WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – NOVEMBER #46-23

photo by Cirkus Vogler

  • Leipzig-based Coldwave /Dark Electronic producer and composer, Rina Pavar “Symmetric Vision” new single from the upcoming album “Six” [Cold Transmission Music]

A pitch-perfect cold and edgy combination of stark and sharp drum programming along with moody, tightly wound palpitating basslines, topped by sprawling uncanny spacey synth drifts on bewitching spoken word vocals and harsh whispers, laced with uplifting moods of confidence and inspiration, snaring into a mesmerizing unsettling chasm of mystery and sensuality.

  • Bay Area One-Man Goth /Post-Punk project by Nachzehrer, Paris Green “Tears of Scarlet” from the first EP “Paris Green” (Demo)

The lead track from debut 3-track demo of gloomy and dramatic mid-tempo 80’s inflected Goth Post-punk stirred by a distant spooky baritone, tormented by throbbing meandering bleak basslines and obsessive scorching pain-filled guitar melodies, brooding in a relentless agony of angst and dread.

  • Los Angeles-based industrial /goth /EBM /techno /synth-pop /analog dark electronic duo of Rosselinni and Anton Floriano (1/2 of Black Light Odyssey), Die Sexual “Tremble For Me” single via Hush Ltd.

Likewise Rina Pavar, sleek and icy cold Dark electronics yet more fleshy and dangerous, dancing into an obsessively haunting pitch-black pool of luscious desire and unbridled pleasure, built by a hypnotic strobing concoction of steady lashing beats, bodily throbbing, squelching basslines, and sinister buzzing synth strains with layers of distorted breathless seductive vocals, to advance on and control the partner, amidst a relentless droning flow of passion.

  • French post-industrial /ethereal /neo-classical /dark ambient project of musician and composer (Day Before Us), Philippe Blache “Streams of Thoughts” from the CD album “Across the Silence & the Shade” [Mahorka]
  • Philadelphia, IL goth ethereal synth-pop duo In Mind “Crucifixation” off the debut “The Healing Machine” EP
  • Swiss wave artist and producer from Zürich, Blanche Biau “Heavenly” (Cigarettes After Sex Cover)
  • Belgian dark post-punk band from Brussels, Whispering Sons “Cold City” off the upcoming third LP “The Great Calm” on [PIAS]
  • Melbourne, Australian dark wave /synth-pop band led by George Pappas of ’80s band Real Life, ALIEN SKIN – “World” instrumental single
  • US industrial /EBM /experimental /synth /dark electronics four-piece, aka Domestic Exile “Auf Der Hand” from self-titled EP cassette via DKA Records
  • North London-based dark new wave /post-punk duo The Holy Hour “What Do You Believe In?” single
  • Barcelona-based coldwave /post-punk solo project Lïk – “Sweet Lies” single
  • Quebec lo-fi /electronic /synthpop solo project of MD (ex-singer/guitarist of duo Calomine), Nœud – “Berlin en novembre” single
  • Bern, Switzerland Minimal Synth / Coldwave duo Sadie La Chèvre & Nora Düster, aka Extra Bleu Ciel “Black is Not Dark Enough”
  • Exeter, UK two-piece New Wave /Darkwave project created by twin brothers, ANTI:AGER “Phantoms” from the sophomore album “BODY OF FLESH”                                                                                                             
  • Sacramento, CA-based synth wave /dark electro /synth-pop musician and composer EM_LEN “My Light Sleeper” single
  • German coldwave /minimal synth /minimal wave act Projekt Ortsschild “Negative Aktivität” from title track of the cassette LP “Negative Aktivität”
  • Mexico City industrial /dark electro /darkwave duo, Somos Eléctricos “Manifiesto 1968” single
  • Palmira, Colombia Industrial /minimal wave /EBM solo project HUMAN 80 – “Great voids of a war” single [Nevel Records]
  • Portland, OR industrial /EBM /cold wave /minimal synth electronics project ORTROTASCE “Image Farewell” single
  • Northern Ireland minimal /cold wave /synth wave /electronic music project from Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Possessor” single
  • Belgian electro /noise /cold wave /dark wave collaboration between top model and singer Kim Peers and Amenra‘s guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove, aka SKEMER “Easy To Embrace Feat. Gregory De Brauwer” from the album “Toasts & Sentiments” via Avant!Records
  • Detroit, MI EBM /kraut /industrial /darkwave /electronic project of Dennis Hudson (OLMS), aka Turbo Menace “Burning Hand” second single off the upcoming new album “Carcosa, Mon Amour”
  • Zurich, Switzerland techno /proto-house /electro /new wave /dark disco punk producer and Relish label boss, Robi Insinna, a.k.a. Headman “DeTurning” title track from the upcoming “DeTurning” LP [Relish]
  • Miami, FL dark electro /synthpop duo Deep Red “The Art Of Lust (Love=Death Remix)”
  • Dark Electronics project from Colombia of Alex Cortés and Leonardo Jaime (Antiflvx), Umbrall “Mienteme” (Depeche Mode Cover)
  • German industrial /dark electro /synthpop act Pending Position feat. KY “Lick My Legs (Reaper Version)” maxi single on Infacted
  • Norwegian industrial /synthpop duo of Jonas Groth (Apoptygma Berzerk) and Truls Sønsterud, aka Piston Damp “I’m Losing You (A New Tale)” new single via Sub Culture Records
  • Alingsås, Sweden industrial /synthpop project KYMAVR “Alla Ska I Jorden” (Stefan Sundström cover) 2-track single
  • Udine, Italy synth wave duo Sun’s Spectrum “Beyond” from the debut LP “The Silence After The Fall” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Stockholm-based new wave /synthpop /electronic duo HATIF “On the Peripheral” from “Silent Elevators” EP via Town And Towers Records
  • Helsinki/Leipzig-based Electro / Wave trio LSSNS “Dream Tomorrow” new single from the debut album “Transit” via Sinnbus
  • Athens, Greek cinematic /synth wave audiovisual project of Panagiotis Tomaras (ΗΧΟΤΟΠΙΑ, Κυματική Αθηνών, and Clock DVA live member), ΨΥΧΟΤΕΚ “Εἶπες Νά ‘μαστε Φίλοι” from upcoming LP “ΚΟΙΝΟΒΙΟ ΤΕΛΟΣ” [Inner Ear]
  • San Diego based synth wave /synthpop duo, GLASS SPELLS “Hechizos” single [Negative Gain Records]
  • New York dark wave /electronic /dream pop /synthpop solo project R. Missing “Heavens Lower” single
  • Vancouver, BC goth /shoegaze /post-punk /dark wave /cold wave solo project The Ruments “Pain Pleasure” single
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi Shoegaze /Post-Punk band Detects “Stars & Static” from the LP “SECONDS”
  • New Jersey New Wave /Post-Punk project Stare Away “My Cathedral” off debut “My Cathedral” EP
  • Bordeaux, French 4-piece wave / post-punk band Order 89 “Flèche Argentée” from the album “Brûle” via Icy Cold Records
  • Germany darkwave solo project Endless Me “Dark Angel” single
  • Berlin‘s goth /post-punk /dark wave band Night Nail “Cells” from the third LP “Fates Explained” via Metropolis Records
  • Italian new wave /post-punk trio Soft Scent “The Howl” debut single
  • Belgium gothic /post-punk /darkwave band, Ground Nero “Promise” from the album “Blood Never Sleeps”
  • Post-punk/Surf-Goth act from Melbourne, Desmond Doom “Ghouls” from “Masks” EP
  • Milan, Italy industrial /noise /post-punk band LASAEL “Normal Bunny” first single from the upcoming EP “Foghorn” via Ramber Records                                                                                                                           
  • Toulouse, French five-piece noise /indie rock /post-punk band Princess Thailand “Ghost Car” from upcoming third LP “Golden Frames” on A Tant Rêver Du Roi Records
  • Moncton, Canada-based Doom Metal / Gothic Rock solo project of Jason Schatsle (aka Wardruid), Gothnetic – “Crush and Burn” single                                                                                                               
  • Athens GA deathrock /post-punk project Tears for ʇhe Dying “We Are the Darkness” (single)
  • Ukrainian darkwave /post-punk one-man band based in Kyiv, DRKLV “Lovesick” single
  • Mexico City post-punk /gothic rock band Inovercy “Deseo” single
  • Hungary darkwave /post-punk band kékmandarin “Kemikáliák” single
  • Nancy, France indie rock /post-punk band JOY/DISASTER – “Secrets” from upcoming LP “HYPNAGOGIA”
  • Mexico City‘s Post-Punk /Synth-Pop /Coldwave /Darkwave solo project of Ulysses Soto, aka Fe “A todos nos está matando algo” single
  • Stockholm, Sweden darkwave /synth band Mellowlands “Gods and Men” single
  • East L.A. two-piece Goth Post-Punk band Freedom Curse “Ways of Disguise” from the LP “Scorpio Heart”
  • Brazilian new wave /post-punk band The Secret Shelson’s Band “One Afternoon” (Burning Skies of Elysium cover) via Systemica
  • Phoenix, AZ goth /dark wave /post-punk band led by Lear Mason, aka Some Days Are Darker “Downpour” single
  • Paris, France new wave/darkwave/coldwave solo project Under A Dark Light “Truth Lies In Dreams”
  • Transatlantic goth /post-punk music duo Lunar Paths “Sometime Never” re-edition of the band’s first 2021 single 
  • US Lo-Fi Dark Dungeon Synth act Witch’s Amulet “The Party’s Newest Member” from “The Distant Tower” album [Wallachian Opulence Productions]
  • French dark ambient /fantasy /dungeon synth fantasy synth act Wydraddear “Dralclan Kingdom (Alternative Version)” from the collection “The Archives – Volume 1”
  • Turkey dark ambient /fantasy synth /dungeon synth solo artist, Mert Akyurek “Plants of Hell” from the upcoming album “Violent Silence of the Mountains”
  • Dark Ambient /Space /Funeral Doom one-man band by Parviz Shabrang, aka This Path of Solitude “Collapse of Memories” from the album “This Hopeless Border”

photo by Cirkus Vogler