WL//WH Video Premiere: TIME FOR DREAMS “Outside the Citadel”

Video Premiere  Time For Dreams

Photo by Ross Coulter

A track dedicated to the feeling created by a night out of extremely deliberate, finely researched hedonism. A night that goes perfectly to plan but also includes the unimaginable, spontaneous elements that kick it up into the realm of the immortal nights. A night that goes for days, from which you emerge haggard but unbowed, spiritually refreshed, the cares of the previous era put into such a radical perspective that you can’t really remember why they were cares in the first placeAmanda Roff

Australian, Naarm / Melbourne based electronic dream-pop duo Amanda Roff & Tom Carlyon AKA Time For Dreams are coming closer to the release of their highly-anticipated sophomore album “Life of the Inhabitant”, through fellow independent label, it records, dropping the music video by Sara Retallick for the final immersive single, “Outside the Citadel”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

A heady concoction of slinky and sultry Chromatics moods and elegant yet gritty cinematic Portishead vibes, “Outside the Citadel” unwinds slashing repetitive snare beats, punctuated by ominous bell tolls and resonant crispy percussions, that stir up a winding, syncopated tight line of smoothly heart-pulsing bass, wrapped in sinuous airy carpets of lush wistful synth flows to explore dangerously uninhibited sensual darkly desires, droning and vibrating with an aching searing intensity over distant, elated, and fearful female vocals releasing angsty distorted breaths, falling cries, sensual whispers, and eerie atmospheric hums into a torrential windfall of carefree lyrics throwing caution to the wind in pursuit of an unshackled night of oblivion.

A cool and vibrant psychedelic video, directed by Sara Retallick, captures wild prickly cacti morphing into furry, blooming creatures under a sinister nocturnal desert sky. Red and blue light rays fuse with strategic overlays to form an otherworldly setting, where martian plant life, etched subliminal messages, and reflective quantic shadows draw from parallel timelines to merge into a surreal flow of hidden vision.

“Outside the Citadel” is due out on September 10th on all digital platforms, while the band’s sophomore full-length LP, “Life of the Inhabitant”, is scheduled to be released on September 17th, 2021, on limited edition clear with white “mist” coloured Vinyl, CD and digital. It can be pre-ordered at It Records Bandcamp.

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Photo by Ross Coulter