WL//WH Video Of The Day: CRÍME “Martyr”

Video Of The Day  CRÍME  

Devoted to the glorious ’80s São Paulo punk and post-punk heritage, Brazilian 3-piece band, CRÍME, made of  Jean Deffense (Guitar, synthesizer, vocals), Daniel Ishii ( Guitar, vocals), and Theo Fialho (Synthesizer, guitar, vocals) have dropped an enigmatic music video, directed by Ana Deffense, for the caustic doomsday ride “Martyr”, taken from trio’s first 6-track EP “Destinos Piores do Que A Morte / Fates Worse than Death.”

A two years in the making debut about the bond three friends share, while trying to survive the beast of neo-liberal-infested, modern dystopic existence in São Paulo.

Ominous bass drone pulls galloping, swishing beats and clapping intersections, through the cutting pain of dire, melancholic guitar lines and sinister swirling synth melodies, while magnetic, detached male vocals fall into a disconnected state of alienating fear and distressing solitude, fading desperately into a reverb fueled pause of churning Apocalyptic disruption.

Confessional lyrics fall into a marginal/fragmented reality where Karma is seeking revenge for past debts, leaving a lost soul praying, “Please Jesus, Let me die young.”

Trance inducing video captures a hypnotic dance sequence cast in pinpoint light drops set against a multi-dimensional backdrop of an unknown universe. Black and white photography alternates with red and blue auras to elicit a visual ebb and flow in sync with the relentless sway of the soundtrack, spinning electric lights into kaleidoscopic reflections to open modern doorways of the mind. Transition scenes combine distant travels, cloudy skies, and new constellations to blur universal symbols of love, loss, and disorientation into a broken map of forgotten horizons.

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