WL//WH Video Of The Day: VARSOVIE “Magnitizdat”

 Video Of The Day  Varsovie

Grenoble based, French Post-Punk duo Varsovie, made up of Arnault Destal (lyrics, drums, music) and Grégory Catherina (vocals, guitars, music), drop a subliminal video for the Punk-infused blast “Magnitizdat”, the second single off their upcoming fourth album “L’Ombre et la Nuit” slated for release in April 2021, via Icy Cold Records.

“Magnitizdat” outbursts with rambunctious drum beats that rattle and roll under the fiery flint of spastic, abrasive guitar riffs and undulating, throbbing bass lines, while rapid, breathless male vocals and harsh, urgent gasps unleash toxic fear into the chaotic reverb strewn insurgence of nervous energy.

Intense lyrics release pent-up frustration and fighting inspiration for a secret unofficial practice known as “Magnitizdat”: the clandestine process of re-copying and self-distributing audiotape recordings in the Soviet Union in order to circumvent censorship…“

Black and white photography merges a drive down a country road with the spinning reels of a vintage audio recorder to form a hypnotic travel sequence. Treetops flicker and swirl with translucent clouds to incite a fleeting flurry of emotion from the rotational propulsion of hovering metallic discs, to scatter and shred the fierce intake into an alternate loop of sentient sunsets.

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