WL//WH Video Of The Day: AZAR PARALELO “Nada”


Colombian 4-piece Alternative Rock/Post-Punk band based in Bogotá, Azar Paralelo, comprised of David Muñoz (guitar, vocals), Germán Salamanca (keyboards), Mateo Aguilar (drums), and Verónica Ortegon (bass), have released a heady and nostalgic music video, created by Lina Aguilar and Liand Andrés Malaver, for the garage-rock tinged, keyboard-laden brand new single “Nada” via Anesthetize Records.

The dystopic “Nada” deals with introspective lyrics that dive into the psychological realms of longing, abandonment, and anger to explore the uncomfortable distance that grows between loved ones when natural growth takes place.

Icy, buzzing and swirling keyboard washes cut sinister dread through steady, punchy drum beats, heart-racing thumps, and low pulsing bass tones, whilst light untuned and erratic guitar riffs weave light sparkly distortion around the loud, distressed male vocals releasing urgent, angsty howls, rising and falling in sync with the bipolar disharmonies to form a warped and woozy dimension of distant, anxious pride.

Panoramic views of the countryside spin sentimental tears into an emotional depiction of the frustration, love, and anger that exist within a generation gap. Timeless hills transfer the ancient wisdom of lost ages into a father and son’s tumultuous journey whilst split-screen, time-lapse, and upside-down camera angles project the underlying tension and disorientation into a visual stream of disrupted frequencies evoking misunderstood melancholy and alienating fear.

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