WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MARCH #14-22

  • Désordres Sonores // ‘Sanctuary for dark souls’                                                                                                     

Montreal, Quebec‘s ‘Musical Rendez-vous’ dedicated to coldwave, darkwave, post-punk, synthpop, shoegaze and all other obscure discoveries. This week a two-hour mix featuring her March favourites.  Subscribe to Désordres Sonores’ Mixcloud profile here.

  • L.A. goth /darkwave /post-punk duo Tsaffire “Devora” single

L.A. natives, soon after dropping their second EP, follow up with an atmospheric and danceable 80s tinged new single. Climbing on a dynamic throbbing bed of steady beats and a deep bleak swelling bassline, a glistening ethereal web of obsessive guitar melodies wobbling and echoing against harsh downtrodden vocals scratching urgent passions, heartfelt fears, and haunted echoes through a gothic romantic ode to “Devora.”

  • London, UK/Montreal, Quebec synth-pop /coldwave /minimal pop collaborative project [New Cross & Chloé Jara-Buto], AKA  Chambre Claire “Parole” new single from the upcoming EP “Transit”

Anglo/Canadian is duo back with a bewitching cold and catchy Francophone synth-pop single that blends dramatic aloof atmospheric vocals with stuttering basslines, striking, buzzing synth flashes, and bouncy beats to intoxicate with poetic spells of natural harmonies.

  • London-based, Lithuanian electronic /post-punk producer-DJ and Meta Moto label owner Osvaldas Egzotikka, AKA EGZOTIKKA “Kaukes” title track from the 5-track cassette “Kaukes” on Detriti Records

Meta Moto label boss has increasingly explored stripped-down emotional-ridden post-punk territories in the last period and here is a solid 5-tracker where he definitely strikes a fine balance of his sound process, for the delight of those who worship sad melody-carrying warbling basslines in the foreground, fueled by slashing rhythms to drive menace and fear through eerie harsh swathes of alienating synth pain, whilst cold distorted robotic vocals drop heartless wistful emotions into minimal repetitive pondering obsessions

  • Australian neo-folk act Sun Vessel “True Abode” from the debut album “Etched In Eternity”
  • US/Austria kraut /psych /Americana /dark folk collaboration King Dude & Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand “Bury The Knife” from the album “Black Rider On The Storm”
  • Italian art-wave band from the ‘Eternal City’, La Grazia Obliqua – “L’Eterno Era Notte” from the album “Canzoni d’amore e morte e altri eventi accidentali” on Black Fading Records label
  • Scotland‘s goth /darkwave /coldwave new project of Lea Torn (AKA The Secret Experiment), Lords Of The Northern Sky “Painted Trees” from the first album “Empty Rooms Denied Light”
  • London-based Swiss/Lithuanian cold wave duo Blanche Biau and Egzotikka “Cold Romantics” single
  • Metz, France darkwave /post-punk /coldwave /poetry /spoken word duo HANGING GARDENS “Délavée.” from the EP “Corps Vides 4.0”
  • Mexico‘s Goth Darkwave artist Dann Rossier AKA Das Leiden “Eisbär” (Grauzone cover)
  • French coldwave/post-punk/dark electronic duo from Toulouse, BLIND DELON “Mask” from V/A “HONORIS III TRIBUTE TO BAUHAUS” album on Unknown Pleasures Records and Industrial Complexx
  • London-based Athens, Greece-native DIY art synthpunk musician and artist, NIGHT IN ATHENS (NIA) “Just You Watch Me” from the new “Crime Seen” EP
  • Mexican post-punk /minimal synth musician (also half of Neue Strassen), Werner Karloff “Fantasma” from the EP “Atemporal”
  • Berlin-based post-punk /coldwave /minimal synth /synthwave duo Isolationsgemeinschaft – “Anonym” from the cassette sophomore album “Der Tanz geht weiter!” on Phantom Records
  • Mexico City-based analog synth project of Rogelio Serrano, aka Equinoxious “Derribar” from “El Desafío” (E.P) on Young & Cold records (Vinyl)
  • Greek coldwave /synthwave /dark electronic duo Kriistal Ann & Toxic Razor aka PARADOX OBSCUR “Animal Reactor” from upcoming album “Morphogenesis” on Metropolis
  • Brussels-based synthpop /techno /electro /coldwave duo FIGURE SECTION “Up North” from the debut album “Mirages” on Antibody
  • Brussels, Belgium EBM /Electro /Coldwave /Darkwave duo ULTRA SUNN “Keep Your Eyes Peeled (Kontravoid Remix)” from “Night Is Mine” EP (Vorwärts Edition) on Cold Transmission Music
  • Hamburg, Germany experimental /minimal wave/synthpop project of dark electronic artist Konstantin Unwohl, AKA Acid Ernst – “Ehering” from “Ehre” EP 12″ on Lux Rec
  • Chilean new beat /new wave /synthpop artist Bad Wave “Medicine Man” single on Pink Bunker Ltd
  • Spanish EBM /techno /new-wave duo SDH [Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms] “Maybe A Body” title track from the upcoming EP on Avant! Records
  • Indianapolis based minimal synth-pop duo Michael Moskaliuk (aka Old World) and Jessica Dunn (aka Eeeka), AKA Gümmi “Camel Dung” from Gümmi on Jinglhaus Records
  • Milan, Italy post-punk /darkwave /synthwave 4-piece Fiasko Leitmotiv “Unsterblichkeit der Krabbe” from the upcoming LP “Humblekids” on Cold Beats Records
  • Dortmund, German minimal /synthwave /dark electro DIY solo project Age O.P.F “Utopia” from ltd. 12″ vinyl album “7”
  • Melbourne based synthpop solo project of Peter Endall (keyboardist for 1980s band Schizo Scherzo), Suburban Spell “Fools and Clowns (The Single Edit)”
  • Augusta, GA lo-fi /synth /industrial project of Brian Hurt, aka VEXAGON “Voyeur” single from the upcoming LP “Future Bedroom Heaven”
  • Mexico City-based industrial /electronic /goth /darkwave solo project, RITUALZ “DOSE (SØLVE REMIX)” maxi-single from the upcoming album “RADICAL MACABRO”
  • Swedish/French EBM /synthpop /futurepop project of V.V. Arkames of Ad Inferna and Fredrik Sigeback of Erotic Elk, aka MY LOVE KILLS “La Crépuscule du dieu” single on Progress Productions
  • Berlin-based experimental electronic musician Chris Imler – “Operation Schönheit” from the album “Operation Schönheit” on Fun In The Church
  • Danish dark wave /synth-pop project N∆EON TE∆RDROP “Shadowsister” from the upcoming single “Shadowsister/The Figurehead” on Love OD Communications and Discon Records
  • French gothic industrial synthpop band (also known as PORN), Pure Obsessions & Red Nights “And dance in the moonlight” single                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Los Angeles based dark electronic pop duo Brian Belknap (Mind Machine) & Adam Collier (Crush333, MDA and Full Frontal Disco), aka BLAKLIGHT “Skin (Black Light Odyssey Remix)” last single from the upcoming double CD album “Out Of The Void – The Remixes”
  • California‘s dark electronic /new wave /post-punk /synthpop project VANDAL MOON “Dead (Grave Babies Remix)”
  • Polish electro-synth-pop duo Noise Gate Production feat. Psyche “Digital Claustrophobia (Single Version)” new single
  • Los Angeles based new wave /darkwave /synth-pop project of Carlo Mancia, AKA MortalBoy “Critical Mass”           
  • Norwegian cinematic electronic project Erlend Eilertsen from Essence of Mind, aka LIGHTS A.M. “Clouds” from the single “Run Away” on Alfa Matrix
  • Rennes, France ‘transe électro-mantra-pop’ trio Tchewsky & Wood – “Pier 28” single from upcoming LP “Silent Partners“
  • Reims La Brûlée, France electro pop /new wave / poésie pop duo ROUGE CONGO “Rien n’a de sens” title track from the upcoming LP “Rien n’a de sens”
  • Tours, French Cold Electro /Synth-Pop duo RETROSECT “Supraqueen” from the second EP “A L’Envi”
  • Russian future pop /synthpop solo project MENTAL DISCIPLINE “My Name” single on skyQode
  • New York dream-pop /dreamgazer /synth-pop solo project of Dani Mari, aka PRIMITIVE HEART “Underground (Fawns Of Love Remix)” off of the new single “Underground” on Shore Dive Records
  • Chilean electronic cosmic /alien /darkwave solo project from Santiago, Warloc “Go Deeper” new single
  • German/Danish Synthpop /Electronic act T. Schmidt & J. Machons, AKA Lights Of Euphoria “Shadow Of Your Ghost (Ruined Conflict Remix)” from “Saviour – The Second Coming” maxi-single on Infacted Recordings
  • Swedish synthpop duo Martin Sköld and Dejan Belgrenius, AKA Kapitalet “En gång” single on Progress Productions
  • Omaha, Nebraska darkwave /post-punk band, VISITOR INFORMATION “If It Bleeds” title track from the new EP “If It Bleeds”
  • EssenGermany based synthpop /gothic rock /darkwave artist (Aeon Sable, Melanculia, Deied, hgmr), Nino Sable “Taraxon (feat. Diane Wang)” from the LP “sedate ⊚ seduce”                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Suzano, Brazil post-punk /darkwave /gothic rock project of Ricardo Santos, The Downward Path “Romeo’s Distress” from “Romeo’s Distress / Stairs” tribute to Christian Death 2-track single 
  • Athens, Georgia post-punk /goth-pop band VISION VIDEO “I Love Cats” charity single
  • L.A. based Michigan‘s darkwave /coldwave band, FOREVER GREY “The Other Side” from the new album “Sympathy Garden”
  • Berlin-based international DIY peace-anarcho-punk collective CIERŃ “Vivus Sectio” from the upcoming debut album “The Emperor Rx”
  • Goth post-punk band from Ukraine, Кадриль [Quadrille] “Posle Vas” from V/A “Electronic Resistance – A Darkwave / Post-Punk Compilation From The Ukrainian Underground” charity compilation on Side-Line
  • Italian new wave /post-punk/darkwave band from Ancona, SECRET SIGHT “Second Thought” from the latest Secret Sight’s EP, “Here, everywhere”
  • San José, Costa Rica post-punk /coldwave act MOLT “El Artífice” from the upcoming EP “Velos Invisibles”
  • Italian DIY goth /post-punk solo project of Giulio Ruzzo, AKA SPZkr “Sistemi” from the cassette album “Freddo razionale” on Detriti Records
  • Providence, Rhode Island new wave /post-punk band DIGITAL “Adapt” from the EP “Dreams of leaving”
  • Melbourne, Australia surf-goth /post-punk solo project DESMOND DOOM “Sky”                                                            
  • Heist Op Den Berg, Belgium darkwave /new wave /gothic rock duo VELVET MIST “Your Ghost” from “Visitation” EP                                                                                                                                           
  • Irish post-punk /gothic rock solo project pMad “Broken” single
  • Brooklyn, NY no-wave /post-punk project Naked Objects “Lights (lcm remix)”
  • Synth Post-Punk duo from Colombia, Das Kelzer “Nacidos Para Dominar” (Parálisis Permanente cover)                          
  • German post-punk/coldwave/postwave solo project, A Transition “My Delayed Reactions” single
  • Camden Town, London dream-pop /new wave /synth-pop /post-punk band Idle Youth “The Metamorphosis” single from upcoming LP
  • Cleveland, OH new wave/post-punk band KEY TO THE MINT “Palace” single
  • London-based post-punk/’ghost’ grunge international 4-piece GHUM “Some People” from the upcoming LP “Bitter” on Everything Sucks Music                                                                                                                        
  • Metz, France coldwave /post-punk /punk duo AVALE “Les Chiens” from s/t album on Metz’s tape label Neutral Records
  • Halle, Eastern Germany power pop /garage /rock’n’roll /punk 4-piece Exwhite – “Estray” title track from the upcoming vinyl album “Estray” on Turbo Discos
  • East London experimental post-punk collective Folly Group “Paying The Price” from the second EP “Human and Kind” on Technicolour Records
  • Wien, Austria punk /post-punk 4-piece LIME CRUSH “Timewaster” title track from the upcoming 3-track 7″ single on Fettkakao
  • Sidney, Australian lo-fi-bedroom-garage-powerpop-synthpunk project 1-800-Mikey “My Room” from s/t LP on Erste Theke Tontraeger
  • Leipzig, Germany powerpop /garage punk /fuzzy synth-punk 5-piece Lassie “Temporary Cemetery” 2-track 7″ single on Turbo Discos
  • Italian dark ambient /ethereal /post-black metal /neo-classical solo project FUGIT “Black Limbo” from “The Black Limbo Tapes” album

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