WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE SECRET EXPERIMENT “The Last Sunset”

Track Of The Day  The Secret Experiment

Once again the atmosphere is the key word that defines the Darkwave sound created by the enigmatic Scottish artist based in Hamilton, Lea Torn under his main original moniker The Secret Experiment, whose discography, although started in 2011, is growing steadily in the last couple of years, including also the more recent, maybe more organic, project Lords Of The Northern Sky, of which I can hardly spot the differences, to be honest.

A mystical, solemn and haunted approach laced with gothic and cinematic undertones, that somehow echoes mesmerising intense pathos and aesthetics of the ’80s 4AD and Project labels, pervaded with a dusky, forsaken and aching elegance.

Mercurial keyboards streak icy evocative filigree swirls of light that arise from murky shaking backdrops, drawing emphatic, introspective and somberly emotional-ridden atmospheres, dense with brooding arcane Nordic echoes, to resonate through tormented and deserted poetry into the darkest ravines of existence and the ancestral mystery of nature’s forces.

 The Secret Experiment‘s latest single, “The Last Sunset“, framed in one of his immaculate cover artworks, is lyrically infused with beautiful poetic metaphors that use mother nature’s extreme cycles to explore the fading and emptiness felt within oneself.

Hypnotic pebbly and crunchy rhythmic patterns along with humming obsessive low ends are enveloped by slowly pulsing swells of tinkling keyboard tolls and searing tendrils to progressively build ethereal, droning despondent nostalgia drowned in an oppressive and hopeless sense of decay and alienation on which standout afflicted and pain-filled vocals, drawing melancholy and fear from sinister distorted wraiths of encroaching darkness.

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