WL//WH Premiere: ROLES reunite Tibetan Tantric & New-Age Guru in new Post-Punk Track “Rinpoche”

WL//WH Premiere ROLES

Melbourne, Australia‘s distinctive Post-Punk duo “ROLES”, comprises, songwriter and producer, Louise Love (lyrics, vocals, guitar), and Luis Gutiérrez (electronics), in a DIY creation carving a distinctive sound, built around synth bass, drum machine, 3-stringed guitar, and gripping heady lyrics found in interviews and old audio recordings.

The band’s third release “Rinpoche,” translated as ‘Precious One’, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, begins an ‘onslaught of singles’ from a conceptual art approach with a 1974 meeting that took place between New-Age LSD pioneer Ram Dass and controversial Tibetan Tantric Chögyam Trungpa.

“Rinpoche” unravels flashing sharp zipping synth stabs, punctuated by abrasive guitar chords, that enshroud smooth, crystal clear female vocals swept in a breathless soulful enchantment of heartfelt pride and exuberance, as low digging bass lines bounce resonantly amid deep ritual beats, to elicit a cheerful sensibility laced with ancestral chorus of benevolence and goodwill.

Philosophical tongue-in-cheek lyrics unravel in a close encounter between two psychedelic behemoths taken from the point of view of Ram Dass in a witty and humorous dialogue ensemble.

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Artwork by Luis Gutiérrez