WL//WH Track Of The Day : EQUINOXIUS “Entornos Industriales”

Track Of The Day

‘Me Encanta’, that’s what they say the Hispanics when a song blows their minds, we also have the same two words ‘mi incanta’ over here but we barely use them for that, however is just what I have to exclaim when I listen to the music of the Mexican musician Rogelio Serrano based in Ojo de Agua.

“Entornos Industriales” is the title track of the new 3-track single and part of the forthcoming third album “Limite Voltaico”, due out via the German Kernkrach Record Shop / Hertz-Schrittmacher, is a further example of his distinctive and utterly beautiful synth sound.

Just analog synthesizers and vintage drum machines, a slow pace made of hypnotic and darkly syncopated beats and robotic rhythms, synthesized analog wizardry is laced with deep melancholy, in a superb blend of propulsion and atmosphere, spellbindingly retro yet simultaneously futuristic, the despondent vocals, warm and cold at the same time, add both a wistful undertone and an insanely addictive hook, Equinoxious‘s unique synth brilliance will lure you once again under his mesmerising spell and affecting style.

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