Superluna”, scheduled to be released in 2022, that shows a further evolutive step from the dense and noisier indie rock of the English-language debut EP “Homesick” in 2017, playing in the atmospheric and moody interstice that operates between shadowy tormented post-punk and hazy sparkling shoegaze with vaguely The Church-esque psychedelic sheen, without missing their distinctive tumultuous and intense array of dire emotions and poignant melancholy, tortured by the pungent notes of effect-laden distorted guitar lines, whose beams of light seem to deceitfully lighten the deep relentless twilight of depression and pain.

‘Irreversible’ is a labyrinth of memories. A disastrous event that we can only reverse in the imagination. Nothing will be like before.

Steady punchy drums pound the hypnotic pace wreathed in layers of wandering plaintive jangly guitar melodies, scraped through by reverberant ethereal ringing riffs, weeping and shimmering repetitively like reflections on restless inner mists, clinging to the seeming comfort of the most blurred dreams of numb, sad, slightly aloof vocals, swelling and soaring, with the angsty, dire urgency of somberly winding bass oscillations and tight urgent rippling guitar lead, to sinking fearfully beneath the humming troubled surface of irreversible dread.

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photo by @manuel_enriquez_foto