WL//WH Track Of The Day : WALLOW “Candy Lamb”

Track Of The Day

There’s a funny slightly clumsy picture on their, hard to find, social media page of the couple in the garden, the taller pretending to look at his cell, while the smallest, wearing sunglasses, holding a synth almost bigger than him  as it was his little precious baby.

Calgary‘s synth-goth duo Wallow are made up of ‘just two synths and a drum machine’, minimal but more than enough to conjured up something sounding really intriguing and vibrant, led by darkly hypnotic synth bassline and metronomic beats soon interwoven with amazingly wistful vocals and enticingly menacing icy synths, to create a simultaneously depressing and uplifting, alienating and repetitive, sensual and ominous atmosphere of brooding emotional depth.  

“Candy Lamb” is a fascinating, highly crafted goth dark synthpop number, absolutely not to be missed.

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