WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #43

Mark Steinmetz Photography

  • Phoenix‘s dream pop/desertgaze trio Citrus Clouds ”Whoa” 3rd single from our upcoming full-length “Collider”.

The third phantasmagoric drop of desert-gaze alchemy from Phoenix‘s trio sculpt slow churning sunburned sunsets bleeding dire guitar melodies, to whine through the fuzzy reverb-drenched outflow of nostalgic bliss, charged by densely rhythmic palpitations, whilst droning, drowning vocal harmonies fall helplessly into the sticky acidic citrus haze of lost tomorrows.

  • Meycauayan, Philippines indie-pop 4-piece The Gentle Isolation “Sound Wave” new single on Lilystars Records

Brilliant guitar pop lately from the Philippines, this week with three noteworthy bands, one of them, along with labelmate The Midnight Greetings and Public Places, is the experienced band, active since around 2009, that ‘pays homage to cult Indie favorites’ with a timelessly classic and endearing tune, written in 2014, that unfolds nostalgic, tingling guitar string’s bittersweet melodies cutting the surface of dull post-punk-ish bassline vibrations with poignant accuracy, as charming, dreamy sad dual male-female vocals flirt with heartfelt angst, amid warm organic synth swathe’s tender melancholic quivers.

  • Australian noise-folk/rock band fronted by Caleb Karvountzis based in Melbourne, Tiny Little Houses “Richard Cory” new single on Ivy League Records                                                                                                    

I was already hooked by the Melbourne quartet with the gripping mix of shoegazing noise and folk of their debut single “Easy” back in 2015, followed by an excellent debut LP in 2018, the band don’t skimp on the usual visceral emotions even with the new single, lyrically an reimagining of an old Edwin Arlington Robinson poem from 1897, where eerie abrasively sparkling guitar chords wind poignant tense vibrations around creepy heart-wrenching spoken word group vocals, reciting a murderous ghost story into the seething reverb-drenched, excruciating interlude of twisted fate.

  • Legendary ’80s él label affiliated, French baroque pop singer-songwriter, arranger and producer Louis Philippe, aka Louis Philippe & The Night Mail “Fall In A Daydream” from the upcoming LP “Thunderclouds” on Tapete Records
  • London-via-New York dark ambient/drone/shoegaze/electronic project of The Golden Filter’s Penelope Trappes “Break” off 4 track EP “Eel Drip” on Houndstooth
  • Houston, TX ambient/ethereal/dream pop/post-punk/coldwave/shoegaze solo project by Daniel Gaona, aka Day Disguise – – “Sad World” new single
  • Seattle/Olympia, WA dream pop 4-peace Jupiter Sprites “A Radiant Eclipse” from debut mini-album “Holographic”
  • Moscow, Russia based dreampop/indie-pop duo of Dasha Shults and Seryozha Khavro (aka Parks, Squares and Alleys), aka Dasha & Seryozha “Otkrovenie” new single
  • Los Angeles lo-fi/bedroom/dream pop artist Sophie Levine, aka Love, Sophie “Cherry Pie” new single                       
  • Chinese DIY lo-fi/bedroom/indie pop/noise pop trio 棉花山脉 Cotton Range – 勇气 – from the EP 猫咪愛人漫画磁带 on SmallAnimalsRecords
  • Madrid ‘pop caleidoscópico’ project, Pablo Prisma y Las Pirámides “Los niños perdidos” from upcoming LP “Pensamiento Gigante” on Caballito Records
  • Columbus, OH folk-rock/dreampop duo of Andrew Gavin Williams & Luke Elliot Fleeman, aka Fellow Hollow – “Dog fence weeds” new single from the upcoming album “Violet Paper Wings” on Diversion Records                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Californian indie/dream pop solo project of Bianca Ocampo, aka URBANATION “Transparency” new single
  • Philippines lo-fi pop project of Kurt Kyle Maraton, The Midnight Greetings “Youth” new single on Lilystars Records
  • New York soft indie-rock 4-piece Personal Space “Grateful For The Firm,” off of Personal Space’s upcoming new LP, “A Lifetime Of Leisure,” out March 26th 2021 via Good Eye Records
  • London, UK based experimental/dream pop/alt pop collective FIRESTATIONS “Bedfords Levels” from “Automatic Tendencies” EP (first of a series of three EPs set to be released digitally and on limited-edition CD-R) via Lost Map Records
  • Chicago, IL drone pop/psych-pop/slowcore/dream pop duo DESERT LIMINAL “Alien Grace” off new 2-tracker “Singles”
  • Mytholmroyd, UK indie folk music project of Mark Jasper of Witching Waves, aka DISSENT “Eat The Berries” from the debut EP Without You” on Everything Sucks Music
  • Boston, UK sadcore/dreampop/indie pop duo of Liam James Marsh (Kid Chameleon) and Alice Kat, FINE. “Little Voice” from upcoming debut LP
  • Cardiff, UK lo-fi/bedroom/folk/indie-pop band Rosehip Teahouse “A Million Times” from upcoming “Fine” EP on Big Indie Records
  • Kansas City‘s shoegaze / dreampop solo project of Tony Freijat, aka SEVENTEEN YEARS “Dolphin” new single
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland lo-fi indie rock duo BOBSLED TEAM “Drive” new single                               
  • Linköping, Sweden jangle indie-pop 4-piece The Slow Summits “Not The One” new single
  • Columbus, Ohio bedroom/shoegaze/dream pop solo project MIMETE “Down the Wall” from debut EP “Daygleam”
  • BritFrench-pop-rock band based in Lyon led by English singer, Amy Winter, Midnight Cassette “Playing with the Devil” from the upcoming LP Castle of my Heart” on Geneva’s Le Pop Club Records
  • Scottish lo-fi melodic scuzz-rock songwriting and recording project of Glasgow-based Lukas Clasen, aka SULKA “fear It” debut single on Lost Map Records
  • Leeds, UK indie rock band Melancholy Ray “Cassette” new single                                                                                 
  • Brooklyn, NY dream pop/indie rock/shoegaze PALE JOYRIDE “Every Little Thing” from “EP 2”
  • UK lo-fi shoegaze project of Cardiff based musician James Cubitt, aka WINTER SUN “Move” new single
  • Los Angeles‘ shoegaze/psych-rock band Tombstones In Their Eyes “I Can’t See the Light” from upcoming Limited Edition Dual CD “Collection” on Somewherecold Records
  • Oklahoma City noise rock/shoegaze trio cursetheknife “Low” from 2-track “promo 2020” preview of the upcoming debut EP on New Morality Zine
  • Swedish dream folk/indie rock singer/songwriter from Stockholm, MIYNT ”Give me Palm trees and inner peace” new 2-track single ”Give me Palm trees and inner peace / Lovesong”                                                         
  • Italian shoegaze/dream pop/indie-rock band from Naples lead by Andrea Caccese, Dead Rituals – “Broken Memories” from the new EP “Dead Rituals II”
  • Bordeaux, French new wave/synth-pop trio (former members of Lokomotiv Sofia, Watoo Watoo, Photon), VACANCE “Rêves” from the debut album “Nos Futurs” on Melotron Recordings                                     
  • San Francisco‘s Dream Pop/Shoegaze/Post-Punk 3-piece, TOPOGRAPHIES “See You As You Fall” from the upcoming debut full-length LP “Ideal Form” on Funeral Party Records
  • Melbourne indie guitar rock super-group featuring members of The Shifters, Pop Singles, Dag & Chook Race, aka PERMITS “It Takes A Long Time (To Be Free Of Society)” from the upcoming debut LP “Time Permits” on Tenth Court
  • Turin, Italy jangle/indie rock band SMILE “From Here On” new single
  • Los Angeles, London, San Diego jangle/indie pop/dream pop collective with former members of Aberdeen, Fonda and Trembling Blue Stars, THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL “Ramblin’ Rodriguez” from the new LP “The Long Now” on Shelflife Records
  • Stockholm, Sweden C86/indie pop/power-pop duo of Gustav Tranback (Paper Hearts, Dismal Plight) and Mikael Carlsson (The Honeydrips, Dorotea), aka SALT LAKE ALLEY “The Way It Feels” title track from the upcoming album “The Way It Feels” on Kocliko
  • London‘s 80’s indie pop/sophisti-pop/guitar pop band Candy Opera “These Days Are Ours” first single from the upcoming album “The Patron Saint Of Heartache” on A Turntable Friend Records
  • Austin, TX surf/indie rock DAPHNE FALLS “Two Thousand 20” from the debut EP “Danny Don’t”
  • Canadian psych/indie rock band from Montreal, The Besnard Lakes “Raindrops” from the upcoming double LP “The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings” on Full Time Hobby
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands garage pop/indie rock band SLOW WORRIES “When We Go Out” from the upcoming album ‘Careful Climb’, soon to be released by Subroutine, Adagio830 and Breaking Records
  • Chicago indie/synthpop/dreampop solo project COOL HEAT “Letting It Go” from “COOL HEAT” EP on Green Witch Recordings                                                                                                                                                    
  • French indie/synth/garage/psychedelic 4-piece from Nantes, AMAZONE “Lycanthrope” from upcoming EP “Épisodes” on B&FF Records                                                                                                                                 
  • Los Angeles-based dream pop/synthpop project of composer, producer (Aberdeen, Languis, Spider Problem, Non Ultra Joy, Trembling Blue Stars, The Legendary House Cats), John Girgus “A Hollow Room” new single
  • Baler, Philippines indie pop/guitar rock 4-piece PUBLIC PLACES “Free” new single on Catshelf Records
  • Portland indie-pop/dream pop duo Pure Bathing Culture “Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac cover)
  • Brazilian shoegaze/post-punk/dream-pop solo project by the guitarist/vocalist/songwriter veteran of Rio band The John Candy, Guilherme Almeida, aka Electric Lo-Fi Seresta – “A Lunar Love Station” from the new EP “Letter to a Broadcaster” a preview from the upcoming album “Moondial FM” (2021)
  • Virginia Beach‘s indie rock 5-piece BROKEN BEACHES “Psychocollider” from the work in progress collection “A Fistful of Singles”
  • Scottish indie-pop duo from Glasgow, U.S.Highball “New Neighbour” from the sophomore LP “Up To High Doh” out on November 20th through Bingo Records in the UK and Lame-O Records in the US.
  • Paris‘ dream pop/shoegaze duo Fleur Du Mal – “Oregon” from the EP “Spleen II” on Shore Dive Records
  • Brighton, UK indie/dream rock/electropop vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Ruby Taylor, aka Yumi And The Weather “What Will Become Of The Wishing Well” off the upcoming album ”Some Days” on Small Pond
  • Atlanta new wave/disco/synthpop band TRUE BLOSSOM “Just Us 2” from the sophomore album “In Bliss” on Citrus City Records.
  • Newport, UK new wave/indie/synth-pop homemade electronica solo project of Rob Morgan, aka Honeybourne “St Magdalen’s Day” from the EP “Home Electronics Digest” (re-edited originally recorded tracks between 1993 and 1995)
  • French indie-rock /synthpop artist from Lille, NEIST SEASON “Ghost Memories” from the 3rd EP “Morning Stars”
  • Glasgow-based found-sound sample-based electronic glitch-pop producer Matt Gibb, aka KINBOTE “Hiemalis” off upcoming debut album “Shifting Distance” on Lost Map Records
  • Danish experimental/ambient/folk singer/songwriter Anine Bjørk “Endnu et savn” from the cassette EP “Til fulne fra Anaya” on Forlaget Kornmod
  • Malmö based indie rock singer/songwriter CORAL “I just want you cause you’re gone” new single on Feverish
  • New York folk singer/songwriter Adrianne Lenker “Heavy Focus” from “Songs” album on 4AD
  • Danish instrumental/lo-fi/folk/cinematic/ambient side-project of Moon Loves Honey‘s Jeppe Dengsø, aka Båd “Vind i sejlene” from the S/T debut cassette EP on Forlaget Kornmod
  • North East London, UK cosmic rock/drone pop 6-piece The Leaf Library “An Open Hand” from the album “Bell Tones” (Originally released as a limited-edition bonus disc given away with early copies of “The World Is A Bell” album in October 2019)

Mark Steinmetz photography