WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #50

Funeral Parade of Roses (1969) by Toshio Matsumoto

  • KLUENTAH [FU.ME “Congrega” Takeover] on Mutant Radio                                                                                   

In order to celebrate the release of Italian FU.ME rec‘s “Congrega” compilation, one half of Fallbeil (with Wosto) and recently of Myntha (with Myn), Hamburg bred producer/DJ and Zement label head, Mike Van Olphen, AKA Kluentah delivers an hour set of his uncompromising and unmistakable brew of hypnotic and jittery EBM-ish electro with acidic injections, jerky breakbeats and twisted techno grooves.

  • Manchester, UK Retro-Electro/Italo Disco producer Mark Wilkinson, aka KID MACHINE “Iceman” from the single “Iceman / Strange Lands” on Turn It Down Music                                                                         

Manchester-based Kid Machine lifts off remotely in Italo-dusted, cosmic space wonder through metronomic, slashing beats, cut by prowling stuttering tight bassline menace, awash by the searing brittle glow of slow waving synth melodies drifting lonesomely into the unknown, as, at last haunted by harsh, inaudible whispers, spiralling backwards into a vortex of fear for the unknown.

  • Greek industrial techno/EBM/electro producer Petros Spatharos – “Facing Fears” from upcoming V/A “Trick Of The Trade” on Athens’ Ferma Records                                                                                                                    

In the first preview from the upcoming second sampler from Athenian DIY label FERMA, Greek producer Petros Spatharos alluringly instils impeding claustrophobic doom through ominous, primal throbbing bassline threat that prowls in flashing, disturbing dancefloor dimensions, rotating mesmeric abrasion and slashing, mechanical beats fueled by punishing kicks, while eerie, distant, obsessively glowing synth strains loom exploratory trouble. 

  • Tel Aviv based Italo acid/bass/electro artist and Chateau Royal label head, PRZ “CV Ride” off upcoming EP“Red Material” on Hilltown Disco

Tel-Aviv based, Chateau Royal boss, Gal Perez ably crafts surreal spacey, funk-charged, zippy electro cuts, through rapid pulsing basslines spinning a serpentine flow of high energy dancefloor madness, between squeaking, shrill synth melodies, flashing euphoric cries and a hypnotic roll of sinister backbeat rumblings.

  • Manchester, UK post-industrial/electronic musician and producer Bryn Jones, aka Muslimgauze “Mujahideen” from cassette compilation “Chapter Of Purity” (1984-1988) on Other Voices Records
  • French dark ambient /neo-classical /industrial /ritual /hurdy gurdy /eerie noise artist CAMECRUDE “Part. -II — Rituel d’Avortement” from the double album “Conclave II-II” on Cioran Records
  • US/Colombia experimental electronics collaboration, Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt “The Monster Of Yesa” from the upcoming “DE NOR 2020” compilation LP/DL, out on January 11, 2021 via ultra eczema                              
  • Naples, Italian noise/ambient/primitive electronics project of Infidel Bodies label co-owner Erminio Granata (one half of Hyperlacrimae), 11xxx27 – ‘Granular Tears’ from his upcoming cassette EP “Black Market” on Infidel Bodies                                                                                                                                                            
  • Bogotà, Colombian industrial techno/dark electro/electronic duo GAËL & Franco, aka Vltra Delta Drive “Rehen a la Deriva” from V/A “Congrega” tape compilation on Milan’s FU.ME rec
  • Dutch industrial dark electronic producer Boris Post, aka Eindkrak ‘Cordoba’ from the upcoming V/A ❊ Tales from The Far East Vol.2 ☾ cassette compilation on OKVLT
  • Livorno, Italian experimental/industrial/noise/electronic producer Andrea Natale, aka Anna Funk Damage “A Friend’s Mother” from upcoming cassette album “HARD-CORE SOFT PORN” on Raw Culture
  • Berlin-based Experimental /Dark Ambient /EBM /Industrial /Electronic duo of Tans & Mike Tansella Jr., SONS OF TRADERS “For Ever Alien” from the second album “Crollo Nervoso” on The Black Lodge
  • Brazilian experimental industrial techno producer Edvan Marques Ferreira, aka MVQX “Going Through It” from V/A “Let Me In” compilation on Faceless
  • Italian industrial/EBM/techno producer NGHTLY “Luminescenza” off V/A “Devotion to pleasure” on Rubber MInd Recordings
  • Industrial/techno/EBM collaboration between Prague-based duo and Berlin-based Australia-born Alison Lewis, Fractions & Zanias – “Uroboros” from V/A “Murder 02″ 12” vinyl 6-track compilation on Georgian label Murder
  • Brooklyn, NY based dark ambient/industrial techno visual artist and producer Ajxo (of Sannhet), aka ANNUNZIATA “K111” from upcoming S/T EP on FaktorMusic
  • Italian techno body music/electro wave producer, live performer and sound designer Cristian Camporesi (half of Franz & Shape), aka CHRIS SHAPE “Scia” (unreleased) from the Area Z label‘s expanded double cassette edition of the debut LP “Shaped To Deform” originally released on Unknown Pleasure Records
  • Berlin-based experimental/EBM/industrial/techno/electronic collaboration between New York producer Brad Douglas and Greek producer and Liber Null Berlin founder Manos Simotas, aka An-i & Unhuman – “Corporal Punishment” off upcoming V/A “Seven Years Of Delirium” celebrative Liber Null Berlin compilation
  • Berlin-based experimental /wave /electro /industrial techno producer Scarlit Port – “Relapse Performance (Rosa Nebel Remix)” from upcoming EP “Heavenly Ruins” on NURSE                                                                            
  • Athens, Greece dark electro/techno producer BAT HABITS? “Whispers”                                                                 
  • Brooklyn, NY EBM/industrial techno project CONFINES “Hammer and The Dance” from upcoming S/T EP on FaktorMusic
  • Glasgow, Scotland industrial /EBM /dark techno producer, New Town Ground – “With Ease” from “Twisted Pop” EP on his co-owned Still Distant Records
  • Moscow based electro/EBM/dark techno Dj/producer and Maxima Culpa Records co-founder, GEGEN MANN “Center Point” from the new LP “Hunter” on Oberwave Records
  • Italian post-punk/synthpop/electro/EBM duo of Michele Caserta aka Kela (Drama Emperor, PicNic and Il Catarro Del Popolo) and Vanni Fabbri (Dj Smegma, La Tosse Grassa), aka Twin Towers “Giselle” off upcoming V/A “from VA. Tears for Fears Vol. 3” cassette compilation on SOIL
  • Emo-gabber-rave project by Greek experimental electronics production duo of Penelope’s Fiance and Dj Loser aka Magdalena’s Apathy, aka SERPENT BROTHERS “Death Angel Archives” off V/A “Void Seeker” limited CDR release at [email protected]
  • Berlin-based experimental/techno/electro/rave producer Nene H. “Sad raver” off upcoming “Scene Analysis” EP on Moral Standards                                                                                                                                           
  • Mysterious experimental/leftfield/IDM/techno/electro producer Stas Zavyalov “jsr 12/12”                                         
  • Japanese dub/drone/minimal/electronic solo-output moniker of Atsushi Akama, based in Sendai, KING RAMBO SOUND “Still Insane” off the new EP “Beyond The Pale” on Hard Return
  • Nantes-born/ Bruxelles-based coldwave/psych/dark disco/queer slow techno producer, STRAPONTIN “Toilet Paper” from V/A “Night Music EP#1” on Glasgow’s Invisible, Inc.
  • Liverpool, UK drum & bass/dubstep/ breakbeat producer Impurity – “A Hole In The Sky” from the upcoming EP “A Hole In The Sky” on Berlin’s Céad                                                                                                                    
  • St-Petersburg, Russia dark psychedelic electronic trio Семь Ножей / Seven Knives “Perekos” from upcoming V/A “Compilation 08” on Correspondant Music                                                                                                     
  • Zagreb, Croatia minimalistic dark electro project of Miljenko Rajaković aka Dj Mary (co-founder of Implant Code and TeHôM projects), Principia Audiomatica – ”Neuronnautics” from “Re-Information” vinyl 12″ album on Frigio Records
  • Brussels based acid / industrial / techno / electro French producer and Vastechoses label co-head, Lostsoundbytes “Bits and Bobs” from the new album “Degenerate Brain” on Unknown Precept
  • Geneva based experimental/dark ambient/drone/noise/techno artist NuR – “Hong Kong Demon (Cybermission Remix)” from “D’ailleurs” on kashev tapes
  • Belgrade, Serbia dark drone experimental electronic producer Anđelina Mićić aka Zhe Pechorin “там, нет границ” (Bonus Track) from cassette album “Boundary Lessons” on Etang Brulant
  • Asheville, NC-based experimental/IDM/electronic producer aka Inhalants (with Jahiliyya Fields), Masks (with Arp), DSR.MR (with Cloudface), and Ociya (with Tin Man), Max Ravitz aka PATRICIA “Apoptosis” from the album “Non Zero Sum”
  • Aberdeen, Scottish techno/electro producer and Mold label co-head, mod-r – “Fu$$” from V/A “Devolver 002” charity EP on Glasgow’s Hang Tough
  • Italian eclectic electronic producer/DJ/Opilec Music label owner, I-Robots “Frau (Marching Machines Remix)” off “Frau: 2020 Pt. I” remix package on Opilec Music.                                                                                                        
  • UK electronic producer Simon Power, aka Marine Boy “This City (PX Edit)” (unreleased) from “La Monde Marine” EP 12″ Craigie Knowes label’ reissue, with extra material, of 2 highly sought-after early 90s house tracks (originally on Perception)
  • Barcelona based Brazilian dark techno/cosmic disco/electronic DJ-producer and Clash Lion label boss, Daniela Caldellas, aka TERR “Welcome Rain” from V/A “Correspondant Compilation 08” on Correspondant Music
  • Dark disco/techno collaboration between London-based Mark Bailey (MAN 2.0) and Scottish Iain Mac aka Pyz and Australian Brett Wilson aka Wil-tron (Stockholm Syndrome), aka Man Syndrome – “Zank Dronner (Back From The Wave Remix)” from upcoming “Chrome Drone” EP on Melómana Records                                                          
  • Danish abstract ambient electronic producer (aka Kyo), Frederik Valentin – “Window Shopping” from V/A “Under Stars / Shells In Colour” double cassette compilation on Posh isolation
  • Helsinki-based experimental /ambient/field recordings producer and writer Jussi Hertz, aka SNOW LEOPARD “Hued (Coalesced, Memory Binge)” from ltd. cassette album “Watercolor” on Janushoved
  • Shaoxing, China-based American ambient /IDM /modern classical /deep techno /electronic producer Brock Van Wey | bvdub “Resistance” from the album “101 Rooms”
  • French experimental electronic project of poet Mariner Sonique “To In The Nursery” off the album “The Sound Horizon – a brief & personal history of electronic music” on Cavern Brew Records
  • Portland, Or ambient/drone/synth/experimental project of guitarist, synth wizard and cinematic expressionist, Alex Callenberger “Tell” from the album “Redetermination”
  • Montreal, Québec experimental/ambient/ethereal/electronic musician Dråsa – “så är det” from V/A “Vol. VIII” on Unknown Tone Records
  • South Korean ambient/experimental/electronic artist ARLES “Palustris” off V/A “Intimate Ghosting” a compilation album featuring nine musicians from Japan and South Korea on Netherlands/US-based record label Psychic Liberation
  • New York ambient/drone/electronic producer SHEA BETTS “Flu” from the debut album “Sea / Sky”
  • Portland, OR-based ambient electronic project of Keith Kenniff (aka Goldmund and Mint Julep), HELIOS “Spectrum” from the album “Domicile” on Ghostly International 
  • Japanese ambient/soundscapes/drone/electronic artist based in Kobe, Hirotaka Shirotsubaki “Otabi” from the album “Hyogo” on Stereoscenic Records
  • Ambient/ethereal/neo-classical collaboration between prolific Spanish producer Pepo Galán from Malaga (El Muelle Records) and Berlin-based choreographer Sita Ostheimer, Pepo Galán & Sita Ostheimer “Magnolia” from the vinyl debut album “Contact” on Past Inside the Present

Funeral Parade of Roses (1969) by Toshio Matsumoto