WL//WH Track Of The Day: HAUNT ME “Surrender to the Night”

Track Of The Day  Haunt Me  

Austin, TX-based new 3-piece band HAUNT ME embrace and channel the obscurity and sorrow of the Pandemic times into a gloomy darkling post-punk sound ‘drawing inspiration from classic legendary bands such as Joy Division, The Smiths, The Cure and Bauhaus as well as from more modern bands such as Interpol, She Wants Revenge and Soft Kill”.

The trio have just released, almost in one go, their debut EP “Vampires At Your Door” together with four brand new singles, available on all the major streaming platforms.

Fueled by dynamic and evocative instrumentation, sometimes cutting and abrasive, sometimes brooding and immersive, the singer perfectly adapts his enticing vibrant voice to different emotional moods conveyed by the lyrics with an extreme and obsessive, yet sincere approach, from the brooding and longing in isolation of “Our Ghosts”, the lovey-dovey comfort of “Dying In Your Arms”, to the numbing submerged pain of “Slave to the Blade” and the lust-driven energy of “Surrender to the Night”.

Sinister and bewitching at the same time, “Surrender to the Night” creeps inside an obsessive, hypnotic and cinematic slow pace led by the relentless sharp beats of a tense and crackling rhythm and subdued, ritual rolling percussive patterns, plagued by wandering swathes of penetrating and eerie, slightly twisted, keyboard whines, interspersed with eerie jingling and dazzling synth chords along with bleak abrasive guitar riffs, whilst dark, airy, insanely magnetic male vocals persist with allure and compulsion into the haunted limits of erotic pain.

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