WL//WH Weekly Electronic Tips

Weekly Electronic Tips

Berlin-based post industrial / ebm / techno producer Andrea Riberti, UNCONSCIOUS “Totale” title track of the new EP on Corresponding Positions

UK/US experimental / electronic collaboration Drew McDowall x Hiro Kone “Bright Kiss Of Fire” from their forthcoming collaborative album “The Ghost of George Bataille” on Bank Records

Paris-based Industrial / Noise / EBM / Electronic producer (one half of Sexual Desire), USELESS POSITION “Modern Centaur”

Amsterdam dark electronic / EBM / new wave artist JOB SIFRE“Mars Express” from the forthcoming “Bestaan” EP on Knekelhuis

Mexican dark disco / electronic / techno producer Alberto Felix, aka Disconnected“La Hora Mas Oscura” forthcoming on Nein Records.

London-based electronic post-punk duo Kalli Ma ‘Checkmate’ (Timothy ‘Heretic’ Clerkin Remix)’

St-Petersburg, Russia dark psychedelic electronic trio Семь Ножей / Seven Knives“Lost Images” from upcoming self-titled 12″ EP [Mange_Moi 005]

Scottish late 70’s/80’s pioneer electronic musician from Port Glasgow, THOMAS LEER“Emotional Hardware” one take performance mix of a track from ‘Freedom of Steel’ series
Hastings, UK industrial / ambient / drone / electronics project of Zen Zsigo (also Maths, Life In The Dark, Livimorket), Cremation Lily “Untitled” off forthcoming cassette on Strange Rules [RULE-153]

Greek industrial experimental dark electronic project of Dimitris Doukas, PLAGGONA “River Of Suffering Is The Way To Freedom” from the 2-track digital single “That Surge Again” via Several Minor Promises

Berlin-based industrial techno producer Valentin Mase “Guided by Force” from the “Military Lies” EP on Archivio 01
New York‘s ambient electronic collaboration Krishna feat. Maŕa ‘She’

Industrial, ambient, drone music project fronted by Northern California based experimental composer & producer Fred Welton Warmsley iii aka DEDEKIND CUT “Lil Puffy Coat” from “The Expanding Domain” cassette EP on Hollow Ground.

Russian dark electro / industrial solo project by Crimea‘s musician Dark (ex Satura, Sarcoma, Dark The Keeper ), STELLAR DYNAMICS“Nosferatu” from new split EP with S.Ernst “Darkside” on anti vvave records
New York-based Tunisian singer-songwriter Emel“Ensen Dhaif (Cubenx Rework)” taken from Emel’s ”Ensenity” remix album, out March 2 on Partisan Records.
French electronic / acid / rave / techno producer from Paris, Voiron“Generation Voiron” from forthcoming “Voironzinor” EP on Craigie Knowes
Dark electronics industrial / EBM project Tārā in Tibet“Body Ritual”
Berlin-based post-industrial / bass and dark ambient / electronics producer Steffen Schröder aka HURON “Ogrody Green (Rework)” from “Ogrody (2018 Remaster + Reworks)” on Grenzwellen

Mexican dark disco / electronic producer from Mérida, TYU“Girasol (Curses Extended Remix)” from forthcoming EP on Duro.
Italian dark electronics / EBM producer Antonio Barbetta (aka Antonio) from the Adriatic Coast, RAW AMBASSADOR “Burn”
Moscow‘s ambient electronic producer Ian Kubra “Blueprint for the birth of now” from the album “Current Double, Hermetic Songs” on Shimmering Moods Records
Olenegorsk, Russia ambient / field recordings / electronic project by Ivan Napreenko (Sal Solaris, Оцепеневшие, founder of NEN Records), aka Sasha Fersman, aka Krugom16, aka Θ16 ‘1900 m’ from the album ‘Граница леса’ on NEN Records.
Berlin-based industrial dark noise electronic duo OPERANT “The Sacrifice Of Meaning For Power” off the new EP “Harnessed to Flesh”, out next month on Instruments of Discipline.
British collaborative project between artist Jeremy Deller and dub producer and On-U Sound boss Adrian Sherwood, Jeremy Deller & Adrian Sherwood ‘Freetail Dub’ (soundtrack to Deller’s 2017 installation ‘Send Bat Echolocation Sounds to Dub Reggae Producers’ in Cologne) on Vinyl Factory.

Athens-based industrial / acid / dark techno artist NO/ON “Anarca Arcada (Drvg Cvltvre Remix)” from forthcoming cassette album ‘AKAΪA’ on OSM tapes

Austin,TX electronic abstract pop duo LACHANE “Fandeath” from upcoming album self-titled album on Holodeck Records
Italian electro / IDM twin duo from Rome, D’Arcangelo “13th Cider” from “Korty” EP on Happy Skull
NYC-via-Kansas ambient electronic producer Brian Leeds aka Huerco S, aka Pendant “IBX-BZC” from the album “Make Me Know You Sweet” on West Mineral Ltd.