WL//WH Video of the Day: LEVIN GOES LIGHTLY “Rote Lippen”

Video of the Day Levin Goes Lightly

With already three albums under his belt, the debut in 2013, all for little independent German labels (Treibender Teppich Records and Staatsakt), Stuttgart-bred Levin Stadler, the up-and-coming androgynous romantic soul behind Levin Goes Lightly moniker, has steadily crafted a distinctive and infectious blend of psych-infused synth-pop and new wave rooted in post-punk uneasiness and nuanced by an alluringly deep David Bowie–style croon.

The new full-length entitled “NACKT” is going to be released next Friday via Hamburg based Tapete Records preceded by the video clip for the song “Rote Lippen”.

A parched desert of bleak melancholia drizzled in enchanted drops of nostalgia heard through the sad and dismal synths emerging upward through flat steady backbeats bouncing with repetitive fervour coinciding with the vigour of a well established resonant bass line. Distant distorted guitar swells beat echoing reverb-laden bleats as deep, baritone croons long over past memories of joy only to evoke sorrow, loss, and pain over the lost, empty, and nihilistic existence now endured. Ominous menacing synths chords and bleeding guitar melodies of hopeless doom converge in a climactic burst represented by a downward spiral in the video below.

A song about desire, decision, and reverie. Daunted by a woman’s physical beauty a man escapes into a fantasy world for a night of uninhibited candour, comfort and bliss. Satisfied by the flight of imagination he poetically muses, “We drive through the night together, With an idea of ​​you, Red lips and your skin.” Written and performed by Levin Stadler in his native German tongue lends a genuine heartfelt connection to the words and the video he directed to accompany the song.

The modern visuals, created and shot by Levin Stadler himself with the contribution of Mehtap Avci, blend lyric and music into a dramatic romance set against the backdrop of a vast smoky night club with disco lights casting rose shadows of anonymity upon the lost dwellers. A painful retrospective portrayed through transgressive overlay imagery reveals a joyous, intimate union of souls ripped apart by useless tragedy. Eyes of regret and agony, beautifully adorned in precision makeup, betray a well-dressed man lost in longing for yesterday as he wittingly succumbs to the pink electrical pulse of anaesthetic bliss. A dream laced in pink glitter forms, the scent of bubble bath overwhelms the senses, and a vigorous dance into oblivion gives a momentary release from the suffering.

An emotional charged romantic tragedy with memorable lyrics, addicting beats, and a rad video filled with mystery and intrigue illuminating a dance floor near you.

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