WL//WH Video Of The Day: SYNTHETIK DIVISION “Replicas”

Video Of The Day  Synthetik Division  

Colombian  Cold Electronic / New Wave trio based in Medellin, Synthetik Division, Mannu on Synthesizers, Andrés (Carva) on guitars and Diana Solarte (Celeste) on vocals, drop an edgy video for the addictive track Replicastaken from the new 2-track single “Replicas / Missing Colors”

’80s-tinged nostalgic icy, airy wistful synth melodies desolately drift over subtly piercing guitar strings,  sad bass tones with steady dance beats, stabbed by sparse glaring flashing chords, to form an engaging melancholic flow of memories around the tragic beauty of broken-hearted female vocals and powerful hums, falling breathless into the swirling electronic matrix of broken dreams.

Psychological lyrics reveal the devastating rebound of emotions suffered from a repetitive betrayal of trust.

The music video, directed by Mannu Kabriles, blends abstract imagery with live performance and rehearsal footage to create a hypnotic flow of consciousness. Black and white crosswalk traipses mechanically across negative light fields of grass, while red and blue strobe lights sync alternate dimensions over up close and personal shots of the band. Strategic editing skills eclipse full moon madness over distorted urban streets and quick change gigs, drawing the viewer into the isolated domain of modern-day stage life.

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