WL//WH Track Of The Day: CHASMS “Limits”

Track Of The Day Chasms

New single, entitled “Limits”, through Felte Records, for the Californian avant-pop experimentalists, comprised of guitarist / vocalist Jess Labrador and bassist Shannon Madden, based in Los Angeles.
It was sincerely difficult to do better than the sublimely sophisticated and intricated rhythmic magic of the previous single “Until It Happens To You”, re-proposed here as a b-side, but as always masterfully co-produced and mixed by Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv), “Limits” maintains the dark, subdued and restless atmospheres to which we have become accustomed to, even by expanding them towards more spacious and heartfelt emotional-ridden realms.

A gorgeously elegantly wrought and dramatic piece bleeding with gut-wrenching turmoil and hopelessness amidst minimal lyrics steeped in profound sorrows of a lost soul.

Emotional release and claustrophobic contemplation are weaved in a flowing breath-hold slow pace, between disenchantment and despair, helplessness and exhaustion, funnelling their way through a restrained yet crisp, simmering percussive spine of deep sinuous bass pulses, delicate cymbals and tactile hiss and crackle, into an immersive, subdued and restless expanse of emotive hypnosis, cut by sparse stabs of excruciating unsettled synth drones, while mournful sparkling guitar melodies reverberate and delay relentlessly, harnessing dismal poignant power from fearfully sad female cries of helpless pain, lost in tormented thoughts from life tragedies.

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Nov 2019 Stockholm shot by @poxen