WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – July # 27-21

  • VINILETTE [Comme des Larmes podcast #54]                                                                                                           

Fresh from the excellent 6-track mini-album, “After The Silence”, via Fill-Lex Records, Barcelona-based and Frigio Records affiliated Catalan electronic artist and radio broadcaster, Vinilette, perfectly deploys, courtesy of label/podcast Comme Des Larmes, ​her unique and diverse DJ style through raw, obscure and timeless old-school sounds, while also introducing some tracks from the forthcoming Frigio Records release and some Vinilette edits.     

  • Esin Avşar – “Zühtü (Tamati Edit)” off V/A “Serenades Edit”

Utterly captivating edit of 1986 classic from Turkish folk singer and stage actress, Esin Avşar, by Milan-based DJ/remixer Tamati, that through swaying, hypnotic and driving dance beats, warm glowing keyboard swirls and watery bouncy bass oscillations, interspersed by irresistibly piercing and lysergic saz string flourishes in sync with intoxicating bracing female chants, will take you on a spellbinding and vibrant exotic dancefloor journey.

  • Utrecht, Netherland ambient /acid /techno /electro producer Tjade “Balancing Act” title track from the new 2-track EP “Balancing Act” on These Eyes Rec.                                                                                                            

Dutch-bred Tjade with a mesmeric 2-tracker of atmospheric, acid sprinkled, techno/electro cuts. Sturdy hitting dance beats march autonomously with the rapid flicker of acid-strewn bassline treachery, while eerily serene chilling sonar swells and ethereal, quivering breaths, flutter hypnotically into the heady ebb and flow of sheer anticipation aroused by trancey bright synth swirls, to detoxify oppressed energies with an electrifying clash of multi-tonal dimensions.

  • Parisian electro /EBM /synth /techno producer Notausgang “United Desolation Statement” from the upcoming debut album “Third Encounter” on X-IMG

60s/70s psych-rock-nourished, French producer is slowly unveiling his debut album fueled with his distinctive, sharp and deflagrating, EBM-embedded, dystopic dark techno sound. “United Desolation Statement” blasts primal breathing dominions igniting a menacing rumbling bassline to drive through steam-powered industrial dance beats and unstoppable stomping rhythms, where high voltage frequencies and explosive synthetic effects warp time and energy into a terminal dance floor disruption.                                                                                                            

  • Tel Aviv-based psych /ethnic /shoegaze /electronic producer (bassist of Soda Fabric and Haxxan as well as contributing to releases from Red Axes, Simple Symmetry and Age Of Self co-founder Autarkic), Tamir Hassan “Guitarot (Ivan Smagghe Edit)” title track from upcoming LP “Guitarot” on Age Of Self
  • Tokyo, Japan psych /minimal /techno MPC finger drummer Keito Suzuki, aka KΣITO – “Kannon Yu (Tolouse Low Trax South Atlas Remix)” from “Manget” Mini-LP on Knekelhuis                                                                  
  • Birmingham-raised, London-based experimental electronic producer and DJ, LEE GAMBLE “Hyperpassive” from the upcoming album “Flush Real Pharynx 2019-2021” final volume of Flush Real Pharynx project on Hyperdub
  • Mainz based German dark ambient /techno /electronic / voodoo sounds producer Dennis Leick a.k.a. Dreadmaul “Mammoth” from the upcoming “Paleolith” album on Diffuse Reality Records
  • Bristol‘s PORTISHEAD “SOS” (Abba Cover)                                                                                                               
  • Irish dark ambient /drone /ritual /ethereal artist, singer and composer Laura LAIR aka Laura Kilty, aka LAIR “I Hurt So I Cry” title track from the new EP on Eotrax
  • Berlin-based industrial /metal /drone /doom /techno /noise project formed by Templər & Incendie, A True Terror Corporation (ATT Corp) “Haewusu” from upcoming album “The More You Feel, The Less You Live” on Strange Therapy
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental /electro /EBM /techno /dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Jointed” (Recorded live for Synthstrom Online Festival #2 streamed on Jun 27th, 2020)                            
  • Berlin-based Italo /new beat /EBM /dark wave /electronic producer Johannes Stabel (aka XTR HUMAN), aka Nullstrahler “Widersacher (Original Mix)” from upcoming “Widersacher” EP on Mosaique Records
  • L.A. cinematic /EBM /dark electro multidisciplinary artist Omar Doom, aka Straight Razor – “Messenger of Doom” off “Vol.1” EP on Negative Gain Productions
  • Metallica – “Fight Fire With Fire” [NN Edit]                                                                                                                           
  • UK Industrial /EBM /Synth /Electronic duo from Sheffield, Randolph & Mortimer “Citizens (Schwefelgelb Remix)” from V/A “ Systems, Souls & Societies” compilation
  • Berlin-based EBM/ Industrial French duo of Thomas Chalandon (Templər) and Pablo Bozzi (Lapse Of Reason)from Toulouse, Imperial Black Unit “Broken Tools” from V/A “HEX008 | Angels From Hell” on HEX Recordings
  • Madrid-based electroclash duo Mechudo “Petit Marie feat Elenaq” off upcoming EP ”Le Miroir” on Seeking The Velvet                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Russian new beat /EBM /industrial /techno production duo Namesis & Corvad – “Dancing Cooler Drugs (Vril Remix)” from “World On Fire” EP on Soma Records
  • Krakow‘s mutant industrial acid electro duo Olivia and Chino, aka Radiation 30376 “Nietoperz” from the EP “Arka” on Pinkman
  • Netherlands witch house /post-industrial producer Benjamin Sch, aka NOIRE ANTIDOTE “Cleanse”
  • East Germany minimal wave /EBM /NDW /electronic music project formed in 1980 by Thomas Voburka, Weltklang – “Dynamo” from mini-album “Rückwärts” on Exil-System                                                                              
  • Corfu-based Greek experimental dark ambient electronic project of Dimitris Doukas, RESTIVE PLAGGONA “Zra Mra” off upcoming V/A “Sublime Creatures Vol. I” on House of Reptile                                                                    
  • Minneapolis‘ noise /techno project of Riverdog member and Eyemyth co-founder, Skuury “Devilish Intentions” from “Abyss” cassette album on Hangman Satellite
  • Berlin-based Techno /Dark Disco Acid /Elektro project of L.A. native artist MODERNA ” Kotti (feat. Katnum)” on Brave New Rave
  • New York based Croatian techno producer Tomo in der Mühlen – “Vitriol” from V/A “Dokument 010″ / V.A. Compilation” on Dokument Records
  • Offenbach, Germany electronic artist Rey&Kjavik – “Komputer” from the third LP “Chapter Of An Unbroken Narrow” [RKJVK]
  • Berlin-based Techno /Dark Disco Acid /Elektro project of L.A. native artist MODERNA ” Kotti (feat. Katnum)” on Brave New Rave                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Charleroi, Belgium electro /coldwave producer/DJ (Roulette Rekordz head honcho and half of Cercle Futur), Poladroïd “Friday Nights In Stolen Cars (Jauzas The Shining Remix)” from V/A “DET:ROI – The Remixes” on Roulette Rekordz
  • Moscow based techno /acid /electro producer (aka DJ VST), Stas Zavyalov “JSR 040721″                                     
  • St. Petersburg, Russia breaks /acid /electro /leftfield /electronic producer Panorama Channel – It’s About Irony” off upcoming V/A “Don´t Trust Your Masters Vol.1” on Logical Records
  • Santiago, Chile acid /electro producer Sebastián Mella, aka Fantasna “Alien’s Discotheque (Video Edit)” from “Alien’s Discotheque” EP on Halcxn label
  • Žebrák, Czechia ambient /house /electro producer TRONIQ “Stop Moving In The Inversion City” from “Never Say The Last One” EP on Columbo Records
  • London based, former Andrew Weatherall’s engineer and one half of The Asphodells, ambient /IDM /electro /electronic DJ-producer Timothy J. Fairplay “You Sent For Me” from V/A “Dalmata Daniel eats Lahmacun” [Compilation] on Dalmata Daniel
  • London, UK electro producer Nite Fleit – “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” off upcoming V/A ” All Stars Vol. I” on Discos Atónicos
  • Brooklyn-based, Miami-bred electro producer and one half of Lithium Parasites, ALONZO – “Shitto Maltese” from V/A “Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 5″ EP 12” on Kraftjerkz
  • Australian ambient /electro producer Jordan Blick AKA RELAXANT ‘Pass The Pistol’ from his forthcoming album “Coalescence” on London label Specimen Records.
  • Italian disco /house /electro /Italo duo Rodion & Mammarella – “Sierra Madre (Front De Cadeaux Remix)” off “Sierra Madre” EP 12″ on Slow Motion Records
  • Alphaville – “Sounds Like a Melody (Geistech Cute rmx)”                                                                                                 
  • Lithuanian experimental /psych /kraut /punk /new beat /acid /techno /electronic producer Liudas Lazauskas, ROE DEERS “Swing Ride” off upcoming EP on Playground Records                                                                      
  • Amsterdam-based, French cosmic /deep house /electronic producer Margee “Wrong Dream (Hardway Bros Cosmic Intervention)” off “In My Sleep” EP [Other Goodness]                                                                                 
  • Moscow, Russian cosmic /techno acid /house /electronic producer and co-founder of ИДА label & DJ-crew, Kolomensky “Losing Gravity (Anastasia Zems Remix)” off “Losing Gravity” on Blue Night Jungle
  • Spanish indie /future disco producer Silicodisco “Mind Loader (Franz Scala Remix)” off “Mind Loader” on ESPACIO CIELO
  • Early ’80s FrenchBelgian synthpop trio Antena “Camino Del Sol –Todd Terje Remix” from the album “Camino Del Sol – Versions Spéciales” on Permanent Vacation
  • French disco classic from 1979, Babette – “Discothèque (Les Yeux Orange Edit)” from “LYO Free Edits #04” on Les Yeux Orange
  • Pony Bravo – “Zambra De Guantanamo (Trio Misterio Rework)” [Hard Fist #48]                                                 
  • Esin Avşar – “Zühtü (Tamati Edit)” off V/A “Serenades Edit”
  • Girona, Spain minimal deep techno Hattori Hanzō – “Conspiracy 01 (Original Mix)” from “Spectral Conspiracies” EP
  • Thessaloniki, Greece ambient /psych /minimal electronic project of Konstantinos Giazlas (formerly Keene and Sans), Onepointwo “Stable Fight” from “Synchronization” album on Subexotic Records
  • French ambient dub producer Meridian – “Silverium” from the album “Echo” on Shimmering Moods Records
  • Garner, North Carolina ambient /drone /modular /synth producer Midcentury Modular “Ciat 2” from “Noncompetitive Music” on Fallen Moon Recordings
  • Hamilton, Ontario ambient scientist & composer Anne Sulikowski “Rapid Cycling” from “Tabla Rasa” EP
  • Baltimore, Maryland experimental /ambient /electronic artist John Lane, aka A Journey of Giraffes “Muddy Opal” from the 5th album “Spool” on Somewherecold Records.
  • Sidney, Australia experimental /ambient /electronic project, Hugh B & Cousin – “Shaft Of Light” from upcoming V/A “Out of Season” compilation on Theory Therapy
  • Texas ambient /electronic artist (aka Xander Harris), Justin Sweatt “Ballroom Full of Stars” from the album “When the Light Goes”
  • Morley, West Yorkshire ambient alter ego of electronic kosmische musician Andrew Howden, aka The Gaye Device “Visit Beautiful Oblivion” from the album “Structures” on Submarine Broadcasting Company
  • Japan-based Ontario‘s ambient /drone /experimental producer Joshua Stefane, aka Endurance – “Spheres” from the album “Lathe” on Shimmering Moods Records
  • Plymouth, UK electronic /ambient producer Dan Wack ‘The Fall’ from ‘Finite Moments’ EP on Sub-Label Recordings – White.
  • British Columbia emotive ambient artist Rinnovare – Mull” from V/A “A Communal Compilation – Joggers Vol. 1” cassette via Jogging House