WL//WH Track Of The Day: ROMANOS “Summer Rain”

Track Of The Day  Romanos  

We deal with a considerable delay to the suffused, atmospheric, and introspective bedroom pop from the elusive young London-based multi-instrumentalist under the alias Romanos, soon to drop, namely on April 23, 2021, his debut 5-track E.P. “Lost Weekend” through Hackney-based independent label Blank Editions.

Romanos‘ soft, whispered, wistfully heartwarming, sometimes desperate, early lo-fi dreamy ruminations moistened by amazingly sheer synths, gently strummed acoustic guitar and abandoned piano notes, seem to not have gone unnoticed, as proof of the cassette edition is already sold-out on source.

The first track unveiled, “Summer Rain”, unravels smooth, enticing brushed drum patterns that lilt expanded rarefied breaths of diaphanous and ephemeral synths in perpetual suspension, interspersed with tinkling piano drips of forsaken wistfulness, as dazzling, luminescent strings swing gently and sinuously, drawing brittle spirals of indissoluble enveloping melancholy, around ethereal lonesome vocals’ whispering yearning in a weightless flow of bittersweet breathless exhalations of agony and ecstasy, hopelessly blurring into thin raindrops that whir in filigree.

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