WL//WH Video Of The Day : Soror Dolorosa “The End”

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Paris-based gothic rock band Soror Dolorosa, a name inspired by the novel “Bruges-la-morte” by Flemish symbolist writer Georges Rodenbach, recently a duo, after the deparure of three elements, are still fresh from the last year 70 minutes monster and definitely more mature full-length “Apollo” via Prophecy Productions.

“The End”, one of the most impressive song from the album, marks the most personal, enthralling and fulfilled expression of the band’s goth contaminated sound rooted in the coldwave, darkwave and post-punk of the 80’s, driven by cold groovy synthetic beats and enhanced by uplifting and shoegazing ethereal guitars layers and the deep and longing voice of the charismatic frontman Andy Julia, it resounds simultaneously seductive and wild, melodic and introspective, epic and melancholic; an ebb and flow cathartic and emotional dance celebrating the light and beauty of life through darkness, mournful and pain.

Combined with another amazingly haunting “soulful video for dark music” by the young talented director Liv Weiss, aimed to show the pleasant and nostalgic frames of our lives sticks in ours minds, often products of our imagination and projections of our fantasies, in a mix between dream and reality, and relates to one of the main theme to the band’s lyrics : the mystical aspect of love and its ineffable meaning, that we really understand only when it’s over.

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